Babyhug Premium Potty Seat

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This durable cushioned potty seat with handles is the most basic seat that can be used for potty training the baby. It helps the baby to get confidence and use the seat independently over a period of time. Features Material: This seat is made of a sturdy and durable material that fits in the normal […]

This durable cushioned potty seat with handles is the most basic seat that can be used for potty training the baby. It helps the baby to get confidence and use the seat independently over a period of time.


Material: This seat is made of a sturdy and durable material that fits in the normal toilet seat. It is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.
Seat: It has a soft cushioned seat which provides comfort to the baby and makes them feel safe
Handles: The handles provide an easy grip to the baby which helps them to get on and off the seat with ease, helps them in maintaining their balance and makes them more independent during training


Age: 9 Months to 3 Years
Product Dimension: 31 x 28 x 8.5cm
Inner Dimensions: 18 x 14cm
Net Weight: 368gm

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handles on potty seat


fits all toilets




detachable potty ring


non-skid edges



no splash guard


short pee guard


unsteady ladder


not at all


slips easily



Potty training with baby hug potty seat

Potty training with baby hug potty seat is easy to handle and portable. Detachable potty ring helps the babies to sit comfortably ,the baby hug potty seat fits for all has non skid edges with soft cushions that protect the baby from falling there are specially designed handles on toilet seat. So that baby can hold on to it. The universal design makes it worthy buy product.


Vandana N Moorthy approves this product

Good product

I purchased this for my baby 6 months ago.My baby is very comfortable sitting on it.It is anti slippery and handles on it provides us tension free.Easy to carry and easy to clean.Good potty in an affordable price .I have recommended my friend and she also purchased the same.Highly satisfied and highly recommended.


Sonam luthra approves this product

Comfortable and a compulsory thing to buy

My son uses it each and every time he uses the comod. It is so comfortable because of its soft cushions on the sides. It easily fits on any toilet seat. It is a must while we are travelling as it’s portable and much recommended product for hustle free toilet experience . Easy to carry .


pooja123 approves this product

Good product

As a mother its very good to give baby potty training, my doughter esaily poop on it, Good design ,very easy to attach with toilet , comfortable for baby, it is very portable, it is worth to buy, it is not much expensive as compare to other toilet seat, i really satisfied with product


Shweta Toor Bhatt approves this product

Make Potty training easy

This Baby hug premium potty seat is very good and easy to use.Using this makes the training easy as it allows the baby to learn how to sit and do potty where he actually has to once he is young. So from the initial days only babies got trained. Really this is a great help to mommies. Must buy product.


Gayathri Padmakumar approves this product

The best way to introduce potty training

As a mom of a 7 month old baby girl who can now sit without support, I started potty training last month and have seen my cousin use the same product for toilet. It's extremely kids friendly, can be fitted easily, very comfortable design, fits all toilet seats and is easy to carry if we are planning a day out at some resorts or friend's place. The soft surface is actually a boon as my kid loves to sit on it for hours. I strongly recommend all mummas this product as it's durable, economical and aids a lot in potty training sessions without much of an effort.


Archana Bansal approves this product

Potty Training is No More a Problem

Potty Training is biggest milestone Mommy’s has to cover. Babyhug makes it all easy and fuss free. It is very soft and so my baby’s bums are safe . This is easily portable and fits in all toilets. Also the design is cool. It is easily washable. I highly recommend Babyhug potty seat.


Ritu approves this product

Best pottt trait for baby

It is so very easy to train your baby for pooping.. My baby enjoy while doing pooping.. Nowadays he loves to poop on it only. It makes moms job more easier. And makes baby to learn and trained well. Keep it up.. Guyzz plzz once your baby know how to seat properly. Train then to use this seat


Sammiya Saduf approves this product

Fits all toilet seats

PRODUCT:- Babyhug Premium Potty Seat REVIEW:- This potty seat is well cushioned for added comfort for the baby. It is provided with handles on either side that has good grip. This potty seat by the brand "Baby Hug" comes in different colors and the size fits all standard sized toilets or western commodes.


Kavita Sawant approves this product

Good quality

The seats are amazing and great for all baby's the are very easily fits on the top of a regular toilet seat I will suggest all my friends to start my kids happy to use this potty seats thank you for good quality products nice abhi kohi tension nahi thank q


Payal Diwan approves this product

Quite comfortable and cozy due to its soft cushions

This potty seat has made my kid fall in love with it. She only wants to poop on this seat only now. I am using this seat from last 1 year and this has made my work easy making my kid trained for potty. She comfortably sit on it and do poop. Loved its quality.


Sweta Aggarwal approves this product

Tension free from potty training

Being a mother of very cranky 3 year old kid, it was difficult for me to give potty training to my little one. He never entered in the washroom for pee and poop but now he can sit on the potty seat with help of this one. It makes me tension free.


Misha Jain approves this product

Good design and good quality product

Firstly, after changing so many potty seats, my kid finally started using this one. The seat very easily fits on the top of a regular toilet seat. The soft cushion is very comfortable for the kids. Easy to take while traveling. The quality of the seat plastic is also good. Highly recommend the product.


Rekha Negi approves this product

Made my potty training easier

Babyhug Premium Potty Seat made my potty training quite easy and helpful. This potty seat is comfortable and fits easily on the seat. This provides complete protection to the child from falling off. The soft cushioning does not hurt the child and material is of very good quality. I would surely recommend this seat.


kangan_gupta_goel approves this product

Worth A Buy Product...Easy Potty Training tool.

The Premium Potty seat is a worth a buy give potty training to your toddlers.though I was late...but I will suggest all to be Mom's to start it as early by 8-9 months.The Grips and soft cushioning converts all nos to yeasss and baby enjoys peeing and pooing...Best part fits to toilet seats and can be cleaned easily.So Mothers go Ahead and put your Hands on to such product.


Arpita Chandekar approves this product

Potty Seat

I am using this potty seat to potty train my son who is 10 months old.Its very comfortable for the baby as it has cushioned seat, and alos it has handles which helps baby to maintain balance and give a perfect grip so that the baby holds it while getting down or up.I found it very useful and safe.


Best product

I got this potty seat recently and I loved it like anything. It was a breeze potty training my daughter. She is really happy to do potty on this. she herself can fit this into the toilet seat and sit on it. it fits on all toilet seats easily and baby can sit conveniently.


Insiya Hussain approves this product

Durable and good seat

When I was buying baby hug potty seat for my son, I recommend this premium potty seat to my friend, And she loved the features of it as it was easy to remove and attach it back. She bought it when he sound was 9 months and by the time he was 1.5years he would get on and off with ease. It has great soft padding which is the utmost safety needed for them. Simple yet a great idea.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Premium quality potty seat

Babyhug Premium Potty Seat is definitely a premium product made with high quality plastic material. It does not look cheap. The size was perfect and my child easily got on and off easily holding the firm handles. The design is unique. I cleaned using the toilet shower. It is worth quality.


Sonali Polekar approves this product

Worth buying Premium Potty Seat

Potty seat training for our kid is very important part to teach them properly. This potty seat is very comfortable, soft and the best thing is slip free. It comes with handles so it is easy for kids to hold it and sit properly. This premium potty seat is light weight and can be carry with us anywhere we go. Worth buying product.

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