Baby Dreams Baby Powder

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Make Morisons’ Baby Dream Baby Powder a part of your baby's skin care routine. Use the powder in the folds of the skin that are prone to sweat. It keeps them dry and prevents infections due to moistness.

Make Morisons’ Baby Dream Baby Powder a part of your baby's skin care routine. Use the powder in the folds of the skin that are prone to sweat. It keeps them dry and prevents infections due to moistness.


Protects the skin: The powder is mild and comforting on the skin.
Gentle ingredients: It has the goodness of zinc stearate and virgin olive oil.


Manufacturer's suggested age: 0+
Item weight: 9.07g
Product dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5cm

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prevents rash


keeps the baby fresh


absorbs sweat


prevents body odor


nourishes skin



contains talc


respiratory problems


cancer risk


skin dryness


unsafe on genitals



Neha Agarwal approves this product

Baby powder

When one of my friend delivered we made a baby basket with good and customized products as a gift. We had included the morrison brand talcum powder. She absolutely loved it. She told it had a really good smell. I am glad we bought that, and she was also happy with it.


Deepali approves this product

Good baby powder

I got Morison baby dream powder from a pharmacy when I was traveling and could not find my regular baby powder in the store. The product is good and keeps the baby's skin dry. It was pretty humid but till baby didn’t get any rashes. The powder is very fine and the fragrance is also good. The powder was not that expensive also but I have not seen this brand else. So I do not think I will reuse it but was happy with the experience


Kalyani Lakshmanan approves this product

Gentle powder

Baby dreams baby powder is mild which suits my baby. It prevents diaper rashes effectively. It prevents fold irritation for the baby which leads to irritation. It has natural ingredients which is completely safe for my baby. I use it for my baby regularly without any worry. It is gentle on my baby's delicate skin


Shivani Soni approves this product

Good product

When I saw this Baby Dreams baby Powder I liked it and thought to give it a try , so I bought this Baby Dreams Baby Powder for my baby. After using it for few days I really liked this powder as this powder is mild and good for babies. Chemical, paraben, sulphate, etc stuff which harms baby skin are not there in this powder. This powder doesn't have any artificial fragrance. It absorb sweat quickly and keeps my baby skin dry and soft whole day. It even avoid rashes. Now I just buy this powder only.


Farha Sabreen approves this product

Soothing baby powder

I bought this for my sister who is a big fan of Morrison products.. she prefers only these items.. coming to the baby powder it is very mild safe and nourishing. Completely takes care of baby's skin doesn't cause redness or itching after use. It is affordable and easily available in the market and online. My sister uses this everytime during the diaper change and after bathe. It does leave a sweet fragrance after application.. a good product for all age groups.


Shruti Raghav approves this product

Daily care baby powder!

I must say that it is a daily care baby powder after knowing its worth. I got one of them on the internet and now it has become a product to be recommended. This powder is mild and suits well for all skins. I apply it daily on my kid's body and he remains fresh the whole day. It also prevents infections to grow and spread all over the body. Also, this powder is blessed with zinc oxide that helps in eliminating irritation and rash over the body.


Rimjhim approves this product

Very effective

This baby powder is very safe for infants. I am using it from last two months and I could observe how effective it is when my gets severe heat rashes. It absorbs quickly all the sweat.It is very reasonable and one bottle last quite long. This powder is very safe and free from chemicals. It doesn't have any side effects. It makes my baby feel so fresh all the time. I truly recommend this every new mother. This is one of the best powder available in the market.


Bhanupriya approves this product

Useful & Effective Baby Powder

I recommended my sister for the morisons baby dream baby powder for my nephew as I was very much satisfied using the baby powder of morisons baby dream. The baby powder of baby dream avoids the wetness of the baby skin keeps them dry. I applied the baby powder daily after shower and compulsorily on the folds of the skin to prevent any kind of infection and irritation of the skin. The baby powder is made of gentle ingredients so it does not affect the baby skin.


Kiran Pattewar approves this product

Very easy useful powder

Morison baby dream powder is very mild and comforting for baby.I made this routine for my soothes the contain zinc which is very beneficial for sensitive skin.i mostly apply this in fold to avoid rashes.i use this powder twice a day and whenever I change my baby’s diaper.i will recommend this powder to everyone

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