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Massaging your baby improves their physical growth and well being. Lal Tai by Dabur is a wonderful massage oil which provides skin nourishment, develops bones, improves sleeping patterns, and much more

Massaging your baby improves their physical growth and well being. Lal Tai by Dabur is a wonderful massage oil which provides skin nourishment, develops bones, improves sleeping patterns, and much more. It is an excellent way to improve the bond between the two of you.


  • Skin-friendly oil
  • Moisturizes baby's skin, leaving it soft and smooth
  • Colorant-free
  • Mineral Oil free
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Child safe

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strengthens bones


natural ingredients






non sticky



strong fragrance


greasy formulation




harsh ingredients



  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Relieves digestive problems, gas, colic, and discomfort
  • Helps gain weight
  • Protects your baby’s sensitive skin and aids in improving skin health
  • Improves  sleep patterns on regular usage
  • Helps maintain good blood circulation

Shankhpushpi, Ratanjyot, Sesame oil, Urad Dal, Camphor.

Massage your baby by following these steps:

  • Lay your baby on a soft mat or soft cloth.
  • Pour dabur lal tail on your palms and rub. 
  • Now, gently massage your baby’s arms and legs.
  • Next, turn your baby and massage the baby’s back.
  • Finally, massage the chest and abdomen areas.

Massaging helps to relieve stress from your baby's body. Dabur-lal-tail has sesame oil that generates a lot of heat, and hence, you can use it in winter, and during the rainy season.


lata1989 approves this product

Best oil for baby massage

I have been using this product from 5 months and it has a drastic impact on my baby.Natural and safe oil. This is the best oil for babies. I’m using it for my baby since her birth. My baby just loves her massage oil. I recommend to my friends and family.


priyankapainuli approves this product

Bst oil ever

Hiii.when telling about dis dabur lal tail im jst smiling a lot because i love this product very much .when my baby born i use home made mustard oil for my baby but somewhere im not satisfied with dis then some tell me abt lal tail.from dat day im using dis nd lvd it


Ramandeep Kaur approves this product

This is the best oil for newborns and even you can use it for years.

This is the better oil than other brand and also it is used less.i have been using this product for a month and it has a drastic impact on my baby. For a week, I had tried other hair oil but my babys skin was u undergoing stickiness and due to which the skin turned dark, so I tried dabur lal tail which is great.


anjel_srivastav approves this product

Best for babies

This is the best oil for babies, it became bones stronger. Doctors also recommend this oil. I m using this oil from past 4 year for my elder kid. Now m using this for my new born baby too. my big baby became croll after daily massageing both r enjoying the massage of this oil.


Teesha Singh approves this product

Go deep in skin and improve muscle strength

Very nourishment for muscy strength. Go deep in to the skin pore and improve the baby strength. Overall a affordable product. Natural, no side effects. Easily available in market. Baby logo is good it's attractive to kids. Most of the time my baby play with bottle when I used to massage her.


Amar Simran approves this product

Best oil for babies growth

I think this is a best product for baby massage .. I m using this product for my baby massage this product is good for baby bones n give baby's more comfort i love this product and i ask all mothers please try this oil . This is very effective for babies growth .


Saba Ameer approves this product

Strengthens bones and makes baby active

I have been using Dabur Lal Tail since my baby was 15 days old. I massage his whole body with this oil. Baby enjoys the massage and he started standing with support before he was 5 months old. The oil contains natural ingredients and doesn’t cause skin rash or any other skin issues to baby’s sensitive skin.


Salma Sultan approves this product

Best among its peers

Oil is good if you ask me. I have been using it for 4 months now. My doctor recommended two oils and I am happy that I chose Dabur. My son's elbows were giving a cracking voice when he was a week old. Now the sound is almost gone. Thank you Dabur.


anusha_uppalapati approves this product

Natural and safe oil

Natural and safe oil. This is the best oil for babies. I’m using it for my baby since her birth. My baby just loves her massage oil. I recommend to all the mothers for their newborns. Give it a try and you ate gonna love this oil. No harsh chemicals are added. You can use it undoubtedly. I suggested all my friends and family also


nisha bohra approves this product

perfect oil for small kid

dabur lal tail is good for baby massage it strengthens baby muscles i use this oil to massage my baby daily my baby growing faster after using this oil ,using this oil since she is 3 months old i used this oil to my big daughter also i love dabur lal tail


Prerna Abhishek approves this product

Natural and affordable massage oil!!

I am using dabur lal tail for my baby.It is natural oil and suits all skin types.My baby has sensitive skin and I am using it so it can be used on all skin types. It is favourable in all condition.It strengthens bones and muscles.If not throught out the year but every mother should use this oil for sometimes because it works as wonders to baby.Highly recommended


Mallika N L approves this product

Natural oil for soft skin babies

oil which provides skin nourishment, develops bones, improves sleeping patterns, and much more. My baby enjoys a lot while massaging with this dabur lal tail. Dabur is made for it's quality. I felt very happy after using this oil as I massage the baby with this oil and bath. The baby will sleep quietly without any distraction from other people.


ramyadilip approves this product

Lovable product and great salutes !!!!

Hi,the name Dabur which represent it's quality.. especially this baby massage oil is awesome. .my little cutie enjoys massaging with Lal tail...I can see the development and her milestone achievement little,after bath what a nice sleep she has!lovely😍. really happy and proud to be a mother for choosing the correct and perfect product to my little girl... thank you Dabur... lots of love from our family .


Vyshnavi Iyer approves this product

Nice one

I have been using this product for my baby and it helps to strengthen his bones and muscles and it has a super good ingredients which helps in soothing of the baby and helps to relax him and have a super good fragrance I really recommend this product its just awesome


Deepashree Devanand approves this product

Best choice

This oil works wonder on the skin and the hair. Best oil for massaging infants. It has a very soothing fragrance and is easily absorbed by the skin. Keeps the dryness at bay. It also helps relieve colic and improves digestion. It is very affordable and available at any store.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Best baby oil

Dabur Lal tail is one of oil that i had heard from my childhood. This oil is prepared using Ayurvedic ingredients which helps in physical growth of babies. It is very famous oil for family use this oil for babies I had seen so i too tried to use this Dabur Lal tail for my baby. It has a very strong fragrance but it is a very good oil for strengthen the muscles and bones of baby.l recommend all mothers.


naina kaur approves this product

Baby oil

Dabur lal tail is d very oldest brand oil my nani n dadi used to massage me with this n now i do d same being a mother i highly recommend this oil as it helps d baby in their first steps it provides relief to bone n muscles helps them in their growth years my baby loves to get massage daily n love d fragrance of it.... Highly recommend


Super awesome massage oil for babies

Dabur Lal has been since I was a baby.. Its the same since then and I am using it for my baby... it smells the same... can be used for babies for regular massage. It strengthens the babies muscles and bones... it becomes warm when u massage with it... it keeps the baby healthy outside..


Vasu Mahajan approves this product

Best oil for massage

It is the oil I swear by. I used to massage my elder one with dabur lal tail till she was four. And now using for my elder one. It go by it's claim.My younger one had not started to walk then someone told me to give massage with dabur oil. The day I started within one week she started to walk. Dabur lal tail not only nourishes the skin of the baby but strengthen the bones too. It is made of natural ingredients so not harsh on your baby skin. It moisturize skin for long hours.It has the strong fragrance but the day you start using it you start living that fragrance. Highly recommended for babies.


Garima Kakkar approves this product

Oldest oil for baby massage

Dabur lal Tail is well known brand and very old brand name for kids massage this tail gives the strength to baby bones to stand up or to walk properly use dabur lal tail daily for your baby healthy bones it is non sticky oil with mild fragrance and the affordable price

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