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Himalaya Baby Shampoo softens and nourishes the hair. It adds luster to the hair after every use. The gentle formula is mild and tear-free too. It helps to keep the hair easily manageable.

Himalaya Baby Shampoo softens and nourishes the hair. It adds luster to the hair after every use. The gentle formula is mild and tear-free too. It helps to keep the hair easily manageable. The shampoo is infused with the power of herbs to ensure good hair quality.


  • No harsh chemicals: The shampoo is free of parabens, SLS/SLES, and synthetic colors.
  • Natural ingredients: It is enriched with the goodness of chickpea to strengthen hair and keep dandruff at bay; paddy to soften the hair; hibiscus, to condition the hair; and khus grass to keep the scalp cool and dry.
  • Tear-free: The shampoo is gentle on the baby's eyes.


  • 400ml

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gentle on hair


no-tear formula


mild fragrance


no parabens preservative-free


ph balanced formula





leaves hair dry


chemical-based formula


causes irritation


strong fragrance



Arti Gupta approves this product

This is amazing.. No harsh chemicals used.. It is safe for baby eyes..

No chemicals used.. So it is safe for baby and irritation free.. I highly recommend this product for all users.. Best of luck for newly mother..i used this last 2 year and got no any harmful features.. I use 3 times in a week baby is not crying after using this product.

Vijayalakshmi Karunakaran approves this product

Moistures and nice fragrance

Its very nice and gud for my babys hair. I like diz very much it smells gud weekly 3tyms i used diz. Irritation free..... I ll highly recommended diz brand to all. I used diz product till my baby born now he is 12months old and we used all himalaya products to my baby

Pallavipraveen Seela approves this product

Gentle and fresh

This is the product I was using for my baby from this 11th day till date and he is 13 months now. The best part of the product is no tear formula n it's refreshing fragrance. My munchkin feels refreshed after having a head bath with himalaya shampoo and sleeps for a long time 😜... One more thing I would like to mention here is that the hair feels soft n silky


Anamika Sharma approves this product

Good for baby

Used this product as a part of the gift set that I received, the shampoo is good n the smell is also mild. Though the shampoo is tear free still will suggest to see that it doesn't go in the child eyes as my daughter does starts to cry. But overall it's a good product.


Nitu Mandal approves this product

Himalaya baby shampoo

Himalaya baby shampoo is very mild and gives a very good fragnance .. It gives no tears to my daughter .. It give a smooth hair .. I like this product very much . Better than other shampoos. It maintain the ph balanace ..and most impotant is it is parabane free shampoo. Which is good for new born babies.


Bhavya approves this product

For mild and natural shampoo

Himalaya shampoo is good to childrens I use to my 5 year old child also and my baby also .it is good .and nice mild fragrance. Natural iteams no paraben.. good to hair growth . Must try u will see the difference..I use all himalaya products to my childrens. Gentle to baby skin


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Highly recommended

This is the only shampoo I found very gentle on my kids hairs plus it gives amazing fragrance and leaves hair silky smooth and soft ...I love this product.This shampoo is complete care for my little one hair.I will use this shampoo for my baby longer. Highly recommended product for all mothers.


Not for sensitive skin

I wasn't very happy with the shampoo because I tried it and realised it's actually painful when it's gets into your eyes unlike other baby soap. Baby’s skin gets irritated on using it... I think it is not suitable for sensitive skin... when comes in contact with the skin during hair wash it causes redness on skin...


Garima Kakkar approves this product

Mild and gentle shampoo helps in hair growth

Hairs are the most important part of our body which enhances our beauty and if from the very first day we will take care of our baby “s hair then it will become more long and stronger so for this I personally recommend the Himalaya baby shampoo which is mild and gentle ,soap free, never cause tears to your baby eyes,affordable helps in hair growth of your baby and make them soft also


Sukanya Chakraborty approves this product

Good but not upto the mark

In general, this is a nice product. I have been using this for almost 2months now. My baby is 1 year old and I have been using Spoo shampoo since she was born. But got a lot of Himalaya baby products so thought to give it a try. No irritation no problem only thing I feel is that it requires a lot of products compared to Spoo shampoo where a very little amount is enough for my baby's hair. She has quite a lot of hair. Otherwise, it is a nice product.


nishat approves this product

I m using himalya baby shampoo for my daughter from a very long time. She is now 8 years old. I m satisfied with the product.

I m using himalay baby shampoo for 8 years daughter from a very long time. I m satisfied with product.Her hair is silky and smooth. It is the best shampoo for kids. I recomend it to my friend and family. My daughter also love this shampoo. Thanks to himalaya for this lovely product


renuka_devnani approves this product

Very hygienic product

Awesome product bought it for my sister-in-law’s daughter she is using it since 5 months now this shampoo makes her hair shiny and silky. Cleans the scalp thoroughly. Smells also great and the baby doesn’t cry intact enjoys washing hair. It’s fragrance is also very mild doesn’t affect the baby much


Sonal Mehrotra approves this product

Good for babies delicate skin

I am using this for my baby since he was born. And stick to it as it has no tear formula. It becomes easy for me to wash his hair because he doesn't cry with it. It is natural hair shampoo with no chemicals and parabens. It is really affordable too. Worth buying.


Ankita Gera approves this product

Best shampoo for my little munchkin

This product is best for my kid..i have been using it since 11months baby and its a no tear shampoo.she never cries when i use it which realy helps me wash her hair and hair is very soft and even growing.initially i used some other product which claims to be no tear but she always used to cry..but someone recommended be himalaya shampoo and i could really find the difference. Amazing product i just love it


khyatidhaval approves this product

Amazing nourishment and gentle

I have been using this shampoo for my baby since 10+ months. Every product of Himalaya suits my baby's skin and hair. This shampoo is so mild and nourishing. I use once a week and it keep my baby's hairs smooth and hydrated. It's tearless formula is amazing. My baby never cries while shampooing.


Shilpa Chandel approves this product

Great shampoo

When it comes to mind about baby shampoo... The first name come into my mind is Himalaya baby shampoo... Best shampoo... I used it for my elder daughter and now using it for my lill one too.... Best part is no tears formula. It's a perfect product for my lill one.... Pure gentle mild.... 100 safe 🥰🙂🙂🙂🙂


Poonam Sehrawat approves this product

Himalaya baby shampoo

I bought this himalaya shampoo for my sister's daughter she is now one year old. Himalaya baby shampoo soften and nourishes the baby's hair. The gentle formula is mild and tear free. It helps to keep the hair easily manageable. It contains natural ingredients like hibiscus, khus gram paddy and chichpea. It keep the scalp cool and dry.nice product


Jaya Thapa approves this product

Himalaya best baby shampoo

I purchased this all natural baby shampoo for my baby. Its mild and gentle on my babys hair and aslo a tear free formula lets enjoy my kid to make the bath time more favorable. After bath it leaves the baby hair silky and shinny too. Its mild fragrance is awesome ,feels good. Price is affordable for everyone. Must buy and use!


Jigna Bhatt approves this product

It is really a nice shampoo for babies

After my baby born I brought Most branded baby essential kit from market different different type I also try Himalaya baby shampoo it is really very nice shampoo which gently wash her hair and no tears in her eyes from this shampoo, it is made from hibiscus and chickpeas which gently cleans hair and make soft and shiny hair.


Noor Unnisa approves this product

Baby shampoo.

I'm using this product on my baby's hair from more than 6 months..its a very mild shampoo.it dosen't have a strong fragrance. Which is a good thing.The shampoo is not harsh on hairs.its a good shampoo to be used on the babies hairs.after wash hairs are very soft and its gentle....

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