Babyhug 2 Ply Hosiery Hooded Wrapper

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This two-ply hosiery hooded baby wrapper is made from ultra-soft fabric specially designed to provide the baby with a warm, comfortable, and relaxed space to sleep in. It also has a cute design on its hood.

This two-ply hosiery hooded baby wrapper is made from ultra-soft fabric specially designed to provide the baby with a warm, comfortable, and relaxed space to sleep in. It also has a cute design on its hood.


Material: It is made from ultra-soft hosiery cotton which provides a warm and comfortable space for the baby to sleep in
Design: There is a cute design on its hood with attractive colors
Usage: It can be used by the babies from the time of their birth
Quality: As it is made from fine and quality fabric, it looks plush and attractive


Material: Hosiery cotton
Wrapper Dimensions: L 100 x W 72 cm
Recommended Age: 0 to 15 Months

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cute design


soft on skin


easy to wash


unisex color


perfect size



non-absorbent material


color fades easily


unwoven threads


poor-fitting hood


poor stitching



saranya approves this product

Best product for the baby a mother could provide

This product is designed to provide great comfort for the baby and great relief for the mother. Baby can be carried well outside with this wrapper very comfortably. But material can be little more pure. In all other aspects this reached my expectation. I would like to thank babyhug brand for providing good products


Sucheta Bhowmik approves this product

Loved the product

Very nice design. Very useful as the size is just perfect for my baby. It is very soft so you can use it easily for your baby. I prefer a product which is easy to use and serves my purpose. This product having that quality. Good for daily use as it is very easy to wash.


RJ Dhana approves this product

Cute Babyhug Wrapper

This one is from the best brand and it is made of pure soft fabric and it is 100% Hosiery. It has cute designs on its hood. it gives good warmth to the baby. it looks very attractive and comes in nice colors. it can be used from birth and it is very safe to use for newborns also. it is easily washable, foldable and comes in enough space so baby can sleep happily. it can be used till the baby reaches 15 months. it can be purchased from online or from branded baby stores. it can be gifted to someone. I love to use this.


Rabiya Yasmin approves this product

The perfect hooded wrapper

The hooded wrapper comes with a perfect fit. The colors are awesome and vibrant. The soft material of the cloth is easy to the child's skin. Easy to wash and it's a quick dry. The designs are cute and is color fast. A must for the new born babies. Happy parenting


Rekha Negi approves this product

Comfortable hooded wrapper

I have been using so many products from Babyhug and quite satisfied with the products. This Babyhug 2 Ply Hosiery Hooded Wrapper is super cozy and comfortable to the baby. The nice pink shade is attractive and liked by everyone in the family. The size of the wrapper is bog enough to warp the baby completely without any stretching. Loved it


Tabassum Aliya approves this product

Best for your baby

Babyhug two-ply hosiery wrapper is best from birth. I received this as a gift for my baby girl and believe me guys she has been using it since then. It is very soft and comfortable. Your baby will look great in it. It is mostly suitable for summers. I highly recommend it.


Asra Shait approves this product

Nice and must to have

Nice product, good quality cloth, very useful and important to carry your baby anywhere, I have used it for three months and it was very useful for me and I always need this to carry my baby anywhere covered and secured from sunlight and it's safe too to keep ur babies small hand and legs straight n easy to carry, cute designs and colors I loved it!!!


Mrunali Baile approves this product

Nice product

It is a good product for babies to wrap. The material is hosiery so it is quite soft on baby skin. It gives comfort to the newborn babies and when you swaddle the baby this wrap it is also easy for us to carry them around and the baby is also comfortable in it.


Sammiya Saduf approves this product

For new born and a year old baby

PRODUCT:- Babyhug 2 Ply Hosiery Hooded Wrapper REVIEW:- This wrapper is best suited for new borns and babies up to 1 and a half year. It is made from an ultra soft fabric that ensures baby's skin is untouched and keeps the baby feeling warm. The hood provided is just too big. But it also serves as a "eye mask" kind of thing for the sleeping baby.

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