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When you use a skin product for your baby, you want it to be gentle on their skin and not harm them. Curatio Tedibar Soap is one such bar that meets the criteria. It does not harm the natural protective layer of the baby’s skin, and hence is suitable even for sensitive, eczema-prone skin.


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mild fragrance


makes skin soft


improves your babies skintone


so moisturize





burns eyes


doesn’t last long


makes skin dry


no fragrance


Curatio Tedibar Soap Features

  • Soap-free: The bar is soap-free, which means it can be used for newborns as well.
  • Skin-friendly pH: The pH value of 5.5 is skin-friendly and within the permissible limits for the baby.
  • Gentle on the skin: The mild bar keeps the skin soft.

Curatio Tedibar Soap Specifications

  • Item weight: 200g
  • Product dimensions: 15 x 6 x 6 cm

Curatio Tedibar Soap Ingredients

  • Perfume, Syndet Base, CI 26100, Titanium dioxide, Disodium Etidronate, Glycerine, Phosphoric Acid, water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Cocosulphate, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Maltodextrin, Disodium Lauryl Sulphosuccinate, Perfume, Polyquaternium 7, Sodium Chloride.

How to use Curatio Tedibar Soap

  • Wet your baby's body.
  • Apply Curatio Tedibar Soap on to the skin directly.
  • Massage and lather.
  • Wash your baby with clean water.
  • Pat-dry.

Curatio Tedibar Soap Uses

  • Curatio Tedibar soap helps in cleaning your tiny tout's delicate skin.
  • Prevents rashes, dryness, and other skin problems.
  • Also, the soap helps in protecting skin PH levels.
  • Moreover, it is soap-free.

Curatio Tedibar Soap Reviews

Poonam Sehrawat

Poonam Sehrawat | 1 year ago

4.6 / 5

Poonam Sehrawat approves this product

Tedi bar soap

I m using this teddi bar soap for my son. My doctor suggested this for my is soap-free, it can be used for newborns as well. It is clinically tested and maintain the ph 5.5 It has mild fragnance and keeps my skin soft smooth supple. It is gentle on my baby skin it is chemical free.

Curatio Tedibar Soap-Tedi bar soap-By amarjeet
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| 1 year ago

4.1 / 5

approves this product

Nice tedibar soap

I have been using this product for my baby and am very much satisfied. It is very gentle on baby skin with no side or harmful effects. It leaves the skin very soft and the moisture of the skin is not lost n so it does not make skin dry. The only thing is it is bit expensive.

Curatio Tedibar Soap-Nice tedibar soap-By
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Sameera Pathan

Sameera Pathan | 2 years ago

4.2 / 5

Sameera Pathan approves this product

Nice tedibar soap

My friend uses this soap for her baby..she told me that this is very gentle and mild on her baby’s skin and it did not cause any irritation or redness after its use. It keeps the skin soft and is good for babies with sensitive skin. Although its gentle, it cleans the skin very well. I would certainly recommend this soap.

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Pallavipraveen Seela

Pallavipraveen Seela | 2 years ago

2.3 / 5

Gentel on Skin



Mild fragrance

Makes skin soft

Improves your babies skintone

As a new mom I was not aware of the baby products which one to choose, when I was googling came across tedibar soap and wanna try and I was suggested by one of my friends also. After first bath of my baby his skin tone was constantly changing(becoming dark), I was very much worried about my munchkin, which made me to search for this wonderful soap, when I started using this soap on my baby gradually his skin tone started becoming lighter n got improved a lot... His skin also used to feel soft n moistured... As everything has both pros n corns this is a bit expensive n my babies eyes use to burn

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Mythili Deenadhayalan

Mythili Deenadhayalan | 2 years ago

4.8 / 5

Mythili Deenadhayalan approves this product

My baby use


So moisturize

I'm using this Teddy bar soap for my he is so cute then it's make so shine for my baby. Then so smelly when he is bath. They don't make it for baby dryness. It's useful for all the new born baby. It make change a tan colour scheme also

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Sumaiya P

Sumaiya P | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

Sumaiya P approves this product

Regretting buy this

My kid got skin allergy becuase of the soaps which I have purchased. We have been using these Tedibar soaps from almost 5 months bought from different sellers and never faced any issues, but this time I judged wrongly and did a mistake of choosing different seller. Don't bother about money, kid's health is most important and just keep this in mind before you repent.

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Jaya Thapa

Jaya Thapa | 2 years ago

4.6 / 5

Jaya Thapa approves this product

Nice curatio tedibar soap

Recently known to this curatio tedibar soap in a nearby med store who deals with eczema in babies so i bring it to home. This shop is skin friendly which has PH value of 5.5 which makes him mild on gentle baby skin leaves soft touch. 8 it is natural sofa to protect the baby sensitive skin so so very much suitable for eczema prone skin.

Curatio Tedibar Soap-Nice curatio tedibar soap-By jayathapa278
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Rajeshwari Narayanan

Rajeshwari Narayanan | 2 years ago

4.6 / 5

Rajeshwari Narayanan approves this product

Pediatrician recommend


Good fragrance

Spoo shampoo and tedibar soap from Curatio was a part of our maternity kit. This soap is available only in medical shops and online. They give a soap case with this pack. Lasts for days. Fragrance is awesome. Improves skin tone. Keeps baby fresh and soft. Price is Okay which is worth buying

Curatio Tedibar Soap-Pediatrician recommend-By raji_subra
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sarwath | 2 years ago

4 / 5

sarwath approves this product

gentle and nice

I have tried different good brands soaps for my little one and they were good but this curatio tedibar soap was recommended to me by one of my friends and then I decided to try it. This is very gentle and mild on my baby’s skin and it did not cause any irritation or redness after its use. It keeps the skin soft and is good for babies with sensitive skin. Although its gentle, it cleans the skin very well. I would certainly recommend this soap.

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Adeena Singh

Adeena Singh | 2 years ago

5 / 5

Adeena Singh approves this product

Not the best

PRODUCT:- Curatio Tedibar Soap. My Views:- This soap is not of the best quality given the fact that many other brands have much better soaps in the same price range. This soap lathers very well but does not last longer. The fragrance is kinda floral and goes off after bath. It also dries out the skin.

Curatio Tedibar Soap-Not the best-By saduf
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Farha Sabreen

Farha Sabreen | 2 years ago

4.9 / 5

Farha Sabreen approves this product

Curatio tedibar soap is good


smells good

lathers well

natural and safe

i am happy with the soap expec few things hat it causes eyes o burn, and leaves the skin dry after an hour or so.. i have to apply loion more often to keep the skin moisurized.. the price is also ok and smell is sweet.. i gave it a try after reading positive reviews but i think it also depends on the skin of the baby..

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Mariyum Aaquib

Mariyum Aaquib | 2 years ago

3.8 / 5

Mariyum Aaquib approves this product

A naturally formulated soap bar.


Soft on skin

No harmful additives


Good for eczema prone skin

I know so many friends of mine who are using Tedibar soap. So even I tried it for myself. It is a very good soap for babies. It does not have any soap and other harmful substances. It does not form a layer on the skin of babies after a bath. Hence it can be used for babies having skin problems or have eczema prone skin. The pH of the soap is maintained at 5.5 which is the ideal level for any skin type.

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Sonali Polekar

Sonali Polekar | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

Sonali Polekar approves this product

Makes skin soft

When I heard about tedibar soap first time I was little confused whether this soap is gentle on skin or not. But tedibar is the best soap I have seen till now for babies. Maintains the ph level of skin. Very gentle on skin and makes skin soft. Makes babies more fresh after bath. I love the smell of tedibar soap. Worth buying.

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Shivani Soni

Shivani Soni | 2 years ago

4.9 / 5

Shivani Soni approves this product

Best for babies

My friend uses this Curatio Tedibar Soap for her son and even recommend this soap. She told me it is really good and soft and gentle one baby's skin. Even babies with eczema skin can use this soap. It nourishes baby's skin so softly and gently. This soap is free from chemicals so it can be used for newborns. It's ph balance is perfectly suitable for babies skin. She told me even her sister uses the same for her baby.

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Sonal Srivastava

Sonal Srivastava | 2 years ago

5 / 5

Sonal Srivastava approves this product

Suits my baby skin


Recommend by doctor

Perfect soap for My baby

In starting time I use another soap for My baby to bath but after some time she got so many red rashes on body and her skin become so dry than I consult my doctor and he recommended for this Tedibar soap and believe me it gives me immediately results in positive way so now I use this soap to give bath My baby.

Curatio Tedibar Soap-Suits my baby skin-By sonal_srivastava
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