Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion

Product Description

Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion contains natural ingredients such as almond oil, licorice, and olive oil.

Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion contains natural ingredients such as almond oil, licorice, and olive oil. These natural oils in the baby lotion help in providing proper moisture to the baby’s delicate skin and leaves the skin soft. It is clinically proven to be safe.

Features :

  • Almond Oil: Known to moisturize the skin, thus keeping skin soft
  • Licorice: Has properties to protect and soothe baby’s skin
  • Olive Oil: Potects and keeps the baby’s skin soft due to its antioxidant properties

Specifications :

  • Net Vol: 200ml


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gentle for skin


soft and moisturizing


paraben free




cruelty free



none of the above




strong fragrance


leaves the skin dry


no any issues



shilpa27 approves this product

Highly recommending

Its very gently and non sticky lotion ,very soothing and makes the skin moist.. I have been using it for my baby since she was born and no complaints so far ... No rash ,mild fragrance , no paraben .. Just the product you want to invest in for your little one .


Jeysi Santhosh approves this product

Good for genlte skin

I am using this for both my kids who are 6 years and 2 years.Started using this when they were too young.It is very good for the gentle skin and it moisturizes the skin in both summer an winter seasons .It has good fragrance and the smell is long lasting. I recommend this for other mothers too..


Sonal Mehrotra approves this product

So mild for babies

I am using this himalaya body lotion for my baby as it is free of chemicals. It has a really mild fragrance. I am using this for him since he was born. It is really gentle on his skin. It makes his skin soft and suffle all day long. Recommended product 👍


lakshitta approves this product

Excellent lotion for baby skin

My son is 20 days old and am using this lotion since 10 days. I found this lotion very good for his soft skin. It keeps his skin soft and supple. I am in love with this product. I strongly recommend this baby lotion to mothers and would be mothers for their baby. An excellent baby lotion among all lotions available in market.


Aden approves this product

Mild fragrance

I found this baby lotion to be very similar to Himalaya Herbals baby cream. This lotion has very mild fragrance that does not bother my baby's sensitive nose. The formula is light weight that gets quickly absorbed into the skin. But I prefer the cream more because my daughter has a bit drier body skin type.


Kunal Jha approves this product

Recommendation for some mothers.

Its such a good product for my baby.I strongly recommend this product to every mother it makes baby skin soft and moisturized.When my husband brought this lotion for baby we were arguing about this.After Usinģ 2 or 3 Days i have noticed that this product is worth.Actually it is such a great Product.


Shilpa Chandel approves this product

Nourishing and refreshing

I am using Himalaya baby lotion for my 5 months old since his birth nad I too used it for my 5 year old daughter at the tym of her birth. Himalaya baby lotion is really a great product. It completely moisturizes n Nourishes my baby's skin.. Keep it soft and gentle all winter... Best about this product is it is chemical free n odour free.... Completely satisfied from Himalaya.


Jaya Thapa approves this product

Best baby lotion for kids

Himalaya baby lotion is all natural made lotion which consits of almond oil and olive oil and other herbal things. My two daughters were grown up using this himalaya lotion and now i am using it for my son. Its non sticky and evenly spread on babies body , absorbs well after baby bathe. Its leaves soft and smooth effect for long.sometimes i use it on my face too. Must buy for every kid.


Kirti Hundia approves this product

Himalaya care

I have been using all the Himalaya products only for my kids and I am totally satisfied with these. Even my younger one was allergic to many products but Dan too doctor recommended to continue this so when it comes to day care regime Himalaya comes to my first and last choice


Noor Unnisa approves this product

Baby lotion.

I have been using the himalaya baby lotion since the day my baby is born.its very gentle on my baby's skin.it moisturizes the skin very well and makes the skin super soft.it prevents the skin from drying and keeps the skin hydrated. Supple and soft.i recommend this lotion to every mom.


salihajabir approves this product

Baby friendly lotion

I have used Himalaya baby lotion for my son and is using for my daughter too. It makes the skin soft and helps prevent skin dryness and is non sticky and non greasy. I usually recommend Himalaya products to all new moms and says I guarantee to all Himalaya products as it the perfect for our skin and body.


Jigna Bhatt approves this product

Himalayan baby body lotion is very nice

This lotion is very nice I use this lotion daily for my baby I try it mostly in winter I realise that this lotion is give my baby and velvety skin nourishing very well it it gives scratches free skin and happy to my baby I really love Himalaya body lotion for baby


shraddha1234 approves this product

Good for all not just baby

Itti have my self used this product before using our four baby. The texture of the product is very liquid in nature it's very you know like very watery and leaves can drive only after in 3to4 hours of usage so I would better if not recommended product on babies because if it's not hydrating my skin at will not hydrate the babies can as well


presha13 approves this product


Himalaya baby lotion im using it for more than a year i got himalaya baby care kit from isha hoslital after,giving birth to my son snice that time we are using himalays product and im very happy and satisfied with all its product i trust only himalays product for him thank you


Kiruthika Duraisamy approves this product

Best lotion

Wow and super cool product....keeps my baby skin soft and smooth... Every day I use to apply this lotion after her bath ...this lotion contains almond Oil which is known to moisturize the skin and makes skin soft. Licorice has properties to protect and soothe baby’s skin Olive Oil is to create an antioxidant properties


Poonam Sehrawat approves this product

Feeling good

I received this Himalayas baby lotion online gifted to me by my little sister. It comes with great packaging you can take any where to easily. This lotion is very soft and gentle. It became my baby skin very smooth , shiny and moisture. It maintain the ph scales. Very nice lotion i like it very much.


khyati13naramg approves this product

All natural ingredients which are safe for babies

This is the best baby lotion. I am using this lotion for my baby since he was born. I apply this allover his body after bath. He never faced any skin problem issue due to its usage. It hydrates the skin and keep it soft and supple.It contains almond oil and olive oil which is good for skin


Vyshnavi Iyer approves this product

Safe and gentle

As a new mom i had no idea of what product has to be used for my baby’s gentle skin and when i came across this product my experience with it has been amazing and is super good on my baby skin as it is safe and gentle for him and has no harsh effects on him and is affordable..


Asiya Nasreen approves this product

Baby lotion

My baby had a dry and scaly skin.My friend suggested me to use this Himalayas body lotion.I regularly applied this everyday after bath and i noticed the change on her skin.Her skin became soft and supple.Glad to say that still using it.I would say that this is a great choice. I just love this product.


Vatsla Verma approves this product

Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion

I purchased Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion to apply on my baby's body. It is a great moisturising lotion. I apply it evenly to my baby after she takes bath. It leaves the skin moisturised and soft for long hours. Made with all natural ingredients, it is good for baby's skin.

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