Hape Rock And Ride Rocking Horse

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Want to give your kid a fun toy? Then what are you waiting for! Hape Rock and Ride Kid’s Wooden Rocking Horse will surely bring a smile on your little one’s face, and this classic toy will be a perfect addition to your kiddo’s toys list. It is manufactured with high-quality wood and is highly safe for the little ones. Riding on a horse would help the baby to develop imaginative and adventurous skills.


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adjustable swing speeds


soothing features


washable seat pad




bouncy seat



no safety straps


non reclining




no ac adapter


no cushion padding


Hape Rock And Ride Rocking Horse Features

  • The adjustable guardrail keeps your baby in a safe position, and it can be removed after the baby gains confidence.
  • The adjustable backrest is one of the best features and provides comfort to the kid while sitting.
  • Child safe painted finish and is manufactured, giving the safety and hygiene of the kid, the highest priority.
  • The wide seat gives comfort as well as safety for the little one.
  • Handles and footrest give extra safety to your baby, and it helps develop motor skills in a natural way.
  • Recommended age: 10 months to 3 years
  • Weight: 3 kg

Hape Rock And Ride Rocking Horse Assembly / Installation

  • Place the base legs of Hape Rock And Ride Rocking Horse facing each other.
  • Connect the legs with the small wooden pieces on both sides.
  • Fix the horse-face piece to the small wooden piece at the front.
  • Fix the wooden seat to the legs and tighten with bolts.
  • Insert handles to the horse face.
  • Insert the backrest in the slit of the wooden piece and tighten with bolts.
  • Now, fix the wooden rail connecting the backrest and handles and tighten it with bolts.

Hape Rock And Ride Rocking Horse Reviews

Devika Sujith

Devika Sujith | 3 years ago

3.3 / 5

Horse ride

Hape Rock And Ride Rocking Horse has comfortable seat with front and back support. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is made of good quality wood, has no sharp edges to hurt kids and is child safe. It comes in vibrant and eye catchy colors. It is simple yet funny and so entertaining for kids. Safe for kids above 3yrs. Seeing kids riding on the horse gives me immense pleasure.

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Shafiqua Tahseen

Shafiqua Tahseen | 3 years ago

4.7 / 5

Nice design

My friend brought this wonderful Rocker for my son on his birthday, he was so happy when he first saw it. He plays with it all the time, it is well build with nice and comfortable material. I love that it is shaped like a horse, making it an really attractive product for your kid. Your kid can easily hold onto the comfortable handles that this rocker has and start their fun ride. An incredible gift from a truly great friend.

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