Babyhug 2 Ply Hosiery Hooded Wrapper

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This two-ply hosiery hooded baby wrapper is made from ultra-soft fabric specially designed to provide the baby with a warm, comfortable, and relaxed space to sleep in. It also has a cute design on its hood.

This two-ply hosiery hooded baby wrapper is made from ultra-soft fabric specially designed to provide the baby with a warm, comfortable, and relaxed space to sleep in. It also has a cute design on its hood.


Material: It is made from ultra-soft hosiery cotton which provides a warm and comfortable space for the baby to sleep in
Design: There is a cute design on its hood with attractive colors
Usage: It can be used by the babies from the time of their birth
Quality: As it is made from fine and quality fabric, it looks plush and attractive


Material: Hosiery cotton
Wrapper Dimensions: L 100 x W 72 cm
Recommended Age: 0 to 15 Months

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cute design


soft on skin


easy to wash


unisex color


perfect size



non-absorbent material


color fades easily


unwoven threads


poor-fitting hood


poor stitching



Disha Jain approves this product

Lovely wrapper

I love using this wrapper to wrap up my baby and keep him warm. This is the perfect wrapper for infants as it has a hood and the overall size of the wrapper is perfect. The fabric of the wrapper is awesome. This is a must have product for infant


Cute and cozy hooded wrapper

Baby hug hosiery wrapper comes in variety of designs and is a must baby product in the cart. During winter season my baby sleeps very comfortably inside it and sleeps for longer hours. I donot recommend much for washing as the threads come out and can cause sneezing and irritation for the babies. Else it is a good product and I say it's must go for newborns.


shejal20 approves this product

Easy to carry soft and warm

This babyhug hoodie is soft comfortable easy to carry everywhere bcuz it's light weight after using this I personally suggest this to my friends who are newly mother now Also it keeps warm speacially in winter completely covered from top to the bottom to babies love this amazing product And cute


Sonika Mehta approves this product

Very nice hooded baby wrap

Very nice cute baby wrapper. Fabric is so soft and comfortable for new born. Print is really cute. Even the quality is also good. If you want to buy it for your baby don't think and just buy it.. Really good product.. Brand is also good love baby hug product.


Mamta Sharma approves this product

Comfortable and soft

I will suggest this product for all.It is soft for baby skin and easy to wash. I like it's cute design which is made from ultra-soft cotton which provides a warm and comfortable space for the baby. My baby boy love and feel comfortable in it. I will suggest my friends to try this for their childs.


Priyanka Jain approves this product

Loved it.

Loved the product n its is worth of price. Will recommend as the material used is soft for baby skin. My daughter loves to be in it. The hoodie is very soft. Good for baby. Easy to carry and hold. It is warm. It is very soft smooth and fluffy.


Highly recommended

Gifted this to my nephew and he truly loved using this bodywash every day. I was introduced to mamaearth products when I got them as a gift for my baby and I thought I should try the same for my nephew's birthday. Ever since his mom saw him enjoying the goodness of mamaearth, she has made a complete shift to this brand


Neenu Gigith approves this product

Cute and comfortable

Super cute and comfortable. I got this as a gift from a family friend. My baby looks very comfortable. It is very soft even I feel comfortable carrying him in it. The designs are really beautiful and after every wash it does not fade. I recommend this product for gifting someone as well as buying


Sonam luthra approves this product

Little weight and soft hooded wrapper.

The design of the wrapper is quite cute. It’s also easy to use wrapper. This wrapper made of soft cotton and the material of this wrapper is comfortable that makes my baby calm for a longer period. The hoodie covers the ear and head from the outside air and keeps baby comfortable.


Cute wrapper

I received this baby hug wrapper from my cousin to my second baby. It is designed with attractive colours & has a spacious space to provide baby comfortable sleep & let them keep warm. I found this of fine quality with soft fabric hosiery cotton which otherwise washes doesn't change its color, once the baby is wrapped we can easily hold them while travelling. A canopy protects the baby from sun rays while sleeping. Thus I had used this for my son for very long period.


Somya Gupta approves this product

Cute and comfortable

The design is really cute my baby loved it. Fabric is so comfortable for the newborns. It keeps them cozy all day long. Easy to wrap the baby. Colors are so cute pleasing to the eyes. Fabric remains soft after many washes. Highly recommend for the newborns. Happy baby happy mom.


Payal Diwan approves this product

Comfortable and cozy

This babyhug hooded wrapper is so warm and cozy. My 2 years kid still dont want to leave this wrapper. As she wants to sleep on this wrapper only during night. Quality is superb and its material is very soft feels like sleeping on sponge like material. I highly recommended this product. Loved it


Fazeela Sameer approves this product

Perfect for babies

Very nice and comfort hoodie wrapper i ever baby is feeling so comfortable inside this.. it has very smooth and fluffy cloth that baby can feel more comfy.. i recommend this to every monnies for their newborns...i loved the pproduxt very much..less expensive too...and tge hoodie print is attractive also !


Aanchal approves this product

Good product , easy to hold and use , personally loved it

It’s a good product , can buy it for initial use of the baby 👶, I used it liked it , will suggest the same for all the new mothers , print is also good and attractive , easy to hold and grip is good as well , baby will also be cozy and happy in it


Lavi yadav approves this product

So comfortable for baby

This hoodie wrapper is so soft and comfortable. My son love this so much he feel so comfortable due to soft material. Very easy to wrap from that old age clothes our mothers used to wrap us. I totally recommend this to all new mom to be. To had one in their baby wordrobe.


Soundariya approves this product


Nice and soft product very nice product and easy to handle my baby likes it very much and I feel so happy to use this product and very much to my concern of the product. It is nice design and it is very cute design and easy for us to use


Shalu Kesarwani approves this product

Color and quality is amazing

Babyhug 2 ply hosiery hooded wrapper is specially mades fine quality of hosiery. The fabric so soft and makes baby comfortable and warm. My son was comfortable during wrapping this product and sleeps comfortably. Also the design and colour so cute and amazing. This is suitable for new born to 15 months baby. Love to bought this.


Insha Hashimi approves this product

Comfort & Cozy!

The babyhug hooded wrapper is very comfortable. My one-month-old baby boy feels very cozy, warm and comfortable when wrapped in this. I washed it in and it's still the same. No color or size changed. Babies feel very relaxed when wrapped in such wrapper and it makes them very calm.


Best hood

This hood print is very attractive.When my baby wear this he looks like a prince because his head size fitting is very good in hood.when I wrap him in this hood.i feels comfortable because it's cloth material is soft.As we want for our baby.Its print also does not after many washes.


saranya approves this product

Best product for the baby a mother could provide

This product is designed to provide great comfort for the baby and great relief for the mother. Baby can be carried well outside with this wrapper very comfortably. But material can be little more pure. In all other aspects this reached my expectation. I would like to thank babyhug brand for providing good products

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