eHomeKart Kids 6-in-1 Plastic Musical Baby Walker

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eHomeKart Musical Baby Walker comes with a musical tray that not only keeps babies entertained, but also encourages them to take their first step with confidence. This sturdy built walker gives proper support to babies, while the wide cushioned seat let babies sit comfortably.

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light weight




easy assembly


adjustable height


encourages walking





difficult to assemble




risky for babies


inferior quality


eHomeKart Kids 6-in-1 Plastic Musical Baby Walker Features

  • Compact: The walker can be folded and stored conveniently when not in use.
  • Sturdy built: The sturdy built enables babies to walk and sit comfortably.
  • Adjustable height: The height adjusting mechanism let growing babies walk straight.

eHomeKart Kids 6-in-1 Plastic Musical Baby Walker Specifications

  • Age: 6-24 months

eHomeKart Kids 6-in-1 Plastic Musical Baby Walker Assembly

  • Flip eHomekart Kids 6-in-1 Plastic Musical Baby Walker and insert wheels into the appropriate slots.

  • Pull the top frame of the walker away from the walker base.

  • Lock the walker in a position.

  • Insert batteries into the battery compartment of the musical toy.

  • Fix the musical toy to the frame.

  • Snap the seat to the frame.

  • Insert parent handle behind the walker into the appropriate slot.

  • Snap the footrest to the walker bottom frame.


  • Unlatch the walker base.

  • Hold the knobs and turn the base to activate the walker into a rocker.

eHomeKart Kids 6-in-1 Plastic Musical Baby Walker Reviews

Sreenithi Sajith

Sreenithi Sajith | 3 years ago

4 / 5

Sreenithi Sajith approves this product

Baby walker to walk and learn

This walker has helped my baby slot in walking. She likes to sit and spend time in it. I take her to outside in it which she enjoys the most. It is convenient to fold and keep aside. It is strong and sturdy for the extra comfort of baby. It has padded visioned seat for comfortable seating. Babies will love to play in it. It comes with parent push handle which is very useful for us to control them

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Bhanupriya | 3 years ago

4.6 / 5

Bhanupriya approves this product

Musical Baby Walker By Ehomekart

I suggested my friend to have a musical baby walker of ehomekart which is very strong and long lasting. The baby can comfortably sit on the baby walker and enjoys smooth movement. She bought the ehomekart musical baby walker and her baby now remians engaged with the musical tray. The height of the musical baby walker of ehomekart can be adjustable as per the baby convenience. The baby walker is can be easily foldable and stored and can be easily carried while travelling.

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Ayesha Jawad

Ayesha Jawad | 3 years ago

4 / 5

Ayesha Jawad approves this product

Entertaining music Walker

I gifted to my sister in law daughter as she was about take her little feet on ground. First little steps keep everyone amazed. As this was the cutest gift I had given to her. She loved it pretty so much. Seat is wide & cushioned which provides great comfort. Her daughter loves music too , so she enjoys by playing music tray. Mechanism of the tray is good that it can be adjusted to babies growing height.

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Shruti Raghav

Shruti Raghav | 3 years ago

5 / 5

Shruti Raghav approves this product

Taking first steps the musical way!


Light Weight


Easy Assembly

I was visiting my friend and bought the eHomekart Kids 6-in-1 Plastic Musical Baby walker for her daughter. It was the apt gift at that time as she had just begun to take her first steps. She called me to say this pretty, attractive walker made it an easy transition. The sturdy build gave her ample support. Also, the seat is wide and well-cushioned provided great comfort. As she could adjust the height, it could be set to fit her exactly. Her daughter loved the musical tray and enjoyed playing it. She said she did not have to worry about space occupancy too as it could be folded and put away!

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