Babyhug Baby Potty Seat Animal Print

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These potty seats are designed to boost their confidence and encourage them to be independent while training. This can be fitted on a normal toilet seat. This durable and sturdy model does not overturn even if the baby jumps on it. It also comes with a cushioned seat. Features Seat: This strong, secure and cushioned […]

These potty seats are designed to boost their confidence and encourage them to be independent while training. This can be fitted on a normal toilet seat. This durable and sturdy model does not overturn even if the baby jumps on it. It also comes with a cushioned seat.


Seat: This strong, secure and cushioned potty seat provides a lot of comfort for the baby while training
Portability: This seat is easily portable from one place to another and is very handy while traveling etc
Attachment: This can be easily be attached to the regular toilet seat, and it does not turn over even when the baby jumps on it.
Colors: This seat comes in two attractive colors: yellow and green-blue


Age: 9 Months to 3 Years
Product Dimension: 29 x 27.5 x 5.5cm
Inner Dimension: 18.5 x 14cm

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detachable potty ring


fits all toilets


handles on potty seat


non-skid edges



short pee guard


no splash guard


slips easily


unsteady ladder


small size



Shreya S approves this product

Animal Print Potty Seat for little ones

My baby girl loves animals and anything to do with the forest. So when I was looking for a potty seat to train her, it was instead decision to get this cute animal print potty seat without a second thought at all. She also approved of it immediately. And we are lucky that she is using it without creating any fuss from the first day onwards. Very happy with the product. It is very good quality plastic, very easy to fix - remove and clean.


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Cute print

My daughter doesn't want to sit on real potty seat. I bought this seat and baby likes it very much that she try to sit on it and my problem get solved. It is very colourful and attractive and attract attention of my daughter. It fita perfectly on top of potty sit and easily washable.


sowjanyas approves this product

Good quality

I purchased this potty seat after seeing it at my cousin’s place. My kid was potty trained in a potty chair. But when I tried to make a transition to a real toilet, she was too afraid to do it. But this seat eased the process. The quality is good. Fits right into the toilet seat and also separates easily. The cushion is soft and looks adorable. Kid-friendly design. And the cleaning and washing is also easier. Light in weight and can be taken during travels. Good purchase for a reasonable price:)


Insiya Hussain approves this product

Design attracts the baby

We bought this seat for our little one and it was of great help in training her. The quality is very good and it fits on top of the regular toilet seats. It's cushioned seat is comfortable for the child to sit on. It can be removed easily. The colorful design is what attracts the child the most. A worthy product.


Deepali approves this product

Detachable and colorful

Ideal for kids aged 18 months and above, this potty ring fits all western toilets. Get this seat to get the child used to the bathroom. My niece is growing and tried this - she is pretty okay with the change and didn't make much fuss about it. The seat is sturdy, cleaning is also easy because the surface is very good quality i clean it with mild soap and water and it is good to go again. It has unique colors too.


Sammiya Saduf approves this product

Perfect sized

Product:- Babyhug Baby Potty Seat Animal Print. This potty seat is of perfect size for toddlers. It is available in different colors and animal prints. It fits on normal sized commodes or toilet seat well and can be easily cleaned post usage. The seat is fully cushioned that kames it comfortable for potty training.


Siddiqa Shaikh approves this product

Nice and soft

I bought this for my LO and it’s amazing... this is the first potty seat I have used and my son likes it to sit on this without any complaints. The design and color is very nice and attractive.... I really recommend this to other moms who are looking for nice potty seat...


Saraswathi Valliappan approves this product

Colorful potty seat

This potty seat is very nice and colorful and my little master lives this easily fits in our toilet and it is very good for the potty training . Because of this comfort children love to sit in it.good quality product from baby hug. I reccomend this for potty training for lil ones


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Good for training

I used baby hug pottyseat for my daughter n its been 2 years n its quality is amazing . Its sturdy n soft seat. Anti skid. The handles makes it easy to use for kids. Potty seat has soft cover which can be clean easily. Its come with different colors n design which is lived by the kids. I recommend everyone to use it.


Shafiqua Tahseen approves this product

Adorable Potty seat

Another wonderful product by Babyhug, when it comes to Babyhug I don't give it much thought. I brought this Potty seat for my friend's daughter when she first started her potty training, it is well built and wonderfully cushioned for the comfort of your baby. It can be easily attached to the regular toilet seat so that your baby will start their toilet training in no time. This potty seat also has an attractive animal print on it which your kid will love.


Sakshi Sharma approves this product


My daughter had her first experience has been very pleasant so far. She loves to sit on it, check out the prints on it and most importantly from parents point of view. It's durable and comfortable on her softy softy bum! A highly recommended product... Go for it without thinking about it.


Easy Potty Time

This baby potty seat from Babyhug which has cute and colorful animal prints on it is perfect for potty training your toddler. My nephew is using it from past 3 months and just love the potty time now. In starting days he was a little hesitant to use it and gradually started showing interest. It is very sturdy, durable and portable. It fixes on all adult commodes easily and it is very easy to clean as well.

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