Baby Musical Rocker With Hanging Toys

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These soothing and vibrating baby rockers make the baby feel relaxed and calm. In these rockers, the baby can take a nap, play with toys, relax, and enjoy the bouncy movement. Made from first-class material, these rockers provide maximum comfort for the baby and maximum support for the baby’s back. It also has a separable […]

These soothing and vibrating baby rockers make the baby feel relaxed and calm. In these rockers, the baby can take a nap, play with toys, relax, and enjoy the bouncy movement. Made from first-class material, these rockers provide maximum comfort for the baby and maximum support for the baby’s back. It also has a separable toy bar, which keeps the baby entertained.

Material: These rockers are made from first-class materials, and they provide maximum comfort and support for the baby’s back so that the baby can relax in a snug and cozy environment
Vibration: These rockers have a vibration function that gives the baby a feeling of being gently massaged which makes them calm and feel relaxed
Toys: This rocker has one hanging toy which keeps the baby entertained and occupied
Safety: This rocker has three-point safety harnesses which keep the baby secure and steady

Age: 0 to 24 Months
Hanging Toys: Yes
Safety Harness: 3
Vibrating function: Yes
Rocking Function: Yes
Reclining Position: Yes
Number of hanging toys: 1
Overall dimension: 66 x 47 x 62.5 cm
Seat dimension: 34 x 29.5 cm
Sleeping Seat dimension: 65 x 29.5 cm
Battery for rocker: 3 x 1.5VAA(Not Included)
Carrying Capacity: 15 kg
Net Weight: 2.775 kg (2775 gm)

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soothing features


washable seat pad


adjustable swing speeds


bouncy seat





no ac adapter


no safety straps


difficult to assemble


non reclining





Disha Jain approves this product

Good rocker

My baby enjoy a lot on this rocker as it is a musical rocker and there is a rattle hanging on it which is very colorful and attractive.. Overall the look of rocker is amazing.. The quality of rocker is good. It is a value for money product . Must buy


Sumi Manoj approves this product

Fabulous rocker

This amazing product from Fab N Funky can be used as a baby rocker, toddler rocking chair and a stationery chair. It can be used from new borns to kids around 5yrs of age. It comes with soothing vibrations, reclining seating, and detachable toy bar with cute plush toys to entertain the baby. The 3 point safety harness was the only thing which made us a little tensed and the baby needed to be completely monitored as leaving her alone in the rocker was not a great idea.


RJ Dhana approves this product

BEst gift i received

I received this on my son's birthday as a gift and i loved it very much. it is made of premium quality material so very durable. it 3 point safety harness and baby can sit or sleep happily. it has vibrations so baby feels like massaging and sleeps very early . my son loved to sleep on this.


Bhanupriya approves this product

Rocker With Music & Toys

The baby rocker keeps the baby relaxed and calm so I bought the baby musical rocker for my nephew. The quality of the rocker is very strong and long lasting. The baby remains occupied with the hanging toys. The reclining positions of the rockers keep the baby relax and comfortable. While crying the vibration feature makes my nephew calm. The safety harness holds my nephew safely and securely while he is on the musical rocker. The hanging toys can be easily removable. My nephew loves to be in his musical rocker for hours.


Shruti Raghav approves this product

Beautiful and surprising rocker for my friends kid!

I gifted a new set of baby musical rocker to my friend's kid on his first birthday. Although the baby was no surprise, her mother was very surprised to see such an astonishing musical rocker. Actually, she was looking for it earlier but couldn't get it and I surprisingly gifted it to her kid. It is a very cool and good-looking rocker with some hanging toys. The kid used to play with the hanging toys all the time.


A musical rocker.

A very nice rocker that my nephew owns. He loves to stay in this one for hours . It looks super cute and the material used is very sturdy. The seat is made of high quality fabric and has an attractive print. It has a 3 point harness. The rocker comes with a hanging toy making it more fun for him to play and stay engaged. The rockers speed can be maintained and it helps in putting him to sleep. It has a very soothing effect.


Siri S approves this product

Multi purpose rocker

My baby loves to sit, relax and play on this rocking seat. I liked this product very much for the features it offers. soothing vibration offers to relax massaging feeling to my 3 months old. he likes the toy bar and music from the rocker. he loves to spend most of his time on this.


Talat Jehan approves this product

Does its job well

My husband got this rocker for our eight months old son. This rocker is an amazing one with such a good quality to it. It has both vibrating and rocking function which is great to keep your baby calm and comfortable. My little one sleeps in it very comfortably and when he is not asleep , he still remains entertained with the hanging toy. The hanging toy can be changed, I have few of the similar ones from his play gym, which I change with it. I loved this product.


Saraswathi Subbu approves this product

Very cool design

This is the wow factor and we love the rocker I gifted or to my frnd and she also love it n this rocket gives baby a very nice sleep. Baby loves to spend time in it. Good rocket white good features and I highly recommend this to every one


Riczeena Jose approves this product

The perfect Rocket

We brought this glorious baby musical rocker for my cousin he likes to sit on it; he laughs and laughs in joy whereas fidgeting with it. The color combination is nice and that i love the material quality of this toy is fantabulous The baby rocker is stable and cozy for the child, once enjoying for a jiffy my cousin peacefully sleeps here. This baby Rocker additionally has cute hanging toys which is able to keep your child occupied for extended length


Rojina Bajracharya approves this product

easy to assemble and adjustable

I assembled it myself from a sealed pack. I got help from it"s catalogue and assembled my self . Its easy to change the positions of the swing. We can easily incline downwards when baby is sleeping , also easily fix it upwards .The handing toys at one of it"s arms make baby stay calm and playing .But this can only be used till baby is 6 months .After baby is 6 months, it cannot be used since baby starts joggling here and there and more risk of falling. But i strongly recommend mothers to use this if you have lots of other works because baby is safer to sleep and sit in this musical rocker.


Kashmi Shah approves this product

best bouncer

it comes with hanging toys. baby can love it. baby can relax, enjoy, keep calm or take naps inside it. it comes with option, vibration and soothing music that baby can feel relax. it comes with attractive colors. baby can feel comfy and cozy inside it. it is best product. love it


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Safe and comfortable

Baby can relax cradle and play with toys on it. This can be used by new born to soothe the baby. And even it cn be used for older babies to sit relax and feed. It comes with hanging bar which has toys. It is made of good quality and my baby is safe and comfortable. What more i want s a mother.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Awesome product

I brought this wonderful baby musical rocker for my nephew, he loves to sit on it; he laughs and laughs in joy while playing with it. This baby Rocker also has cute hanging toys which will keep your kid occupied for longer duration .The color combination is good and I love the fabric quality of this toy. The baby rocker is stable and comfortable for the kid, after playing for a while my nephew peacefully sleeps on it.


Devika Sujith approves this product

Cool Rocker

I found this Baby Musical Rocker With Hanging Toys by Fab n Funky at my cousin's place. Her 2 month old baby girl absolutely loves this chair. As soon as we put her in it she lights up with a smile and her legs start kicking away, hands waving. She is absolutely besotted with the toys on the bar, they are just low enough for her to kick and make them rattle! And it's nice having something which unlike the baby gym keeps her inclined upright so she can go in it sooner after eating.


Insiya Hussain approves this product

A life saver product to soothe crying babies

A perfect utility product,a good rocker , can be use as a chair once the baby grows up. the mobile hanger with toys is an added feature to keep the little one engaged.light weight and comfortable seating position for the baby.Can be used for babies from one month onwards.It is foldable too.

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