Chicco Well Being Feeding Bottle

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Chicco Well Being Feeding Bottle is designed with a wide opening that helps in easy filling and quick cleaning. It comes with a silicone teat that helps your baby make an easy switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The teat is designed with an anti-colic valve that prevents air ingestion and reduces colic discomfort caused after feeding. The bottle is made using BPA-free material and safe to use.


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odourless nipples


good capacity of the bottle


good grip of the bottle


bottle is not easily breakable


good quality denim cover





bottle leaks after a period of time


the nipples are hard


the quality of the bottle cover is average


the colors are bit fade on the cover


Chicco Well Being Feeding Bottle Features

  • Polypropylene: made from a polypropylene strong and durable material which is BPA free
  • Anti-colic: has an anti-colic valve which helps prevent the air ingestion while feeding

Chicco Well Being Feeding Bottle Specifications

  • Weight: 100 g
  • Manufacturer's recommended age: 2 to 4 months

How to use Chicco Well Being Feeding Bottle

  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Clean all the Chicco-well-being-feeding bottles and accessories with soapy water.
  • Wash them by placing them under running water.
  • Allow the bottle to dry completely.
  • Sterilize every day.
  • Pour the required amount of liquid into the bottle and secure it using the teat and cap.
  • Offer your child and feed them. Once done, discard the leftover or close the bottle with the cap.
  • Chicco feeding bottles are sterilizable and are microwave safe.

Chicco Well Being Feeding Bottle Reviews

Devika Sujith

Devika Sujith | 3 years ago

3 / 5

Chicco feed time


Odourless nipples

Good capacity of the bottle

Good grip of the bottle

Bottle is not easily breakable

I'm completely satisfied with the purchase of Well Being Feeding Bottle. It looks so good and attractive for my baby. Good grip, quality material, perfect for feeding the baby. Even my baby feed himself. The bottle is so handy for him. It would have been more good if it comes with the handles.

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Subina Samuel

Subina Samuel | 3 years ago

3.9 / 5

Feasible product

In comparison with Philips Avent bottles I always prefer Chicco bottles. The bottle design is real good. The width is good enough to clean the bottle properly. It also fits in my diaper bag properly. The nipple is soft enough for my 2 month old to feed properly. But I have noticed a very small leakage at times.

Chicco Well Being Feeding Bottle-Feasible product-By subina_samuelChicco Well Being Feeding Bottle-Feasible product-By subina_samuel
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