Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap Value Pack

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Retain the softness of your baby’s skin with Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap.

Retain the softness of your baby’s skin with Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap. Natural ingredients like olive oil and almond oil keep the skin soft, hydrated, and healthy, while being gentle on the skin. Olive oil nourishes and softens the skin while almond oil is soothing and retains the moisture. The soap can be used every day for normal skin as it is free of artificial colors.


  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E, along with olive and almond oil, prevents your baby’s skin from chafing.
  • No parabens and animal fats: Absence of parabens and animal fats means that there is no risk of allergies or


  • Item weight: 9.07g
  • Product dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2cm
  • Manufacturer's minimum suggested age (months): 0.0

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mild and gentle


soft after wash


locks moisture


nice fragrance


lathers well



burns eyes


doesn’t last long


no fragrance


makes skin dry


causes rashes

  • Redness, itching, rashes, skin irritation may occur if your baby is allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the soap. However, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before you start using the soap.
  • Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Vegetable origin soap base.


Sumaiya P approves this product

Nice soap

This soap is good for my baby ..its having mild in fragrance and stays for long time in my babys skin. I think its clinically teste.babys having sensitive skin so its work smoothly..parafin free and I m using this daily ..skin became super soft and silky..its super gentle to her skin


Anuradha Giridharan approves this product

Long life

This product we can buy it just by closing your eyes. Himalaya is quite favourite for moms & babies .It last quite along & quite saving money. It lathers well,tear free ,my baby enjoys the bath completely.but it does make skin dry , but it's okay , but the next wash i ll be using less foam for not making my baby skin dry.


Vaishali Upadhyay approves this product

Gentle and Budget Friendly Soap

I love using Himalaya products for my daughter. Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap is very mild as it contains olive oil and almond oil that hydrates the skin of my little one. It lathers generously and it has an amazing mild fragrance. This soap moisturizes the skin of my lo and it is very good soap in winters. And the budget friendly pack is money saver for us. I would recommend it to all moms.


Kalyani L approves this product

Mild and gentle soap

Himalaya baby soap is very gentle on my baby's skin. It keeps my baby's skin soft and smooth. It nourishes my baby's skin. It is suitable for my baby's sensitive skin. It has no harmful chemicals so it is safe for my baby. I use himalaya products for my baby regularly without any worry as it is from trusted brand.


vanaja mk approves this product

Himalaya gentle baby soap

Himalaya baby soap is soft and gentle on baby skin. I use it for both my kids. Their skin is gentle and needs extra care as it becomes dry soon. I bought Himalaya value pack so that it would be useful for babies and me too. My baby was also loosing moisture due to seasonal change. Due to this change It is must soap to use in household.


Bhumika Daryani approves this product

Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap Value Pack

I use Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap Value Pack for my little one. It moisturizes and hydrates my baby. It locks in the moisture in to my baby's skin. It lathers well and thoroughly cleanses too. The fragrance is very mild and delicious. It is safe to use as it has natural ingredients.


Asha Pun approves this product

Money value pack of 4 soap

i love using himalaya products. recently we went for shopping and came to know about this money value pack of 4 soap we instantly purchase it. It is made up of natural ingredients like olive oil almond oil and vitamin E. it's phaban free so no allergies on baby skin. the goodness of ayurvedic indulge into it hence make it safe for baby gentle skin. it's mild fragnance keeps the baby fresh for all day long sometimes I use it for my face and feel the softness of it. worth buying this value of money saving pack of 4 soap.


sarwath approves this product

nourishes and softens well

There are other varieties available in Himalaya for the soap; I use this Himalaya soap for my little one. This contains almond oil and olive oil which are very nourishing for the baby’s skin. It cleans very well, I have observed it makes the skin of my son very soft and the skin looks well-nourished. After using this soap I also apply Himalaya lotion which altogether makes my child skin healthy. It has natural ingredients that prevent allergies. I would recommend it.

Sivasankari Venkatarajulu approves this product

It is really gentle

It maintains baby skin gentle.. I used this Himalaya baby soap for last 3.6 years for my kids.. Their skin is good.. I too use this soap in winter season to maintain moisture of skin.. But my elder son bored about the shape of the soap.... But the baby bath with this Himalaya gentle soap is fun full.


Poonam Thapa approves this product

Value saving pack of four soaps by Himalaya

Recently I have bought this valuse saving pack of four soaps of Himalaya. Iam a regular customer of being busing himalaya products. Its all natural made contains vitamin E, almond oil and olive oil. I prefer the nautral made products foe my kids.I personally use to wash my face with oil to keep the dryness away. for kids its mil , gentle and totally safe. it retains the moisture and keepa the baby skin feash for long. don't take a second chance..go for this value pack mums!


Disha Jain approves this product


Himalayan baby soap is one of the best soap I have ever used for my baby because it is made up of the natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals used in it so very safe and gentle on the baby skin.. It cleans the body well and moisturizes the baby skin well


Adeena Singh approves this product

Saver pack

PRODUCT:- Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap Value Pack. My Views:- It comes in different pack options, the value pack being the largest one. This soap contains organic and natural ingredients. Almond oil and olive oil being the key ingredients, this soap has nourishing properties that provide immense amount of moisturization and smoothness post bath.


Sunita Rani approves this product

Retains skin softness

Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap Value Pack Has helped me a lot to retain my baby’s skin sofness . Earlier i use some other brands of baby soap that made my baby’s skin very dry amd I didn’t feel good about it. Now as i have used this soap only twice for my baby and got too positive results.


Diya Sanesh approves this product

Gentle baby soap for soft skin

Himalaya baby soap is free of any harsh chemicals and is the trusted brand baby care experts. Himalaya baby soap is wonderful product from their team. I have been using this before my baby was delivered. During pregnancy my skin became dry. This soap removed all my dry skin leaving it fresh and young. I'm using the same for my baby also. She is also having bright and beautiful skin.


Revathi Nagaraj approves this product

Best for baby bath

Himalay genth bath baby soap is nourshing the baby skin..it moisutrise the dry skin.almond flavour increases the baby skin tone .nice fragrance...applicable for all skins.foam free .does not make any skin irritation.i have used this soap for more than 5 years.i am using himalaya only from my first kid birth.i am very satisfied of using this product.doctors recommenden me to use.


nice one

Himalaya baby care products are worth buying and all the products are just too good.I use all products of himalaya for my 1 year old kid.Himalaya gentle baby soap is one another product which is best for kids because it does not burns kid's eyes which is a major thing.Moreover it has all natural ingredients for kids soft and sensitive skin.Olive oil and almond oil nourishes baby's body and makes it healthy. This soap can be used for everyday purpose.It is free from parabens and sulphate so it will not create any rashes on kid's skin.Worth buying pack in this price range.


Sonali Polekar approves this product

Enrich with olive oil and almonds

This Himalaya gentle baby soap is enrich with olive oil and almonds which makes skin soft and nourishes very well. I am using this soap fot my son for more than 6 months. I like the mild fragrance that comes from soap. It suits all skins. And main thing it is free from parabean. I recommend mothers to buy this soap for babies.


Mariyum Aaquib approves this product

A super value pack.

I use Himalaya baby soap for my daughter as it rich in vitamin E, olive oil and almond oil. It is very gentle on skin and has mild composition. I know my daughter will be safe after the use. The oils in it helps in keeping the skin hydrated and doesn’t allow chafing. The soap is free of colour making it more safe for the baby. This pack of four soaps goes for a long time. And the saving on it is also good.


Sumi Manoj approves this product

Mammas trust

The range of Himalaya baby skin care products are really safe and suits baby well. I'm using Himalaya Gentle baby soap from the time my little one is born. It has soothing fragnance, lathers well, chemical free, causes zero irritation to my baby's eyes and no risk of allergies . It is long lasting and economical as well.


Kavya Shree approves this product

Good one

Himalaya range of products are really good may it be for elders or for infants love using their products. As it comes in a value pack it's economical saves our money .... This soap makes the babies skin very soft ... It's very mild and gentle on babies body. .. this was the first choice for all the babies In our house ...it's smell is too good and if gives a nice lather which babies like very much ... Do not bring tears in babies eyes and babies enjoy while bathing as it is made up of natural ingredients it minimises the skin dryness and rashes .... Worth for money

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