Babyhug Agile Baby Light Weight Stroller Buggy With Umbrella Fold

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Worried about taking your baby out on a stroll on a sunny day? The ultra-light Babyhug Agile Buggy makes it easier for you as it comes with a foldable umbrella. It provides shade to the baby as the little one enjoys their ride. The stroller has swivel wheels for easy movement, and the sturdy frame provides stability.FeaturesFoldable: The foldable feature and the shoulder strap make it easy to carry the buggy along while traveling. Five-point safety harness: The harness ensures the baby is secured in their place. Multi-level reclining: Reclining of the stroller at multiple positions provides better comfort to the baby. Padded seat: The padded seat ensures a comfortable ride. Lock and brakes: The front swivel wheels can be locked when you want to stop along your walk, and the brakes to the rear wheels help control the movement. Storage space: You can store the baby’s essentials in the large storage basket.SpecificationsAge: 6 to 24months Overall dimensions: 69.5 x 47 x 95.5cm Basket dimensions: 29 x 29 x 9cm Folding dimensions: 105 x 24.5 x 34cm Carrying capacity: 15kg Net weight: 5.25kg

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Babyhug Agile Baby Light Weight Stroller Buggy With Umbrella Fold Assembly

  • Unfold the stroller, unlock the primary latch.
  • Now, open apart from the stroller and lock the secondary latch by pressing using foot or hand.
  • Slide the canopy and lock the hood.
  • Fasten the storage basket using a fastener.
  • Insert the front and rear wheels in the front and rear legs, respectively. Press the latch to lock it.
  • Ensure the safety harness is secure or not.


  • Recline the seat to the desired position by pulling the strap at the back of the backrest.
  • Slide the canopy back by raising the hood.
  • Unlock the secondary latch and press the stroller forward using the handle.
  • Now, close the stroller and latch it using the primary lock.

Babyhug Agile Baby Light Weight Stroller Buggy With Umbrella Fold Reviews

Sumi Manoj

Sumi Manoj | 10 months ago

4 / 5

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Super cool buggy


Babyhug Agile Baby Light Weight Stroller Buggy is high quality, light weight sturdy framed buggy that offer great protection, comfort and easy handling. It has lockable and swivelling front wheels, extra large shopping basket, 5 point safety harness, multilevel recline seating, foldable and stylish look. It can be folded easily and carried effortlessly with the help of the shoulder strap.

Babyhug Agile Baby Light Weight Stroller Buggy With Umbrella Fold-Super cool buggy-By sumi2020
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