Babyhug On The Go 2 In 1 Baby Carrier

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Babies feel comfortable in the hands of their parents and especially moms. But it is difficult for a mom to hold the kid while doing other chores. So, make your baby feel comfortable and let them feel your presence by placing them in a Babyhug On The Go 2 In 1 Baby Carrier With Removable Cotton Head Cover. The carrying capacity of the carrier is 12 kg.


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good quality


breathable fabric


padded shoulder straps


ergonomic design


machine washable



small in size


non-removable insert


difficult to assemble


no proper back support


no storage pocket


Babyhug On The Go 2 In 1 Baby Carrier Features

  • The carrier can be used only in two different ways – baby facing in and out.
  • It is designed best for baby’s natural froggy position
  • The carrier is made of 100% cotton.
  • The carrier comes with a removable cotton head cover and it protects the baby from heat and dust.
  • Padded shoulder straps give comfort to the parents while carrying the baby. A shoulder strap buckle is also present at the back and it relieves the pain of carrying the kid for long hours.
  • The carrier comes with a storage pocket and it is useful for keeping kid’s important things.
  • Padded and buckle up lumbar strap is useful to alleviate the back pain of the parent while carrying the baby.

Babyhug On The Go 2 In 1 Baby Carrier Specifications

  • Manufacturer’s recommended age: 0+ months
  • Weight: 920 gm

How to Use Babyhug On The Go 2 In 1 Baby Carrier

Facing-in position:

  • Carry your baby in this position if they are aged below six months.
  • First, adjust the waist belt and ensure the carrier is properly placed.
  • Now, place the left strap on your shoulders in a proper position.
  • Slowly, place your baby into the carrier and ensure that the legs pass through the respective leg openings
  • Hold your baby with your left hand.
  • Now, place the right strap on your shoulder in a proper position.
  • Finally, reach for the buckle that connects the two shoulder straps. Lock it and ensure that you hear a click. You can also ask another person to lock the buckle.

Carrying baby at your back:

  • Carry your baby on your back only when your baby is more than six months old.
  • Start by fastening the waist belt. Ensure that the carrier is on your back.
  • Slide your hands into both the shoulder straps.
  • Adjust the shoulder strap so that your baby can comfortably fit in.
  • Now, allow another person to assist you in placing the baby. Check that your baby’s legs pass through the respective leg openings
  • Finally, ensure that all the buckle lockings are locked properly.

Babyhug On The Go 2 In 1 Baby Carrier Reviews

Siri S

Siri S | 1 year ago

4.7 / 5

Siri S approves this product

Best baby carrier ever seen.

The best baby carrier I have ever seen for such reasonable pricing. I got this recently and now extremely in love with this one. My cutie pie feels really happy to sit in this and be along with me. She loves to be in skin touch with me, improving our bondings, love and laughter. Even my husband carry the baby using this mostly in the forward position. He likes that way. But I usually prefer backward position where I can see my baby. Extra soft cushioning with baby-friendly materials offer more comfort and security to my baby while moving. Even straps are so soft on my shoulder without creating any extra burden to my hands.

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