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Massaging your baby improves their physical growth and well being. Lal Tai by Dabur is a wonderful massage oil which provides skin nourishment, develops bones, improves sleeping patterns, and much more

Massaging your baby improves their physical growth and well being. Lal Tai by Dabur is a wonderful massage oil which provides skin nourishment, develops bones, improves sleeping patterns, and much more. It is an excellent way to improve the bond between the two of you.


  • Skin-friendly oil
  • Moisturizes baby's skin, leaving it soft and smooth
  • Colorant-free
  • Mineral Oil free
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Child safe

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strengthens bones


natural ingredients






non sticky



strong fragrance


greasy formulation




harsh ingredients



  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Relieves digestive problems, gas, colic, and discomfort
  • Helps gain weight
  • Protects your baby’s sensitive skin and aids in improving skin health
  • Improves  sleep patterns on regular usage
  • Helps maintain good blood circulation

Shankhpushpi, Ratanjyot, Sesame oil, Urad Dal, Camphor.

Massage your baby by following these steps:

  • Lay your baby on a soft mat or soft cloth.
  • Pour dabur lal tail on your palms and rub. 
  • Now, gently massage your baby’s arms and legs.
  • Next, turn your baby and massage the baby’s back.
  • Finally, massage the chest and abdomen areas.

Massaging helps to relieve stress from your baby's body. Dabur-lal-tail has sesame oil that generates a lot of heat, and hence, you can use it in winter, and during the rainy season.


Kaipa Sandhya approves this product


Oil is the best medicine for baby's growth and strength. It is all time rescuing agent for babies..The moment the baby feels uneasy, the first thing comes to mind is to give them a gentle massage and make them happy. This Dabur Lal Tail oil penetrates towards the skin and gives a soothing effect. Strongly recommended.


springroll6165 approves this product

I love dabour lal oil

I used this oil regular in massage for baby .. This oil is wonderful to improve bones and muscles strength for ur baby to promote overall physical strength...according to me kids take good sleep also after getting massage from this oil...and this oil is definitely safe for a external massage for your baby


latagiri approves this product

Best Oil for strong Bones and Supple skin

Ultimate oil for strong bones and supple skin for the delicate skin of kids. A mixtue of old and new school, granny is also happy and Moms are also happy. This oil really helped my son to grow stronger. Its really safe to use. Never brings tears to Kid eyes. My son really enjoyed oiling.


Shilpa Chandel approves this product

Bone strengthening formula

Dabur lal tail is the oldest known product usedfor babies massage.... My grandmother used to say about this oil to my aunty that we must use this oil for babies massage as this helps to strengthen the bones and very safe for babies. It's really a trusted product by oldies and everyone knows old is gold


Samya Ali approves this product

ideal for eczema

I have a 13 months niece . my sister has tried multiple oils for her daughter initially for 2 months. She has a extremely sensitive and has eczema. She was only on liquid paraffin oil from 45 days old to 6 months. I used to be sad that her skin is not like any other baby.. my sister started using this lal tail from last one year. Her skin is very soft and smooth. It has almost reduced her eczema medication now. I strongly commend this. we have a big satisfying heart now.. and extremely happy.


Sonal Mehrotra approves this product

Safe for babies

I am using Dabur lal tail for my baby since he was born and i really liked it. It helps in strengthening bones. It hydrate his skin well. My baby stays active all day after every massage with dabur lal tail. I use this daily for him twice a day. Worth buying.


bhoomirajyaguru approves this product

Best for baby massage

When my daughter turned 3 months I have started using this Dabur Lal tell. Not only me but when I was 3 months old my mum also was using this product. And definitely I would recommend this product to all the mothers because it nourishes your baby's is clean, It Brighten baby skin also and it strengthen bones of your baby. So definitely I would recommend all the mothers.


Gouraja Parelkar approves this product

Effective message oil

When I decided k start baby massage for my child, I hired an expert would come every day to my house and massage my baby. She recommended dabur Lal tel because it is made of natural ingredients. They are safe to be used for babies. I found this oil a little greasy but it's okay for babies because anyway they have a good bath later. I strongly recommend this oil.


sunshine approves this product

Your first massage with healthy way

Dabar Lal tail was very known product for baby care.its healthy and happy way to your baby can process towards his first baby step.its give your baby bones and muscles stronger.Its a special Ayurvedic oil for Babies.its clinically proven 2 time faster physical growth .I personally use it for my daughter.i am satisfied for the results.


Sangeeta Garg approves this product

Great invention Dabur lal tail

I like this oil when I was a child my mother said to me about the benefits of this oil. It very strong oil and I suggest to everyone use this oil to their new born baby because baby bones weak and everyone mother wants healthy and strong bones this is the oil which makes bones strong and healthy. It's very economical price so anyone can buy this and make bones 2 times stronger. I like the fragnance and it's fully absorb in my baby's body. I started day 10 to my baby and my baby also like the massage of this oil. Great product.


krati approves this product

Nice product

Dabur lal tail is a must have product for baby’s growth. It makes bones strong and nourishes baby’s skin. I give a dabur lal oil massage to my baby daily. Even my mom used it for me and my siblings so she suggested dabur lal oil for my baby to massage daily .


Dipika Chaubal approves this product

Best massage oil so far.

i have been using this massage oil from day 1 for my 4 months old baby and trust me it has worked wonders for me. It is easily available, not very expensive and lasts long if used judiciously. Yes, I know it has a strong fragrance, but it goes away after bathing, so no stress. Also as it is written on the bottle, it promotes bone strength like no other oil.


Akanksha Mehrotra approves this product

Best massage oil

My child is 5 years old. From his birth time I am using dabur lal tail till now and will use it for long. It is the best massage oil. It makes my son's bones stronger. He started walking early because I use this oil regularly. It has all natural ingredients. It is also in a very affordable price that everyone can use it for one's child.


Jaya Thapa approves this product

Best Baby oil for winters specially

Whenever winter comes I usually use Dabur lal tail for my kids. This massage oil not only strengthes the bones but also relax the baby for good sleep. Its consists of all natural ingredients.Even my mother also used this oil when I was a kid. Its little sticky but very effective . My two girls started walking very earlier age due to this oil . Its smell is quite stronge .


jyoti93 approves this product

Best massage oil

I am using dabur lal massage oil from past 2 months for my 3 months old baby. this is one of the best massage oil even my mom also used it for me😊😊 it really helps for the bones strengthening and my baby is active after massaging from this oil.i really recommend this oil to every new mom


Mamta Sharma approves this product

Best oil for babies

Dabur Lal tail is one of oil that i had heard from my childhood. This oil is prepared using Ayurvedic ingredients which helps in physical growth of babies. It is very famous oil for family use this oil for babies I had seen so i too tried to use this Dabur Lal tail for my baby. It has a very strong fragrance but it is a very good oil for strengthen the muscles and bones of baby.


Jigna Bhatt approves this product

best oil for baby massage and give nice result

When my baby born I do massage from coconut oil and ghee, one time I purchased dabur red oil for baby massage, it really grow my baby bones and joints and helped to my baby in is made from Shankhapushpi plant powder,Urad dal ,Ratanjot root powder Camphor leaves extract,Sarala sapwood oil, Sesame seed oil, this ingredients helps my baby, after applying this massage oil i do exercise and after 2 hours i take her for bath so her body grasp oil and give proper result.


priyakhushal approves this product

Dabour Lal massage oil

I just love this product it’s very helpful in growth of my baby. I used this product since his birth now he is one year old and started walking without support. This oil makes my baby bones strong that I totally relly on that oil.I definitely recommend to all moms. This is the best oil for baby massage.Thanks


presha13 approves this product

Dabur lal tail good for babies

im using dabur lal tail for my son he is now 1 year 3 months old sinces he was born we use to his regular massage with dabur lal tail only his skin is glowing and now he knows that dabur lal tail is for his malish i.e. massage and care


avneet kaur approves this product

Best oil

It is very best oil for baby. It is good in fragnance. It is very safe ingredients in it. It is safe for babies. I love this product. Best for massaging it help to baby in eatly walking and it help to baby for strong bones. It is very good oil. I will definitely recommended this oil

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