Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap Value Pack

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Retain the softness of your baby’s skin with Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap.

Retain the softness of your baby’s skin with Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap. Natural ingredients like olive oil and almond oil keep the skin soft, hydrated, and healthy, while being gentle on the skin. Olive oil nourishes and softens the skin while almond oil is soothing and retains the moisture. The soap can be used every day for normal skin as it is free of artificial colors.


  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E, along with olive and almond oil, prevents your baby’s skin from chafing.
  • No parabens and animal fats: Absence of parabens and animal fats means that there is no risk of allergies or


  • Item weight: 9.07g
  • Product dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2cm
  • Manufacturer's minimum suggested age (months): 0.0

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mild and gentle


soft after wash


locks moisture


nice fragrance


lathers well



burns eyes


doesn’t last long


no fragrance


makes skin dry


causes rashes

  • Redness, itching, rashes, skin irritation may occur if your baby is allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the soap. However, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before you start using the soap.
  • Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Vegetable origin soap base.


Roopali Pagare approves this product

Great value for the pack.

Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap Value Pack is a great value for money pack. The soap itself is filled with amazing essential oils which is very gentle and mild for babies. Except, I had trouble when my angel got some in the eye, it's not tear proof. But,I was lucky as I loved it and I used for myself since. I'm being honest I use Himalayas products that were and are for my kid, back when she was a baby and even now when she's all 5 years old.


Dharani Rajesh approves this product

Soap for toddlers

Good product with Indian manufacturer. I stopped using the foreign product and I am using this. It's tear free, my baby cries sometimes when I use it. I have been using this soap for our little one from after 1 year his and till now... The soap has a very good fragrance. It helps keep the baby skin smooth and moisture . I like this more than other liquid soaps...


Garima Kakkar approves this product

Mild and gentle easily absorb to the skin

Soap is the necessity or i can say that essential thing thats everybody needs everyday like others baby also need soap for bath they need a soft bath soap which does not cause tears do not cause irritation to the eyes and give mild fragrance and stay long elastic never cause rashes to skin so the soap which have all the qualities is himalaya baby soap i used it for my baby


Mehak Qureshi approves this product

Soap oh yeah this is the one

I recommend this soap for babies but be careful while washing babys face it burns eyes that's the only problem otherwise alls good with this product we used johnsons but later people and relatives asked to use this one either way johnsons doesn't burns eye and does the same work but a little expensive then himalaya this one is budget friendly


Jaya Thapa approves this product

Pack of four combo himalaya soap

I am using Himalaya product for myself and my kids too. It is most trusted Ayurvedic brand which is full form chemicals. Recently I purchased a pack of combo of Himalaya soaps from our nearby store. this shop is my one of my favorite among all the recent use products as it is Ayurvedic made soap free from parabens and Harsh chemicals. It leather swell and keep sir baby skin gentle and soft all day long. This herbal shop is a combination of almond oil olive oil and Vitamin E


Kirti Hundia approves this product

Best deal

This is a great but as always offering good discounts on combo packs. Above all the products Is really good. It's so gentle on kids skin and a nice mild fragrance. I love this soap so much that most of the time I also take bath with it


Aden approves this product

Must have soaps

These baby body soaps are extremely gentle for my baby's skin. Whenever she gets body rashes or her skin seems to be a bit dry, I bathe her with this body soap and follow it up with a moisturizing cream. This soap contains all natural ingredients that are safe for the baby and one bar of soap lasts for a very long time.


Shilpa Chandel approves this product

Clean and safe soap

Himalaya baby soap is really very soft and gentle for my baby's skin.... It's a complete safe soap.... I have been using this right from my child's birth nad will continue to use it ever for my childrens.... Infact I too use this soap for my face as it's really very soft and gentle.... Best baby soap. Thanks Himalaya for this.


Poonam Sehrawat approves this product

Himalaya gentle baby soap

I bought this soap for my little one this soap moisturize my baby skin. It is mild and soft for baby skin. It has little good fragnance does'nt irritate my baby's eyes. It contains natural ingredients like olive oil, almond oil, keeps my baby skin hydrated ad healthy. Its nourishes my baby skin its free from soap. It has no parabens is there is non allegeric and rash free.


Jigna Bhatt approves this product

This baby soap very nice

I really like this soap cause of it is very nicely clean my baby body with velvety touch it's made from Olive and almond oil and free from parabens and animal fats, I applied the soap on my baby face but she not cry and fragrance of this soap is very nice I like it


Reetu Madaan approves this product

Mild for Baby

Himalayas baby soap moisturize my baby skin.it is very mild and soft for skin. It has good fragnance that doesn't irritate my baby. It has natural product like Olive Oil, milk and Almond Oil which is very good for my babys skin. This is specially made for baby's sensitive skin. It protects and softens the baby's skin.


Ranjita Nair approves this product

Long lasting , Good fragrance soap

All himalaya products are the cheapest and safest option for mother and babies in India. Since it is parabens thos would be my go to product if I am not looking for a better option which is more expensive. Soap lasts for about a month and more for my daughter and lathers well but it does irritates eye . I use it for my 3 year old daughter and have been using for past 2 years now.


Reshma Shenoy approves this product

Gentle soap

From the day my son born i used himalayan gentle soap because it keeps the baby skin soft and gentle.They contain all the herbal oil especially the almond oil is the main ingredients it keep the baby skin soft and healthy.they are free from parabean and several other minerals .it contains good fragrance and long lasting.keeps the skin healthy


Shikha Shreejith approves this product

Good soap

I used this soap for my newborn baby and till now I'm using this for her , it's free of chemicals and lathers well . It's fragrance is good . Refreshing after bath . Antiallergic and my kid is now 4 years old and still I'm using this soap for her , I recommend this soap


khyati13naramg approves this product

Safe and gentle baby soap

This is the best soap. My baby's first bath was done with this soap. My baby loves bathing with this on his own now. It is travel friendly. I used to carry it whenever we plan any outing. It provides nourishment to baby's skin and is gentle too. It keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized


Anita Jadhav Dhamne approves this product

Perfect baby soap

Mild and gentle soap Himalaya baby soap is very gentle on my baby's skin. It keeps my baby's skin soft and smooth. It nourishes my baby's skin. It is suitable for my baby's sensitive skin. It has no harmful chemicals so it is safe for my baby. I use Himalaya products for my baby regularly without any worry as it is from a trusted brand


Vyshnavi Iyer approves this product

safe and gentle

I have been using this for my babies skin and this had been very amazing on his skin leaving him moisture well and cool fragrance and is very gentle on my babies skin and has no side effects on my babies skin and this is a very affordable product for every new mom out there


Asiya Nasreen approves this product

Good soap

I love this soap because this soap is gentle on my baby's skin.It is best for daily use and makes my baby's skin healthy.The formulation of olive oil and almond oil makes it more special. It can be used for extremely dry skin .I would suggest this product for new mommies.


Saaima Aziz approves this product

Himalaya baby soap very gentle and budget friendly

Himalaya baby soap is very gentle and mild soap for babies.I use only himalya baby soap for my daughter from last seven years 😍Himalaya baby soap works very good on babies skin.it leaves skin soft and supple .Skin looks healthy,moisturized and hydrated.every thing is too good in this soap. I just loved it😘


Vatsla Verma approves this product

Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap Value Pack

Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap was in the himalaya baby gift pack that i received as a gift when my baby was born. So i used himalaya baby soap to give bath to my delicate baby. This soap is very gentle on baby's skin. It doesn't make the skin dry like other soaps.

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