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Fab-n-funky Baby Musical Rocker is crafted to meet the needs of the parents. The high-quality musical rocker grows with your child. This fabulous infant to toddler rocker seat can be used as an infant seat or a toddler rocker. The calming vibrations and the fantastic music are the added features to the rocker. It is […]

Fab-n-funky Baby Musical Rocker is crafted to meet the needs of the parents. The high-quality musical rocker grows with your child. This fabulous infant to toddler rocker seat can be used as an infant seat or a toddler rocker. The calming vibrations and the fantastic music are the added features to the rocker. It is useful for infants to age 0 to 24 months. The carrying capacity of this rocker is 18 kg.


The rocker comes with a kickstand, and it eases the process of feeding and diaper change.
The two funny toys keep the baby engaged during the playtime
Three-point safety harness keeps the little one is a safe and secure position.
The soft cushion of the rocker is highly comfortable for the baby.
The rocker is made of high-quality ABS plastic and polyester material.
The soothing music gives pleasure to the little one.


Soothing music
Rocking function
3 point safety harness
Quality material
Two hanging toys

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adjustable swing speeds


soothing features


bouncy seat




washable seat pad



difficult to assemble


no ac adapter


non reclining




no safety straps



Disha Jain approves this product


I am using this rocker for my baby since his birth.. It is an awesome rocker for babies. It has a good quality and design and there is music also in it. Which is helpful for baby to sleep and enjoy also. There are some rattles hanging above it which are very attractive


Requires more safety

Baby Musical Rocker from Fab N Funky is an overall good product which was received as a gift from my husband's colleague when our baby was born. It comes with soothing vibrations, lovely music, reclining seating, and detachable toy bar with cute plush toys to keep her busy enjoying her own company. The safety harness was the only thing which made us a little tensed and the baby needed to be completely monitored as leaving her alone in the rocker was not a great idea with the 3 point harness.


Mridula Khanna Arora approves this product


This lovely and vibrant rocker chair by Fab and Funky can be used as an infant seat or a toddler rocker.have been using for almost 6 months now for my baby girl. It's very comfortable. Can be used by babies aged 2 months to 7 months, until a child learns to crawl. Later, can be used as a toddler chair.


RJ Dhana approves this product

Musical rocker is best one

This is best musical rocker which can be used as infant seat and a toddler rocker. It has nice music tones and 2 playful toys for engaging kids. It is made of fine quality material and good plastic so very durable. it has soft seat so baby sit comfortable. it has kickstand so can be used for feeding and diaper changing. i loved it.


Sunita Ranga approves this product

Amazing product

We just love this product very very very much,it's has all d features we were searching for long time.such as musical rocking chair plus sleeping chair, the material is very good nice colours.Thank u sooooooooo much for this product. Its safety straps are too high in quality that ensures the baby’s safety. It is very easy to assemble also.


Saraswathi Subbu approves this product

Fan n funny musical

This baby musical rocker comes with perfect design and world class model. It gives baby a good and calm sleep. This rocket plays very sweet and mild melodies. This rocker is very good in quality and good in class. The hanging toys are the best part of the rocker. Cost worthy deal


Riczeena Jose approves this product

Exquisite rocker chair

This musical rocker is a brilliant product for an infant seat or for a rocker. The exceptional quality and finish of the product is very satisfactory and skin pleasant for my little infant baby. Provided with a stand which enables in feeding or for diaper exchange of a has colorful toys which keeps my baby has very soothing and melodious track.


Kashmi Shah approves this product

soothing rocker

it comes with adjustable seat. it comes with different attractive coolors and musics that baby can love this product. it comes with amazing features that baby can feel calming and relaxing inside it. baby can love this product. its soothing and vibrating feature can have bay a small naps. love it.


Umadevi G approves this product


Baby Musical Rocker is made of polyester and it is used from infant stage to toddler stage. it also has music melody toys can attached to the stand or bar. this can be later converted to stand so it is a multi-function toy. seat can be washed and easy to clean this. amazing rocker overall.


Nidhi Mehta approves this product

Super rocker chair for super baby

This baby musical rocker is is a great product for an infant seat or for a rocker.. it has a stand which helps in feeding or for diaper change of a baby.. it has colourful toys which keeps the baby busy.. it it has very soothing and melodious music.. the quality of the product is very fine and skin friendly for a baby..


Insiya Hussain approves this product

A worth buying musical rocker

This Toddler Portable Recliner Rocker has been made keeping the comfort of the baby in mind. Has some excellent features like vibrant colour and animal print , a toy bar with some great set of toys to keep the baby engaged,some soothing vibration and music to give a calming effect to a crying baby. Its a rocker worth purchasing.


Musical rocker

It is made of good quality material. This rocker cradles baby in comfort. It also provides good support to baby so she feel comfortable and relax and music soothes the baby. There is a toy bar, with two playthings attached. It keeps my little one entertained. I loved this rocker


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Super chair

A perfect utility product,a good rocker , can be use as a chair once the baby grows up. the mobile hanger with toys is an added feature to keep the little one engaged.light weight and comfortable seating position for the baby.Can be used for babies from one month onwards.It is foldable too.


Devika Sujith approves this product

Soothing rocker & super chair

This amazing infant to toddler musical rocker can be used initially as an infant rocker where the baby gets entertained by the hanging toys on the toy bar and can dice into sleep by the calming vibrations and the soothing melodies. Then, as your baby grows, it can be easily converted to a toddler rocker or chair on which he/she can spend time relaxing. The rocker seat is very soft and comfortable for the baby, provide 3 point safety harness and gives adequate back support.


Sonali Polekar approves this product

Worth buying Musical Rocker

My sister in law gifted me this musical rocker. One of the best rocker I have seen. Rocker has vibration which can be increase or decrease by babies comfort. There is melodious music which we can change accordingly. Material used in this product is very soft. After our baby starts sitting we can use the rocker seat as a chair for baby. Fabulous product worth buying it.


Shyaghrutha Bandari approves this product

Great product

This Baby Musical Rocker By Fab n Funky is recommended by one of my colleagues. I have ordered and got this rocker for my baby. Ever since we got this ,We have been using it almost every day from the day we bought it . My baby would take naps in the rocker, rest in the rockers and also take his feeding bottle while sleeping in it. The musical rocker makes him fall asleep instantly and it’s so calming to watch him sleep peacefully in it. The safety harness is perfectly designed and they keep playing with the toys when I am not around. Beautiful colors, nice prints and great cushioning also! Highly recommended.


Asfia Fatima approves this product

Good for babies below 2 years

I have seen this Baby Musical Rocker when i visited my friends place and to my amusement it is a worth buying product.It was really comfortable for my friends daughter who is just 10 months old .She was fed on it and while rocking the music was being played which is very soothing for the baby.The baby immediately felt asleep and this is very relieving for my friend to put her in it and engage her .The rocker can be converted to a chair by removing the toy bar and putting the stand.One can easily use it to change diapers too.Excellent product for little ones to keep them busy and engaged.The toys provided are of good quality material and easy to wash.Even am planning to buy it for my daughter as its worth purchasing.


A good product

A rocker is a must have especially when your baby starts to sit. Baby Musical Rocker was gifted to my son on his 1st birthday and I sure did the right thing for suing it. He loves to sit and rock on it. Right after meals, he likes to be rocked, so that’s his “me time”. The vibrations and calming sounds just adds to the productivity making it a perfect rocker.


Deepika Telang Telang approves this product

Vibrant with lovely music

I ordered this one for my baby girl. Handling my girl is just not easy and she always needs something or someone around her. This rocker keeps her engaged for quite a while and in the meantime I complete all my work without worrying about her. The handles are not too close to the face, also the toy bar is removable also the harness is soft and not too tight. I love the mild vibrations that’ll quickly make her fall asleep and the music is peaceful. I loved everything about this musical rocker and recommend it to everyone!

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