Babyhug Gaiety Electronic Swing With Timer & 5 Point Safety Harness

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The Babyhug gaiety electronic swing is a great buy to entertain and relax your baby. It is made up of strong and durable material, meeting the safety standards of child safety. A swing is a perfect place for your baby to rest and play while you can complete your other works with no worries.


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adjustable swing speeds


soothing features




bouncy seat


washable seat pad



difficult to assemble


no footrest


Babyhug Gaiety Electronic Swing With Timer & 5 Point Safety Harness Features

  • Comfortable seat: The seat of the swing is very comfortable and grows along with your baby. It has a headrest for the newborn baby, and you can remove the headrest to provide more space for a growing baby.
  • Adjustable swing seat: The seat of the swing is adjustable to 3 reclining positions. Select and adjust to the desired position when your baby is sleeping, playing, or eating.
  • Safe design: It is built with sturdy material. The wide frame base acts as a non-slip and anti-tipping frame base. Also, the 5 point safety harness in the swing will provide extra safety for your baby. These straps are also adjustable and adaptable for growing babies.
  • Manual/automatic swing: You can select either manual swinging mode or automatic swinging mode depends on your availability. For the automatic swing, connect the charger to a plug point and select the desired swing speed.
  • Speed and time settings: The electronic panel on the left side of the swing has the buttons for speed and time settings of the automatic swing. There are five swing speeds and three timer settings to select from. You can adjust the timer to 15 mins, 30 & 60 mins.
  • Rotating toy bar: The swing comes with a removable rotating toy bar. It has three plush hanging toys which will rotate along with music and colorful lights. This will attract and amuse your baby. It brings lots of happiness to your baby. Also, these sounds and lights will stimulate their sensory skills.
  • Soothing music: The electronic swing plays music of 12 different melodies and five nature sounds to soothe and calm your baby.
  • Feeding tray: It is very easy and comfortable to feed your baby in the electronic swing. It has a removable feeding tray.
  • Easy maintenance: It is very easy to maintain this swing as it can be folded to a very compact size and easy to carry. Also, the seat covers are machine washable.


Babyhug Gaiety Electronic Swing With Timer & 5 Point Safety Harness Specifications

  • Age: 0 months +
  • Carrying capacity: Up to 15 kg
  • Batteries required: Yes
  • AC/DC function charger: Yes
  • Adapter: AC100-220V, 50/60HZ

Babyhug Gaiety Electronic Swing With Timer & 5 Point Safety Harness Assembly / Installation

  • Connect the front and rear legs using swing support arms. Ensure the metal buttons go into the appropriate slots.
  • Now, insert the metal suspension rods in the slots at the joining of support arms. Ensure you hear a click, and the suspension rod is securely locked.
  • Latch the base rod of the seat to the suspension rods.
  • Now, connect the backrest seat bar, and it’s a connector to the suspension rods.
  • Insert the front seat bar into the connectors.
  • Now, insert the thin rod connecting the joint connector of the front seat bar, back seat bar.
  • Place the seat over the back seat, front seat bar and fix it using press buttons with the support of a thin rod.
  • Flip the food tray and connect the leg separator using screws.
  • Snap the food tray to the joint connector.
  • Insert batteries in the toy bar and fix the toy bar to one of the swing support arms.
  • Safety harness: Adjust the straps and latch the buckle after placing your baby securely.
  • Pull the tiny rod located to the backrest seat bar from the small slit at the rear side of the seat for reclining the seat.
  • Connect the adapter to the port charger located on the legs.
  • Press ON the buttons provided on the swing support arm to activate the swing option.

Babyhug Gaiety Electronic Swing With Timer & 5 Point Safety Harness Reviews

Nupur Gupta

Nupur Gupta | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

Nupur Gupta approves this product

Handy swing for kids


Adjustable swing speeds

Soothing features


Babyhug always has interesting product. This swing comes with three time settings. It can be swing manually or automatically. Both options are available. Comes with safety harnesa too which makes baby feel safe. And we dont have to worry about falling of child while swinging. Color and design is also very good. It can be folded too.

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