Babyhug Musical Froggy Tricycle With Front & Rear Basket

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Let your baby ride in comfort with this beautiful Musical Froggy Tricycle by babyhug. It is designed with superior quality material, which will surely last for long. An incredible product to teach your little one the art of cycling, cycling is an amazing way to stay fit and have an incredible amount of fun. It has a comfortable seat so that your little one can enjoy their journey with safety and comfort.FeaturesA fun way to exercise: Cycling is an excellent way to have fun and be fit at the same time, and this tricycle is a wonderful choice for that. Baskets: It has a beautiful front and rear baskets to keep your little one's toys. Musical Toy: This tricycle features an excellent Musical toy in the front, which your kid will surely love. Comfortable seat: We understand your need for comfort, which is why this tricycle has an exceptionally wonderful seating system. Premium quality material: Made with superior quality material to let your child have a wonderful experience riding this tricycle. Eye-catching design: Made with an excellent design and beautiful color combinations that you will surely love. Lightweight: Being made for kids, this tricycle is lightweight so that your little one can ride it with ease.SpecificationsPadded seat Durable and superior quality Front and Rear basket Great fun for indoors and outdoors Musical toy in the front

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  • Insert the decoration cover to the mainframe of the tricycle.
  • Attach the tricycle mainframe and the front handle using bolts.
  • Now, insert the wheel top between the front forks. The fork ends go to the paddlewheel. Tightly screw them using bolts.
  • Snap the front basket to the front handle.
  • Using screws tighten the music head to the top of the front handle.
  • Place the batteries into the frog toy and attach the frog toy to the music head.
  • To the mainframe, connect backrest supporting rods using nuts and screws.
  • Next, insert backrest to the backrest supporting rods.
  • Connect the rear wheels to the mainframe rear wheels axle. Place the washer followed by the rear wheel and insert a pin and bend it for secure fitting. Cover the pin with a cap.
  • Fix the seat to the mainframe using nuts and bolts.
  • Now, connect the rear basket to the rear wheel axle using screws.



Babyhug Musical Froggy Tricycle With Front & Rear Basket Reviews

Jaya Thapa

Jaya Thapa | 9 months ago

4.7 / 5

Jaya Thapa approves this product

Good quality tricycle


This tricycle is very cute and attractive. Made from high quality material and child safe. My younger daughter got this tricycle from her grandmother. She loves to ride on it. Light in weight and eye catchy design. In the evening my daughter takes this tricycle to walk in the park. It has padded seat which is very comfortable and musical toy in the front of the tricycle.

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Rimjhim | 10 months ago

4.9 / 5

Rimjhim approves this product

Very good quality


My children love cycling so I bought this colorful tricycle from the baby hug. It is bright pink in color, all the parts are strong and sturdy. It is made from non-toxic material and safe for kids. It is very important to keep your kids active and this tricycle serves the purpose, cycling is a good form of exercise and kids love it. I truly recommend buying this product to friends and family.

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Asfia  Fatima

Asfia Fatima | 10 months ago

4.6 / 5

Asfia Fatima approves this product

Attractive tricycle


Babyhug Musical Froggy Tricycle With Front & Rear Basket is excellent tricycle for kids below 3 years of age.It is attractive to look and the pink colour makes it to go for.Made with good quality material this has a basket in front and a music player which plays the music while riding love riding on it.

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Deepika Telang Telang

Deepika Telang Telang | 10 months ago

5 / 5

Deepika Telang Telang approves this product

Love the color and style


The unique design and eye catchy colour was the only cycle Vedehi would want from all the choices. The best part about this tricycle is two baskets one in front and the other at the back thus carrying toys and other essentials made easy. It is light in weight, easy to handle and ride on for my little one. She flaunts her cycle to everyone who visits her be it neighbours or relatives. She is always excited to play with the musical toy on the handle of the cycle.

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Rekha Negi

Rekha Negi | 11 months ago

4.8 / 5

Rekha Negi approves this product

Lightweight and good quality


The babyhug tricycle comes in attractive colors and sizes. The materiel of the tricycle is very good and is also lightweight. It contains a basket in the front and rare of the cycle. There I generally keep water bottle,toys and other stuff. It also has a musical toy in the front. This cycle is an ideal option for kids upto 3 years age.

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Shalu Kesarwani

Shalu Kesarwani | 11 months ago

4 / 5

Shalu Kesarwani approves this product

Amazing eye catching design


This tricycle comes with attractive color and design and babies surely love this. The material of Babyhug tricycle is made of superior quality from which my baby comfortably seat and enjoy the ride. Its also come with musical toy and baby can enjoying the ride and played music. Also, make them active.

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