Babyhug Joy Cradle With Mosquito Net

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Babyhug Joy Cradle With Mosquito Net is designed specially so that your baby can sleep comfortably in a safe, enclosed environment. The secured sides are raised high to keep your baby safe inside the cradle. The cradle has a beautiful and neat finish that does not hurt your baby's delicate skin. The cradle is made using durable material.

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attractive design


secure sidewalls


sturdy and durable wood


adjustable height


removable sidewalls



time-consuming assembly




premium price


scarce spares




Babyhug Joy Cradle With Mosquito Net Features

  • Material: New Zealand Solid Pine Wood
  • Age: 0 to 6 months
  • Overall dimensions: 98 x 57.5 x 81cm
  • Sleeping dimensions: 86 x 46 x 39cm
  • Swing function: Yes
  • Swing lock: Yes
  • Carrying capacity: 15kg

Babyhug Joy Cradle With Mosquito Net Specifications

  • Manufacturer's recommended age: 0 to 6 months
  • Product measurments: 98 x 57.5 x 81 cm
  • Carrying capacity: 15kg
  • Weight: 9kg

Babyhug Joy Cradle With Mosquito Net Assembly / Installation

  • Connect the headboard stand, and footboard stands with the support of a horizontal bar using M6 x 60 mm bolts and nuts.
  • Now, using a wooden screw cap, fix headboard and footboard to respective stands using M6 x 60mm bolts and screw cap.
  • Next, attach two sideboards to the head and footboard stand using M6 x 45mm bolts. Ensure the projections to the board are inwards and at the bottom of the board.
  • Place the bed base over the projections correctly.
  • Now, fix the swing lock to the cradle and the stand. To make the cradle swing, pull the swing lock.
  • Place the mosquito net on the cradle.

Babyhug Joy Cradle With Mosquito Net Reviews

Farha Sabreen

Farha Sabreen | 2 years ago

4.9 / 5

Farha Sabreen approves this product

strong and stable, i liked it

I observed this cradle at my neighbours place and liked it, it is simple and strong. i saw how effortlessly her daughter went to sleep, i am not a big fan of fancy products hence this attracted my much as it was simple and elegant. the quality of the cradle is nice and looks durable. I though as it is made of tough wood the swing motion will be little hard but when noticed it from near i saw that the swing was actually good and smooth. i am definitely satisfied with the product.

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sonali | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

sonali approves this product

Robust and secure cradle

This wooden cradle reminds me of my childhood days. I loved to swing my sister while in the cradle. After seeing this in my friend’s house, I was overjoyed. She told it is a Babyhug product and is durable and safe. The swing motion of the cradle is suitable to put the baby to sleep. After touching the product, I felt it is very strong and secure for the baby. She can put the mosquito net very quickly on the cradle. She has put a Babyhug mattress on the cradle too. I asked her why she got this when so many different types of cradles are there in the market. She replied she always wanted something that reminds her of her childhood.

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