Farlin Wide Holder Baby Nail Clipper

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Farlin, the name that has been trusted by moms for years! Be it baby toys or hygiene products, Farlin has been a reliable brand when it comes to baby products. Well, we thought, why not design flawless nail clippers? The result is Farlin Wide Holder Baby Nail Clipper. Yes, with the flexibility and convenience a mother can experience while trimming her baby’s nails, this nail clipper has been the best one in the market in nail care so far!


  • Perfect Fit: The size of the front of the clipper is just the right fit to help you trim the nails effortlessly.
  • Precision: These nail clippers help you clip the baby’s nails with greater precision and safety. No more cuticles!
  • Unique Design: These nail scissors are powered by the flawless design of a small cutting blade, which lets you watch the nails with greater quality to avoid danger from hurting the baby's finger accidentally.


  • Recommended Age: 0+ years
  • Product weight:
  • Product Dimensions:

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compact grip


long lasting


bpa free


ergonomic handles


magnifying glass



too small to handle


average quality


age constraints


durability issues


cleanliness restrictions


Farlin Wide Holder Baby Nail Clipper Reviews

Sreenithi Sajith

Sreenithi Sajith | 3 years ago

4.4 / 5

Sreenithi Sajith approves this product

Wide holder nail cutter for babies

I was very tensed how to cut baby nails after our baby girl was born. Farlin helped me to make it easy with their widened nail cutter for babies which we can use right from their birth. There will be no cuticles in baby fingers and it can be used safely to cut their nails. The width is the nail cutter is a perfect fitting size for cutting baby nails.

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tejeshwari Ponnana

tejeshwari Ponnana | 2 years ago

5 / 5

tejeshwari Ponnana approves this product

Good For Baby Nails


Compact grip

Long Lasting

I am a new mother and unlike other moms I am also very worried about my little ones hygiene . We cant stop children from around and the mud and bacteria going into their nails. Then i found Farlin Wide Holder Baby Nail Clipper which is a trusted product for trimming the nails. It comes with great flexibility and convenience that my little one loves getting her nails trimmed. It comes with a grip so there is no fear of hurting my baby while trimming nails.

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mahato | 2 years ago

4.7 / 5

mahato approves this product

Good nail clipper

My sister gifted this for my baby. It is a very good product as the design is such that it is safe while cutting and it does not hurt my baby's finger. The clipper is easy to use and does not take time to cut the nails. I am able to handle the clipper as it has a good grip.

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Usha Gunashekhar

Usha Gunashekhar | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

Usha Gunashekhar approves this product

Pretty Pink baby nail clipper:


Compact grip

Long Lasting

BPA Free

Ergonomic Handles

Magnifying Glass

My sister in law purchased this pretty pink Farlin baby nail clipper for her daughter. She used to cry while nail cutting with different nail cutter. Farlin baby nail clipper is very flexible and convenient to use. Daughter now feels happy in getting her nail trimmed with Nail Clipper. Front wide edge of the nail clipper helps to trim nails effortlessly. Small scissors helps to view the nails with great quality and avoid cutting extra nail and harming their little finger. Once again nice product by Farlin

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Ayesha Jawad

Ayesha Jawad | 3 years ago

4.3 / 5

Convenient nail clipper

Farlin a best & used brand by me for my childrens. Every mom gets the best experience while using this 1. I tried for my baby for which it got fitted so exactly on her nails that I could not believe. Unique design which comes with all necessary equipments does not harm babies mild soft skin. Which will not makes baby to get more angry towards moms.

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