Himalaya Baby Shampoo

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Himalaya Baby Shampoo softens and nourishes the hair. It adds luster to the hair after every use. The gentle formula is mild and tear-free too. It helps to keep the hair easily manageable.

Himalaya Baby Shampoo softens and nourishes the hair. It adds luster to the hair after every use. The gentle formula is mild and tear-free too. It helps to keep the hair easily manageable. The shampoo is infused with the power of herbs to ensure good hair quality.


  • No harsh chemicals: The shampoo is free of parabens, SLS/SLES, and synthetic colors.
  • Natural ingredients: It is enriched with the goodness of chickpea to strengthen hair and keep dandruff at bay; paddy to soften the hair; hibiscus, to condition the hair; and khus grass to keep the scalp cool and dry.
  • Tear-free: The shampoo is gentle on the baby's eyes.


  • 400ml

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gentle on hair


no-tear formula


mild fragrance


100% soap-free


ph balanced formula



leaves hair dry




chemical-based formula


causes irritation


strong fragrance

  • Himalaya shampoo packed with ingredients like Hibiscus, Rice, Chickpea, Vetiver, and they help in keeping the scalp fresh, softening and conditioning the hair, nourishing the hair. Also, the shampoo helps in improving the hair luster. Moreover, the shampoo is tear-free.
  • Though Himalaya Baby shampoo has the right ingredients that help in treating the hair yet, it is specially formulated for babies, and it is a mild shampoo. However, Himalaya offers a wide range of shampoos to treat different hair problems.


Kalyani approves this product

No harsh natural shampoo

Its a mild shampoo which cleans baby's hair gently and making it soft. The natural protein from chickpea gives shine to baby's hair.. It has khus grass which cools the scalp of the baby..it is free from animal fat and synthetic color which causes irritation and rashes, so we can use this shampoo for baby without any hesitation..


Lavanya Shankar approves this product

Gentle Natural Shampoo

Himalaya Baby Shampoo is best gentle and soft shampoo for all age kids.it is tear free and suits my little children.It is very moisturising and suits harsh weather,reduces frizzy hair.It has mild fragrance and ph is balanced.The product is worth the money paid.Moms and kids will be 100% satisfied with the results


Rukhsar Shaikh approves this product

Best Shampoo for Babies

After doctor's advice i switch to himalaya for my babies and i found all the bathing products good for my baby's skin. The fragrance, texture everything is good. My babies had very less quantity of hair on their head but after using this shampoo they started to grow few more. A must try product.


sneha vyas approves this product

Good shampoo

Have trusted himalaya as a brand since years and now when it come to my baby what better can be than this chemical free natural brand and pocket friendly too This shampoo is really mild and doesn't burn baby's eyes I have used this for my baby since he was 5 days. Highly recommended for baby's softhairs

Keerthika Sivasubramaniam approves this product

Gentle shampoo

Himalaya baby shampoo is mild and foes not cause tears. It nourishes, softens, improve baby hair lustre. It contains chicpea and hibiscus which works as a conditioner. Khus khus has snti fungal properties and it cools baby scalp. This shampoo is enriched with protein which strengthens baby hair. It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.


Kavita Sawant approves this product

Himalaya baby shampoo great

Himalaya baby shampoo is very good and gentle shampoo it's 100%soap free and most important is the chemical free nice mild fragrance and not so expensive good ph balanced formula very nice smell I love it thank your all himalaya product are amazing and easy available for all shop thank you


Aditi Kutala approves this product

Safe Shampoo for babies

Himalaya is one of very known products for babies i love the shampoo for my baby i am using it more than 7 months now it has no side effets and at very reasonable rates and easly avaiable i use it for my baby and its my all time favorite to gift also


Nida kausar approves this product

Keeps hair soft and shiny

This shampoo is enriched with natural ingredients that's why it is safe for babies. No harsh chemicals are there in this shampoo.it is mild, tear free and improves the texture of hair. I am using this for more than a year and I like it's fragrance also. Perfect for baby' s hair and leaves hair soft and shiny.


punit approves this product

Baby shampoo Himalaya

Himalaya is a good product for a new born baby because smell of all the products are same quality is maintained. I used this product more than 6 months. My child hair is smooth he likes the fragrance of shampoo and powder of himalaya.i suggest all mommy use the products of Himalaya.


Khan approves this product

Amazing product use it without any worries

This is the only shampoo I found very gentle on my kids hairs plus it gives amazing fragrance and leaves hair silky smooth and soft ...I love this product and will continue to use in future .....the very thought tht it is herbal and safe to use is like we can use it without any worries on kids .....


Kiran Pattewar approves this product

Worthy to buy

Himalaya is always been trusted brand.My entire family use himalaya products.I came across to himalaya baby shampoo so I decided to use it for my baby.yes , it is really nice shampoo.it is tear free,ph balanced,no paraben and no preservatives .what else one shampoo does have?it has every quality and that’s make it completely friendly for baby.This shampoo contains properties of chickpeas,hibiscus and khup grass.chickpeas comes with natural protein nourishes hair makes them soft and shiny.hibiscus provides conditioning for hair.khusgrass has antibacterial properties soothes the baby’s scalp.This shampoo is complete care for my little one hair.I will use this shampoo for my baby longer.


Sravani Sravs approves this product

Every new mother belief

After my delivery , my parents bought Himalaya new born kit which consists all basic needs and one of them is Himalaya baby shampoo. I used it on my 12days baby and it did very well. It is tearfree and it does not contain much chemicals but it does to sone extent. My son had hair fall and doctor recommended me to not to use hair shampoo and instead use bath soap only in hair too. So I stopped it. But I'd your kid has no hair fall then this is the go to product for your child

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