Babyhug Comfy Bouncer Babyhug Comfy Bouncer With Music & Calming Vibrations Animal Print

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The Babyhug comfort bouncer with music and calming vibrations are specially designed for the comfort of your baby. The animal printed design is built with sturdy material and is a non-slip base bouncer that is completely safe for babies. This perfect bouncer will provide your baby with a proper balance without the risk of falling. […]

The Babyhug comfort bouncer with music and calming vibrations are specially designed for the comfort of your baby. The animal printed design is built with sturdy material and is a non-slip base bouncer that is completely safe for babies. This perfect bouncer will provide your baby with a proper balance without the risk of falling.


Comfy seat: The seat of the bouncer is large enough for your baby to sit and move. It is also made of soft and smooth material with cushioning for added comfort. It'sIt's molded shape will provide perfect support and balance for your bouncing baby.
Seat belt: The bouncer seat comes with a 3 point safety harness. It keeps your baby secured in the seat without falling forward.
Soothing music: Babies love to listen to music. It plays ten different sounds to soothe your baby with relaxing music. Also, it has 3 volume settings to select the desired one.
Calming vibrator: The electronic device in the front has a vibrating button with three-speed settings. This vibrator will help you to calm and relax your baby.
Playful toys: The bouncer comes with a removable toy bar. It has two plush hanging toys, which are soft and fluffy. These toys will attract your baby and encourage them to reach these toys. It helps to improve hand-eye coordination.
Washable seat: It is very easy to maintain the bouncer seat. It is removable and washable for easy maintenance.


  • Age: 0 months+
  • Carrying capacity: Upto 12kg
  • Batteries required: Yes

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bouncy seat


soothing features


adjustable swing speeds


washable seat pad





non reclining


difficult to assemble




no ac adapter


no safety straps



Sumi Manoj approves this product

Lovely Bouncy sleep

This Babyhug Baby Comfy Bouncer is an overall good product which I gifted to my cousin recently who delivered a baby girl. The bouncer comes with lovely soothing melodies, calming vibrations, reclining seating, and detachable toy bar with cute plush toys to keep her busy enjoying her own company. The 3 point safety harness was the only thing which made us a little tensed and the baby needed to be completely monitored as leaving her alone in the rocker was not a great idea. The removable seat pad is machine washable and ensures hygiene. It is sturdy and durable. Comes in lovely colors and animal prints.


Saraswathi Subbu approves this product

Babyhug bouncy bouncer

This bouncer is the best in the market and this bouncer had good musical system and it play good melodies which makes babies to enjoy and take a good snap. This bouncer comes with toys hanging in it and it is very cost worthy I recommend this to every new mothers


Riczeena Jose approves this product

Comfy Bouncer

The great rocker keeps on partaking baby for extended time they'll have a brief sleep and may play additional with the toys hanging to the toy bar .the rocker is adjustable as per my baby and how he feels. the fabric was sensible that makes my baby lighter with safety straps. the toy bar is removable to feed my baby .The vibration mode eventually makes a delicate massage to my baby


Kashmi Shah approves this product

comfy bouncer

it is very comfy bouncer. very good to help. it is very soothing. it gives vibration so baby can have deep sleep. it comes with wide range of colors and comes with cute cartoon designs that baby can love it. in it baby can feel like she is still in her mom's womb.


Insiya Hussain approves this product

Keeps the baby calm and comfortable

It becomes very difficult when we have to carry the baby around all day and do the other household chores at the same time.This Babyhug bouncer was a good purchase that we made for our baby. We make her sit in the bouncer and she dozes off on her own due to the vibration effect and the soft music on the bouncer. She loves to play with the toys on the toy bar.It is a bouncer worth buying to make life easy with a baby.


Deepali approves this product

Very convenient when managing baby alone

Really nice product. I usually have to manage my baby boy alone at home. This rocker is great help in managing the baby and getting work done at home.. My son loves spending time on this comfy bouncer, playing with the hanging animals or just listening to music. And usually whenever I am in a hurry and he is sleepy i put on the music and vibration and he goes to sleep soon. I strongly recommend this bouncer for mothers/fathers who take care of their babies alone.


sonali approves this product

Playful bouncer

This Babyhug product I have seen in my neighbor’s house. This product is very helpful to her whenever she needs a bathroom break or needs to complete some household work, she puts her son into the bouncer. The baby boy loves to be in it, maybe because of the movement or because of the overhead toy bar. He also loves the music. The product is safe for the baby. The safety harness keeps him in position and prevents from falling. The padding is also very soft for the baby skin, the seat cover can also be cleaned. It is a lovely product.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Worth buying musical bouncer

I have seen this Babyhug comfy Bouncer with music when i visited my friends place and to my amusement it is a worth buying product.It was really comfortable for my friends daughter who is just 10 months old .She was fed on it and while rocking the music was being played which is very soothing for the baby.The baby immediately felt asleep and this is very relieving for my friend to put her in it and engage her .The rocker can be converted to a chair by removing the toy bar and putting the stand.One can easily use it to change diapers too.Excellent product for little ones to keep them busy and engaged.


Devika Sujith approves this product

Beautiful Bouncer - A Perfect Purchase

This beautiful bouncer from Babyhug is sn amazing product that can be used by new born babies to toddlers around 1yr comfortably. The well padded soft cushion seat with 3 level recline positions helps the babies to play, sleep or just relax on it peacefully. The bouncer is equiped with 3 point safety harness to hold the baby securely. This bouncer can be folded easily for convenient storage or travel purposes. The overhead toy bar, battery operated 3 speed calming vibrations, soothing melodies, anti-slippery frame and removable and washable seat cover are other advantages which makes this bouncer unique and 100% perfect purchase for your baby.


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Soft and comfortable

Babyhug is trusted brand and all products are very nice. When i thought of buying bouncer i bought this one. This is very comfortable and has different reclining positions. Comes with safety belt which prevents baby from falling. There is vibration and soow music which soothe the child and make her sleeep

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