Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion

Product Description

Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion contains natural ingredients such as almond oil, licorice, and olive oil.

Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion contains natural ingredients such as almond oil, licorice, and olive oil. These natural oils in the baby lotion help in providing proper moisture to the baby’s delicate skin and leaves the skin soft. It is clinically proven to be safe.

Features :

  • Almond Oil: Known to moisturize the skin, thus keeping skin soft
  • Licorice: Has properties to protect and soothe baby’s skin
  • Olive Oil: Potects and keeps the baby’s skin soft due to its antioxidant properties

Specifications :

  • Net Vol: 200ml


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gentle for skin


soft and moisturizing


paraben free




cruelty free



none of the above


strong fragrance




leaves the skin dry


no any issues

  • If you are using the lotion for the first time, consult a physician. Skin irritation, rashes, redness may occur if your baby is allergic to any ingredient used. Always keep this lotion out of the reach of your children to avoid swallowing.
  • Himalaya Herbals Baby lotion packed with ingredients like Bala, Guduchi, Yashtimadhu. The lotion is gentle, and it absorbs quickly on the skin. Use this lotion on your face as a mild moisturizer; however, it may not work as a general lotion.
  • The baby lotion packed with herbals that help to improve the skin, soothe, and moisturize the skin. Also, the lotion is free from parabens, synthetic colors, mineral oils, and other harmful chemicals.


Sakshi Malhotra approves this product

nice and affordable

I've been using this baby lotion for my kids since a long time and am really satisfied with the product. It leaves the skin moisturized and soft for quite a long time. It contains natural ingredients like almond oil and olive oil and also has a very mild and gentle fragrance. My kids love to use it before going to bed as well.


Suzzenne Aga khan approves this product

Himalaya baby lotion

As a mother of 6 year old i have been trying many baby brands.. And this Himalaya baby lotion is one my favorite body lotion for kids in both summer and winter. It is smooth on kids skin and leaves an Amazing odour with kids. It is a budget friendly product and easily available everywhere like supermarkets, medical stores and online.


Soni Sejwal approves this product

Himalaya baby lotion

I am using this himalaya baby lotion for my one year daughter. It mades up natural ingredients. It provides proper moisture to my daughter delicate skin and leaves the skin soft. It is clinically tested and safe for my daughter. It is not allergic and reduces dryness of skin during cold weather on my baby skin.


shruti7189 approves this product

Good for babies

I am using this lotion for my Lo since he was around 4 months old.As we are aware babies skin are more sensitive than of adults they require more care.. Himalayan Team has well taken care of it.. It contains natural contains like almond oil and olive oil which moisturize the skin.. And keeps it soft..it is gentle for babies skin. I use to use it ony Lo after bath.. Before going to bed..it keeps my babies skin gentle and soft


Nayana dhami Shah approves this product

Baby lotion

I have used the Himalaya baby lotion for my baby after bath. My baby skin is very soft and sensitive. The lotion smell nice fragrance and it is not strong smell for baby. I am currently using the Himalaya baby product for my baby.. Thank you to Himalaya company for a wonderful product.


rajnandinnamdeo approves this product

Perfect product

M too happy with this product using from nine months since my baby born...it provide full-day soft and hydrated skin for my baby... It's not allergic. Its fragrance is also sim... perfect.. happy to used this ND hope will continue using this...till now. .. this is paraben-free. Quality of this is good


shrutiveeksha approves this product

Himalaya Herbals baby lotion

It's good. Gentle to skin. Safe for babies.. I would highly recommend this to other moms.. Over all its a economically worth product. I have choosed this Himalaya product because I used adult Himalaya lotion for myself and fell in love with it.. So offcourse would opt the same for.


ru approves this product

Himalaya lotion maintains skin softness

Very Nice Product . It is very light weighted and quickly gets absorbed so that you don't feel creamy when you get out using this. It gives a smooth feeling to our skin and will not irritated your skin at all .I have been using himalaya baby lotion for 2 1/2 years for my baby.


priyah approves this product

Amazing product

Amazing product made with utmost care, you must give it a try. This product has amazing scent and is a very good moisturiser. We use it and recommend to all of you. Herbal products we rarely get in market these days but Himalaya Herbal baby lotion is easy to get and easy to use. Good for long term use especially during cold weather. Use this and stay care free as this product softens baby skin and prevents all types of skin deseases specially rashes which a mom is always afraid of. Now no worries as this product is there to cure your cute baby due to its herbal content.


Shilpa Salwan approves this product

Best lotion

I started using Himalaya baby lotion almost an year ago and since then there is no looking back. My second born has sensitive skin and nothing was suiting her skin and led to redness however since a recommendation from a friend I thought of giving it a try as baby does needs moisturization and it's almond and olive oil combination along with soothing fragrance was perfect for my baby. Loving it completely as now it is my personal favourite too.


amairavibsaks approves this product

Nice baby lotion

One of the best and effective baby lotion in the market.from the first day of my baby I am using Himalaya lotion and other Himalaya products. This baby lotion is very nice and gentle on baby skin. Moreover it’s made in India . I totally recommend it to new moms . Just Go for it mommies.


Meenakshi Pandey approves this product

About Himalaya lotion

Great product for babies. Prices are affordable. Their products are kid friendly.The lotion is non- greasy with pleasant fragrance. It keeps my baby skin soft and glowing. It is herbal and i am assured about it. Himalaya product QUALITY is best.They bring best products for kids. 100 percent satisfication with Himalaya products.


lavisha approves this product

Haar Maa ki choice

Been really conscious regarding my baby’s skin. I always prefer the best for him soo I choice Himalaya baby lotion . It’s literally Very Nice Product . It is very light weighted and quickly gets absorbed so that you don't feel creamy when you get out using this. It gives a smooth feeling to our skin and will not irritated your skin at all. It’s totally amazing for my sons skin . I’m recommended to my friends and family to use this lotion 🧴


Pavithra Vinoth approves this product

Nice and trusted

I used this product for my 1st baby Very nice, after birth 2nd baby used this product, because very trusted. I used other product that time my baby skin allergy , then i used this Himalaya very gentle and nice fragrance not allergy to my baby skin , so I tell this


itsmesow approves this product

Best for babies

It's good for babies. Makes the skin smooth and soft. Using this since an year. It's also suitable for people who r having dry skin. It's a good moisturiser. The smell of the lotion is so soothing. I would like to recommend this lotion to all the mothers and babies.


tassu approves this product

Excellent products

It is excellent product and I highly recommend it to people. It is nice and gentle on baby skin we all love the product and I would like to use it for long time. It's parabeen free so not very harsh on baby soft and gentle skin that is main benefit


Puja Sanganeria approves this product

Herbal Healthcare

I have been using Himalaya products for my son since his birth.. infact all my relatives gift each other Himalaya products... They are herbal.. natural, pure, safe, clinically tested, hypoallergenic.. honestly, even I use Himalaya's baby lotion. It's not only for my kid. Most of my family members and relatives use this baby lotion rather than other lotions available on the market for us...


nikeeta678 approves this product

Trustable brand

Trusted brand highly recommend to all new mothers. Every brand have own benefits. But in himalaya products we kow this brand is natural and benefits to person no side effects or nothing it's TRUSTABLe brand. Cost also be convineoun every one can afford this brand. Thank you for give a baby care products.


Monika Dutta Karmakar approves this product

Gentle on skin

Very nice product for baby skin. It has a mild fragrance.suits baby's skin.it absorb fast.keep baby's skin moisturized for whole day.after using this lotion my baby's skin become fresh. a small quantity is enough for baby.i am using this from last April.i never switch to other brand. Love this product.


ayswarya approves this product

Very good and recommend the product

It's gentle and have very good smell. It's good for both mom and kid. Soft touch. I have tried so many lotions till now and this is good one. Pretty nice looking bottle. And that’s partly the reason I grabbed it off the shelf when I saw it. It's not expensive as well..

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