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Massaging your baby improves their physical growth and well being. Lal Tai by Dabur is a wonderful massage oil which provides skin nourishment, develops bones, improves sleeping patterns, and much more

Massaging your baby improves their physical growth and well being. Lal Tai by Dabur is a wonderful massage oil which provides skin nourishment, develops bones, improves sleeping patterns, and much more. It is an excellent way to improve the bond between the two of you.


  • Skin-friendly oil
  • Moisturizes baby's skin, leaving it soft and smooth
  • Colorant-free
  • Mineral Oil free
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Child safe

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strengthens bones


natural ingredients






non sticky



strong fragrance


greasy formulation




harsh ingredients



  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Relieves digestive problems, gas, colic, and discomfort
  • Helps gain weight
  • Protects your baby’s sensitive skin and aids in improving skin health
  • Improves  sleep patterns on regular usage
  • Helps maintain good blood circulation

Shankhpushpi, Ratanjyot, Sesame oil, Urad Dal, Camphor.

Massage your baby by following these steps:

  • Lay your baby on a soft mat or soft cloth.
  • Pour dabur lal tail on your palms and rub. 
  • Now, gently massage your baby’s arms and legs.
  • Next, turn your baby and massage the baby’s back.
  • Finally, massage the chest and abdomen areas.

Massaging helps to relieve stress from your baby's body. Dabur-lal-tail has sesame oil that generates a lot of heat, and hence, you can use it in winter, and during the rainy season.


Syeda approves this product

Massage message to moms

Mom of two, using this since 5years and feels a better go for bones of my lil pumpkin making them stronger I recommend this for all moms as its easy to massage and apply over and easy to wash as well doesn't leave any stains or sticky feel. Go 4 it


Nidhi approves this product

Very effective for muscles building

I have been using this for my kid since 2 months as it has all the Ayurvedic ingredients which helps in building strength and muscles in babies. And it specially good to be used in winters as it helps in nourishing the skin also and keeps it warm for the babies.


Kiruthika Duraisamy approves this product

Cool Dabur..makes u cool

I have been massaging my baby to improves her growth and physical development. Dabur is a wonderful massage oil for babies and which there provides develops bones, improves sleeping patterns,. It is an excellent way to improve Ur baby s sleep It's good Skin-friendly oil which Moisturizes baby's skin and leaving it soft and smooth Colorant-free


Reshma Shenoy approves this product

Very best oil for childrens from my grandparents

The name dabur lal tail is the one oil that i had heard from my childhood and it is a very famous oil that used by every one .so i too tried to usethis dabur lal tail for my baby it has a very strong fragrance for massaging it is a very good oil it help to strengthen bones and muscles nourishes and smoothens and also help in getting a good sleep for babies


Poonam Sehrawat approves this product

Malish time

I am using this dabar lal tail since my baby is 1.5 month for his message purpose. Its very strong fragrance and very effective for my baby. It becomes my baby bones and muscles strong. Its a very old and faithful brand. My grand mother also messaging me in my childhood. So that we can say dabur tail is the best oil forever.


Uruja Aamir approves this product

Good for bones ..

I have been using this oil for more than a year now for my baby .. bt I only use this oil in Summers as it has cooling effect ... I would highly recommend it to all the moms out there as it plays a vital role in strengthening the bones .. we should massage our babies with this oil regularly ...


Sumaiya P approves this product

Good for baby

I am using dabar lal tel since my baby was 40 days old.. doing daily massage..fragrance is too strong but result is accurate..dabar lal is good brand so I can trust on this..its help in growth of my family doctor suggested this to baby is became happy while massaging


khyati13naramg approves this product

Most trusted oil for overall growth of baby

This is the most trusted brand of Indian mothers. I think every child's childhood is incomplete without this oil. This is the best oil to do massage of babies legs and hands to provide them strength. I used to do daily massage with this oil. But this oil should be mixed with another oil when applying to very young babies


Laxmi Singh approves this product

Warm massage oil for baby

Dabur Lal tel has been there since I was a child and still is as I have a child now, one thing that has not changed ever since is the smell and it's efficacy. Like me there are numerous parents who aware by this oil, and they certainly are not wrong. Go for it without a doubt, I don't think my review will be any different than is already said for this massage oil. It is amazing for muscle building of your child, good for his/her bone development.


Avneet Kaur approves this product

Good to baby growth

It's good oil for baby message. It gives baby muscles strong and enhancement of the baby growth. It contains mineral oil and natural ingredients. it's non stick and easy to use. I had used many oils but not satisfied..after recommendation I used it and very much satisfied. It penetrate easily in the skin.


Shikha Shreejith approves this product


Ayurvedic oil are too good for making baby muscles strong and bones healthy , as this is a trusted oil i usualy use dabur products only . No chemicals and the smell is awsome , i generaly give a 10 minutes dabur lal oil teil massage to my little one and after bath it's too refreshing.


Asiya Nasreen approves this product

Dabur lal tail

My grandmother suggested me to use dabur lal tail when my baby was 6 months old. She said that is a very good oil made of natural ingredients and also it enhances blood circulation and strengthen the bones. I tried it for my baby.I massage her everyday using dabur lal tail. I could see the change. My baby's skin became soft and also she started to walk at an early stage.


Siddiqa Shaikh approves this product

Ok product

I used other brand massage oil and was not satisfied and this suggested by my friend..... I bought this and must says it's good and helps baby. I have seen remarkable changes in my babies skin and this also moisturizes well and keeps my baby skin soft and healthy.i would really recommend this to my friends ....


Vatsla Verma approves this product

Dabur lal tail

Dabur lal tail, as we know is a very old oil and is used since past generations so i also purchased it for my baby. Every day i massage my baby with dabur lal tail. Her bones have become strong. She also started standing at an early stage with massage from this oil.


priyanka approves this product

Dabur lal tail

My in laws brought dabur lal tail for my baby. As this oil is trusted for generations i also welcomed it with open hands. I regularly give massage to my baby using dabur lal tail. It has made his bones strong. He also started walking and standing early after massage from this oil.


Jayasree approves this product

Faith in ayurveda

Oil massage helps in making bones stronger and skin infection-free. Dabur Lal Tail is made from natural ingredients following ancient ayurvedic process which makes this oil so much more special. A massage with this oil improves blood circulation and makes baby feel energetic and charged. I started using this oil for massaging my baby girl when she was just 2 months old.


Kirti Hundia approves this product

Amazing product

Such an amazing product it is... I m also mommy of 3 year old and massaged my kiddo for 1.6 years. This is so amazing as at my place generally new born are massaged with Desi ghee but after those initial few days I didn't liked it bcoz of smell and ghee doesn't keep the kid warm but this lal tail has such a nice fragrance and keeps the baby warm also helping him sleep for a longer duration as I dont make my baby bath daily... So that smell also helps me


Tanima Ghosh approves this product

Very good tail

Very good massage oil for baby I am using this more than year and result is very good no rash .it's strengthen my baby's leg it also help my baby to sleep longer time .it helps to improve blood circulation too .it's a nonsticky ayurvedic product also used by my mother


nidhi123 approves this product

Best ever body oil for babyies

This is only old brand which is recommended by my grand grand mother for not only baby body massage oil but for many medicines too. As dabur oil makes our baby bones strong and helps in making hand and legs stronger of my child. It's doesn't sticks to body. Oil has mild fragrance. Love this product and wanna tell everyone to try this too for their babies.


Revathi Nagaraj approves this product

Olden massage oil

Dabur lal tail was used by my mom for me when i was a baby still i am using it for my baby by recommendation of my grandmother. I have used daily to my baby i could massage his strenghtens the bones.oil does not sticky on proven good result.

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