Blossom Child Proofing's Baby On Board

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Blossom brings an adorable baby on board sign made with a PVC material which is very durable and strong. It has a suction cup that provides the board with a firm grip. It can be attached to the windscreen when driving with your baby.

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sturdy base




good visibility


attractive colours


very colourful



sticky doesnt last long


not fully comfortable


synthetic cushions


synthetic canopy


less padding


Blossom Child Proofing's Baby On Board Features

  • Large suction cup- It provides a firm grip on the windscreen even when the car is moving on uneven roads.
  • Lamination- The lamination protects against scratches.
  • Vivid colors- The bright and eye-catching colors give it an attractive look.
  • Durable - It is made from strong PVC material.
  • Cute design - It features an adorable eye-catching illustration.

Blossom Child Proofing's Baby On Board Specifications

  • Weight: 18.1 g
  • Product measurements: 20.2 x 17.2 x 0.2 cm

Blossom Child Proofing's Baby On Board Benefits / Uses

  • The reusable suction cup allows the cup to be used when necessary.
  • Bright illustrations help ongoing drivers to drive slowly.
  • In case of road emergencies, it alerts the rescue team to know that a child is riding inside the vehicle.
  • Lamination prevents scratches on windows.

Blossom Child Proofing's Baby On Board Reviews

Saranya Naveen

Saranya Naveen | 1 year ago

4.6 / 5

Saranya Naveen approves this product

Blossom child proofings baby on board


Assured safety

It helps traveling with my little one... That assures me that the journey is 100% safe... The colours are eye catchy.... So it will be noticed on road.... it's a must have for each and every family who travel with the little ones...

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Talat Jehan

Talat Jehan | 11 months ago

4 / 5

Talat Jehan approves this product

Okay product

It is very cutely designed with the colours that can be seen from a distance... it does its job well, but it falls off within a few days of fixing it, I had to fix it again... it is an okay quality but faced problems with its adhesive quality... I personally feel that the cost of this product should be on a more lower side..

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Mariyum Aaquib

Mariyum Aaquib | 1 year ago

4.3 / 5

Mariyum Aaquib approves this product

The cutest Baby on board

I had seen this ‘baby on board ‘ on one of my friends car. I liked it a lot. It is very cute and is laminated for easy washing. The lamination adds on to the overall styling of the board. And further helps the child to have a nice feel. This board can be stuck either ways. It is a very good product to announce your baby is travelling with you.

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Divya Karthikeyan

Divya Karthikeyan | 1 year ago

4.4 / 5

Perfect baby on board sign

When you have a baby and you have to take him everywhere you go in a car, you should get a baby on board sign or sticker. I was happy to find this baby on board sign from Blossom company, it is so bright in color that it can be easily seen from a distance. The size is right and it also sticks easily and doesn’t come off. I would suggest this for other parents. It is a really good and valuable item that one can buy.

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Sreenithi Sajith

Sreenithi Sajith | 11 months ago

4.2 / 5

Sreenithi Sajith approves this product

Not bad

We bought this when our baby girl was born.The product is good but compared to the quality of the product is the price is little bit high. The product material is not up to the mark and after sticking it to the glass the gum loses its power and falls off. It is useful to inform co drivers that there is a baby inside the car so that they can control their driving speed. It can be easily seen from outside

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Siri S

Siri S | 1 year ago

4.6 / 5

Siri S approves this product

simple baby on board

I got this baby on board signboard recently to put on my car as a caution sign for other travellers on road. me and my husband loved this cute board as it's easy to stick on the back glass or window or anywhere you need. even it's easy to clean and maintain. I think a baby on board signboard is a must in every car. this serves as multi-purpose, we can announce our baby arrival with this board and also caution other riders to be safe with our car as baby is inside. i would recpmmend all my friends to buy for sure.

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