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Babyhug Cocoon Stroller is specially designed for your little one to provide comfortable sleep even in a stroller with a special adjustable reclining position. It comes with a reversible handlebar that allows you to talk with your baby from both the front and rear sides. Compact folding of the stroller helps to carry easily and store conveniently. The stroller comes with a storage basket that helps to keep all baby essentials.

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front safety bar


reversible handle


washable cushion




padded harness



non rocking


no parent cup holder


less carrying capacity


small wheels


non covered pinch areas


Babyhug Cocoon Stroller Features

  • Three reclining positions: The stroller can be reclined into three positions that are sitting, sleeping, and eating. This gives baby the comfort in any position he wishes to be.
  • Reversible handles: The handle is reversible and comfortable to hold as it has a rubber grip which is soft on the palms. The reversible handle which can be used in two ways: forward-facing and rear-facing gives an ease of movement to the mother.
  • Foldable canopy with a peek-a-boo window: It has a big canopy which can be adjusted according to the weather, be it cloudy or sunny or rainy. It also has a cute peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on the baby. The adjustable canopy over the head rest can be reclined into three positions.
  • Cushioned seat: The seat is double padded which provides extra warmth to the baby.
  • Foamed safety bar: The foamed safety bar in the front of the stroller helps the baby stay put and protected inside the stroller.
  • Storage basket and small rear pocket: There is a storage basket and a rear pocket attached in the stroller. Both are very spacious to keep your baby products and toys on the go.
  • Mosquito net: There is an additional mosquito net feature in this stroller that protects the baby from insects when you are on the go.
  • Comfortable leg rest: The leg rest helps the baby’s legs rest and not hang from the stroller.

Babyhug Cocoon Stroller Specifications

  • Manufacturer's recommended age: 0 to 3 years
  • Carrying capacity: 25 kg
  • Weight: 7.20 kg
  • Product dimensions: 61 x 50 x 95 cm

Babyhug Cocoon Stroller Assembly / Installation

  • Start assembling by unfolding the cocoon stroller.
  • Now, adjust the canopy by sliding to the front or back as desired.
  • Install front and rear wheels to the legs of the stroller.
  • Attach the storage basket to the bottom of the stroller using press buttons.
  • Place the mosquito net over the canopy.
  • The mosquito net comes with loops. Attach the loops to the metal button located on either side of the stroller.

How to fold Babyhug Cocoon Stroller

  • Remove your little one from the Babyhug Cocoon Stroller.
  • Step on the thin rod behind the stroller to unlock the latch.
  • Fold the stroller with the support of a reversible handle.
  • Lock the stroller using the side latch.

UnFold Babyhug Cocoon Stroller

  • Unlock the latch and gently pull the handlebar.
  • Open the stroller completely till the stroller is fixed in a position.

Babyhug Cocoon Stroller Reviews

Farha Sabreen

Farha Sabreen | 2 years ago

5 / 5

Farha Sabreen approves this product

one of the best stroller i would prefer


Washable cushion

Padded harness

Front safety bar

Reversible handle

I loved the colour of this baby stroller. pink is my daughter's fav colour and she enjoys the small rides in this stroller. she feels comfortable in the cushioned seat and the footrest makes her sit with a firm grip. there is a space at the bottom where I can carry her toys and other small essentials. through the reversible handle, I can check on her activity. there could have been a small food tray at the front handle to keep the feeder or sippers kind of. there is a safety lock provided on the back wheels which makes it stand still when required.

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Siri S

Siri S | 2 years ago

4.6 / 5

Siri S approves this product

Really Good stroller from baby hug



Washable cushion

Padded harness

Front safety bar

Reversible handle

Bought Babyhug Cocoon stroller recently for my 5 months baby girl. its really good one with comfortable usage options. cushioning is quite cosy offering extra comfort for my little one. Reversible handle and additional mosquito net protect my baby. covering with mosquito net I can take over my baby on this stroller to my garden area even during evenings. cute peek a boo window allows viewing my baby's action from the backside. Easily adjustable seat position allows me to lay down the baby in her loved position. I can easily close the stroller cover during sunny or cloudy times. Spacious shelf to put baby items and adjustable leg rest offer awesome flexibility.

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Sutapa Aich

Sutapa Aich | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

Sutapa Aich approves this product


A perfect buy for a baby. The stroller is coming with nice assistance. It got a reversible handle, along with adjustable foot rest tray. The best part of the stroller is, you can adjust the recyliner part according to your wish. It is not going to take much space as it can folded very nicely. The head shed to also adjustable, you can give shedding to your baby as per the weather outside. The stroller is providing a mosquito net, which is great. You can use the stroller by putting the net on and your baby is free from mosquitoes. I really loved it. Thank you the great product.

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