Baby Bouncer With Hanging Toys Animal Print


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This bouncer with hanging toys provides ample back support and cushion for the baby. The two hanging toys that come with this bouncer keeps the baby engaged. The bouncer makes rattle sound, which makes the baby excited and joyful. The bouncer is sturdy, which helps in keeping the baby safe. The animal-printed Polyester material looks […]

This bouncer with hanging toys provides ample back support and cushion for the baby. The two hanging toys that come with this bouncer keeps the baby engaged. The bouncer makes rattle sound, which makes the baby excited and joyful. The bouncer is sturdy, which helps in keeping the baby safe. The animal-printed Polyester material looks chic and beautiful

Quality material: The bouncer is made from quality Polyester and ABS plastic
Rattles: The bouncer makes rattle sounds that excite and entertains the baby.
Safety: The bouncer is made from strong and durable materials which makes it safe for the baby
Miscellaneous toys: The bouncer comes with a set of two toys that provides extra entertainment for the baby and keeps the baby completely engaged
Springy movement: The bouncer provides a slight springy movement when gently pushed. This provides a feel of a cradle to the baby


Age: 0 to 24 months
Dimensions: Length 60 cm x Width 47 cm x Height 60 cm
Carrying capacity: 11.3 kg
Batteries: 1 D (LR20 alkaline) 1.5V
Hanging toys: 2

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bouncy seat


soothing features


adjustable swing speeds


washable seat pad





difficult to assemble


non reclining




no ac adapter


no safety straps



Sumi Manoj approves this product

Stylish sleeper

Baby Bouncer With Hanging Toys comes in Animal Print and is an overall good product which was received as a gift from my neighbour when our baby was born. It comes with lovely rattle sounds, reclining seating, and detachable toy bar with cute plush toys to keep her busy enjoying her own company. The3 point safety harness was the only thing which made us a little tensed and the baby needed to be completely monitored as leaving her alone in the rocker was not a great idea.


Keeps my baby happy and engaged

This bouncer has sound system which keeps baby excited. And it comes with hanging toys. My baby does not turn his head away from it :). It is made of good quality and sturdy material. It has soft cloth which keeps baby comfy. The toys are so colorful they are good for developing brain of baby


RJ Dhana approves this product

Printed baby bouncer

It has nice colorful animal prints so kids loves to see this carefully and so they easily sit and sleep on this. it has music and playful toys for engaging them. it is made of finest quality material and so very durable. it is battery operated and has spring movement so baby feels like a cradle.


Shweta Toor Bhatt approves this product

Really rocks

Baby Bouncer With Hanging Toys Animal Print rocker is and amazing baby bouncer. I gifted this to one of my friends for her angel and she loves playing with the toys hanged over it which keeps her engaged and it keeps on bouncing slowly which makes the baby he is in his mum's arms. Awesome product for mums and babies.


Saraswathi Subbu approves this product

Cute animal print

This is best recliner and I love the design of the recliner. Very sturdy and safe for children. It grows with my little ones. My little one love to spend time in this bouncer. It is very nice plays good music and the hanging toys are awesome .I recommend this


Riczeena Jose approves this product

B for bouncer all the way

Bouncer bouncer all the way. Yes it’s true the bouncer is of such a great finish my baby likes to be seated all the way. The womby jumby motions creates the perfect feel as the baby was inside mommies tummy that’s really cute anyways. The product is so amazing with its soothe calming vibrations that relaxes my little one. As it is so gentle and soft the baby can relax and hurray he can even take a quick nap. The best buy for my baby


Kashmi Shah approves this product

adjustable bouncer

it is best rocker. baby can feels as she is still inside the womb. it has soothing feature. it is reclining. it comes with many attractive colors. baby can love this product. she feels calm inside it. i love this product, as i am free when my baby enjoy this.


Insiya Hussain approves this product

Highly recommended

We had purchased this for my sisters baby and she was super happy with it.This baby bouncer is made of premium quality material and is very attractive to look at. Has some awesome features like music , vibration and good set of toys which keeps the baby entertained all throughout the day. It is comfortable for the baby to sleep and laze around in the bouncer.


Saraswathi Valliappan approves this product

Great bouncer

Very good bouncer and i love this product.thanx team for such a quality product. I love this product a lot. Good durable one. My baby enjoys the bouncing time always.thanx for this bouncy bouncer. It is worth buy and highly recommend this to everyone. Great deal in this cheap price


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Safe Bouncer

This baby bouncer as some animal prints on it. And a detachable toy bar with different animals. It is a good exercise for the baby, as I use the animal print and the toy bar to teach my child about all the animals and their sounds. When I m too busy to hold or play with my child i put her in the bouncer and it has gentle vibration mode that helps my baby to sleep. The seat also has a belt to keep the baby in their place.


Devika Sujith approves this product

Elegance in White

This vibrating and soothing bouncer is an amazing product that can be used by new born babies to toddlers around 1yr comfortably. The well padded soft cushion seat helps the babies to play, sleep or just relax on it peacefully. The bouncer is equiped with 3 point safety harness to hold the baby securely. The overhead toy bar, battery operated calming vibrations, anti-slippery frame and the colorful and eye catching design of the seat cover are other advantages which makes this bouncer unique and 100% perfect purchase for your baby.


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Awesome product

When this bouncer vibrate and soothe.. my baby sleeps quickly in it. It has toy bar also. The music is very soothing. And it ia on perfect height according to child. The animal print design and colors of this rocker are ver atttractive and cute. My child like this bouncer.


Bhanupriya approves this product

Must Have Baby Bouncer

I went to my friend house few days back to see her new born baby. The baby was relaxing in a baby bouncer chair which was very attractive. I asked her about the chair and told that she bought the baby bouncer with hanging toy with animal print on it for her baby. The bouncer chair makes sure the comfort of her baby. The baby enjoys every moment in the chair while playing or relaxing. The detachable toy bar keeps her baby engaged playing with it. Amazing product.


Shivani Soni approves this product

Worth buying

I purchased this Baby Bouncer With Hanging Toys Animal Print for my daughter. It proved very helpful to me. Earlier my daughter use to sleep really less and that created lots of mess for me as I got damn frustrated coz of work load and kids. But after buying this bouncer she easily takes nap coz of it's vibration and it is so comfortable. It's soft cushion like mattress gives her back good comfort and she feels cozy. Even if she is awake she enjoys over it with the hanging toys they are detachable too. This bouncer is really of good quality. It's worth buying.


Ayesha Jawad approves this product


Its very difficult to calm your baby while crying .but this bouncer ,made in china comes with the new idea of soothing babies more soon. Once child is kept in bouncer can gets its own activity done by them & make busy to it . they can sleep, play ,etc. . the quality is polyester with good material. Which the detachable toys are fixed on the toy bar, to entertain your kid. When you push fro, child gets easily bouncer up & down. I enjoys the bouncy movement .it has safety belts for child security.


Nice product

I brought this wonderful baby bouncer for my nephew, he loves to sit on it; he laughs and laughs in joy while playing with it. This baby bouncer also has cute hanging toys which will keep your kid occupied for longer duration .The color combination is good and I love the fabric quality of this toy. The baby bouncer is stable and comfortable for the kid, after playing for a while my nephew peacefully sleeps on it. Overall it’s a good baby bouncer.


Animal print cutesy baby rocker

This baby rocker has such a cutesy animal prints. I just love it. The rocker can be used for multiple purposes, to put my baby to sleep, to make him play, to gently rock him when I m working in the kitchen. The rocker also has a hanger rod with toys, and they make sounds as well. This is a good way to engage the baby in the growing phases.

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