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Fisher-Price Learn With Puppy walker is the best choice if you are looking for more than a walker for your tiny tot. It aids your little one to improve their walking skills. Learning can also be fun and joyful with the puppy walker, and your little one will surely love the puppy shape. Key Features […]

Fisher-Price Learn With Puppy walker is the best choice if you are looking for more than a walker for your tiny tot. It aids your little one to improve their walking skills. Learning can also be fun and joyful with the puppy walker, and your little one will surely love the puppy shape.

Key Features

  • Two ways to play - Your baby can play with the puppy, or he can walk and take the puppy for a ride.
  • Learn to walk - The puppy walker has a smooth handle to hold, and the four wheels will provide the necessary balance and support for the kid. It helps the kid to stand on his feet and take the first steps.
  • Get excited to walk - The walker plays 75+ songs, sounds, and tunes as the toddler moves the walker. The sounds can excite the child to walk thus helping them master the walk in a short time
  • Fun activities - Learning will be fun with this puppy walker. Activities like light-up piano keys and nose, spinner, roller, flip pages, hanging toys will keep the little one busy.
  • Smart learning stages - The walker has three smart stages to choose from as your little one grows. Each activity will teach them colors, shapes, alphabet, numbers and many more in three learning stages
  • Compact and safe design - The walker has no sharp edges to harm the kids, and the four-wheel base design is safe for a child who is learning to walk. The design is very compact and occupies less space for storage.


  • Age - 6 to 36 months
  • Batteries required for music and lights - Yes
  • Requires assembling - Yes
  • Material - High-grade plastic

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generates interest to walk


provides balance


prevents falling


improves cognitive development


colour recognition



unsafe without supervision


delays muscle development


provides artificial assistance


inadvisable for prolonged use



  • After unboxing the puppy walker, ensure the package has all the parts including the front frame, back frame, front axles, wheels, and handle. 
  • Fix the front axles to the front frame and tighten the axles using screws. Before tightening the screws, ensure the correct side axles go to the appropriate slot.
  • Now, two wheels go to the front axle of the front frame.
  • Fix the handle into the slot provided to the back frame. Ensure the appropriate side of the handle goes into the slot. Tighten the handle with screws.
  • Open the battery compartment and place two 1.5V alkaline batteries into the battery compartment. Now, close it tightly using screws. 
  • Now, insert the remaining two wheels to the back frame axle.
  • Finally, attach the back frame to the front frame and tighten using screws.
  • The switch on/off button is located at the back of the front frame. 
  • Press the nose of the front frame for sounds and lights.
  • Flip the book to hear songs and phrases.
  • On pressing buttons located on the front frame, you can hear songs, phrases, lights, and sounds.
  • Switch the stages from 1, 2, and 3.
  • Replace the batteries when the lights and sounds faint or stop.
  • When the walker is not in use for a long time, remove the batteries.
  • Do not use old and new batteries together.


Dharani Rajesh approves this product

Walker for 8 months plus

Perfect for a 8 month old baby, they love it to walk with it ! At first it looked larger than my baby boy , but once he started to use it , it was a perfect size for him. He walk a little better and faster with it. The wheels don’t roll , babies has to push it... it is good for the babies and gives a better grip to walk as they will be the one pushing it..


minal0411 approves this product

Well balanced and value for money

Puppy Walker is too good for baby .value for money and lighter .well balancing and good for baby walking practice and muscle strengthening.happy after purchasing this product to gift my friend and delivery on time and packaging too. Do purchase n enjoy happy memories with ur cuttie pie !! Good one


meghashree approves this product

This is awesome product

This is awesome product,my son love to use this and all puppy walker help kids to walk and balance themselves and attractive to little eyes, fisher price product are good quality and certified we specially love use for kids,this fisher price puppy walker is so helpfull for little one to walk.


Harshita approves this product


I being a mother of 8 months old child, the time my daughter has started walking I have ordered this product and it has totally done wonders... it is a friend to a toddler who is trying to walk.. my daughter is actually enjoying her walk walking with the puppy walker... one of the good products from fisher price as always!!!


Samya Ali approves this product

amazing product

My niece uses this walker. its indeed an amazing product for growing kids rather than handing them mobile phones and nonsensical gadgets which ruin their niece spends hours playing and roaming around in the house with this..i recommend this to everyone and would definitely have one for her own child in the upcoming months !


Ankita chavan approves this product


My son would be busy for hours with this walker.puppy Walker is one of the amazing product of Fisher price collections .now learning to walk,so I bought this Walker for her. Through this Walker ,she is learning to walk and also plays fun activities. She love …...........I LOVE THIS PRODUCT


Shilpa Chandel approves this product

Funny stylo walker

Fisher price is one of the trusted brand in terms of kids toys and accessories... This Fisher price baby Walker is the best I can find to gift my little nephew when she was 6 months. She loved it so much that now she is 9 month n still she has interest in playing with this music and learning toy... Wonderful product


Raksha approves this product

This is so cute

Other than an aid for walking, it a good Play station as well. My son would be busy for hours with this walker. Attractive colours and vibrant activities make the walker very popular. I had a friend using it and I couldn't resist buying it for my baby. I would count it as a must have for the infants


kulsum approves this product

Excellent learning tool

The tool kits allows child to walk comfortably,its easy and safe n excellent learning tool kit for every toddler.My child is able to do many fun activties while walking and it never let him fall as its body is madeup of excellent material. Assembling is also easy.i will recommend it to every mother who have their child in tender age and lack walking habit.


florence approves this product


I have gifted this to my niece she loved it. I would really recommend it to everyone and yeah it's all about the baby's smile. whenever my niece see this she lough like she saw her fav toy. and that is soo perfect . I loved it .thanks team. loved it


mimreview27 approves this product

Thank u Fisher price

The puppy Walker is one of the amazing product of Fisher price collections . It is very helpful and support the kid at the early age of learning to walk. It engages the kid when i am busy with some house chores. My kid wants to play with it all the time bcz of its attractive color n musical song . Its helps the kid to learn n play .


Jaya Thapa approves this product

Nice Puppy Walker

My niece is now learning to walk,so I bought this Walker for her. Through this Walker ,she is learning to walk and also plays fun activities. She loves puppy made in it very much. This Walker is so attractive and colorful, all the family members loved it. Its totally safe for my niece because it is made from high quality material.


Aden approves this product

Never gets bored

I got this puppy walker as a gift for my little one. It has been nearly an year since she has been using it. This walker cum toy keeps her engaged for long hours and never gets bored of it perhaps because of the various melodies the puppy produces whenever a button is pressed.


khyati13naramg approves this product

Amazing walker which entertain babies along with support to walk

This is an amazing option to provide support system to babies when they start standing and trying to walk. When they get tired and want some relax time while sitthing, this provide them with various playing options. This create interest in them to walk and play all along. My son loves to play amd walk with this


Poonam Sehrawat approves this product

Puppy walker

I used this product for my child to make his busy when i am doing some work l. The color and sound of the product helped my my child to be busy. Its light system that active witha soft touch And hanging toy makes it more attractive fir babies to spent more times with it. It is easy to hold and carry to any where.


rishika_jainmun approves this product

3 in 1 product for toddlers

When my niece turned 9 months I gifted her this Walker.I blindly trust fisher price because of its quality and attractive products.This Walker is 3 in 1 Walker. 1-it improves their balance and grip 2-as it’s colourful you can make your kid learns colour in a play way method. 3- kids can also learn shapes as well. The music develops interest in kids to touch and press again and again.For toddler it’s very eye catchy because it’s colourful and toddlers loves colours.When tired walking using Walker, toddlers can be occupied for some more time by playing with shapes and colours.


Kirti Hundia approves this product

Walk ND play

This product is of much help when ur baby is learning to walk. This product is amazing and beautiful to organise your kids learning at a very early stage.It keeps ur kiddo busy in playing and walking and helps in maintaining balance. Kids can easily have a grip on handle and have interest in walking with its help


Sumaiya P approves this product

Not for my baby

I was excited for this Walker for my baby as it has too many activities to play and engage them for a while but only disappoinment is the sturdiness.The product should have a feature to control the speed as it's meant for 6-3years babies.Due to lack of control my baby can't walk she walks too fast and don't enjoy the Walker much.


Kiruthika Duraisamy approves this product


Its the best choice in walker for your tiny tot. It helps to improve their walking skills. My baby was so much fun and enjoyable in this with the puppy walker, and my Kutty was one who enjoys this lovely Walker and always be in the puppy shape. So I will recommend this to all


Reshma Shenoy approves this product

Puppy walker

When my son was about to walk we buyed this for him .There were so many but my son choose the puppy one because he loves puppy very much .it is a multiple activity toy that contains music shape identification walker in the puppy walker.without supervision it cannot be used he used to slide from this as he enjoyed with this and played with maximum times

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