Dash Deluxe Baby Garden Swing

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The Dash deluxe baby garden swing beats the traditional swings in many ways. This garden swing comes with music and lights to enrich the swinging experience of your baby. It'sIt's strong and heavy built structure is safe for your baby to play and enjoy this swing.

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soothing features


washable seat pad




adjustable swing speeds


bouncy seat



non reclining




no ac adapter


difficult to assemble


no safety straps


Dash Deluxe Baby Garden Swing Features

  • Individual structure: Unlike the swings which need a hook or a beam to install, this garden swing doesn't need anything of that sort. It is easy to install and suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Comfy seat: The seat has a back support frame for your baby to lean back and sit in comfort.
  • Seat belt: Always, safety comes first. There is a two-point safety harness for your baby to have a safe playtime.
  • Footrest: It also comes with a footrest to sit and relax comfortably for longer durations.
  • Musical tray: The best part is here. The musical tray in the front comes with lights and buttons. When the buttons are pressed, it plays different kinds of music along with lights.
  • Canopy: The canopy protects your baby from the harsh outdoor climate.

Dash Deluxe Baby Garden Swing Specifications

  • Age: 6 months to 3 years
  • Carrying capacity: Up to 25 kg

Dash Deluxe Baby Garden Swing Assembly / Installation

  • Insert batteries behind the musical tray.
  • Slide the swing support bars into the slots on the musical tray and lock them using nuts and bolts.
  • Then, assemble the musical tray, seat using nuts and bolts.
  • Now, insert swing frames to the base legs and ensure you hear a click sound.
  • Guide the swing support bars and canopy to the canopy rod.
  • Connect the canopy rod to the swing frames and secure it using screws.
  • Insert footrest to the seat by pressing the metal buttons.

Dash Deluxe Baby Garden Swing Reviews

Nupur Gupta

Nupur Gupta | 3 years ago

4.6 / 5

Nupur Gupta approves this product

Best swing for my child

This is one of the best swing. You can place it anywhere in house or in garden. It had lot if features. It had cool movable tray that had music and light. Pipes are strong enough to handle the weight of child. Music consist of nursery rhymes and it had 3 point safety harness and proper back support and leg rest.

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