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Rooma Chauhan
Name:Rooma Chauhan


Very soft and value for money

Very nice product my friend gifted me a gift pack of Himalaya in that there was this soap I loved it very soft on my baby skin and no harmful chemical used. It gently cleanses baby skin and is ideal for daily use that too locked with goodness of almond. Very nice and economical product.


Mild and gentle

Locks moisture

Nice fragrance

Lasts long

Lathers well

Dec 10 2019
Gentle on baby skin

I have been using this product for my baby and am very much satisfied. It is very gentle on baby skin with no side or harmful effects. It leaves the skin very soft and the moisture of the skin is not lost n so it does not make skin dry. The only thing is it is bit expensive.

Dec 09 2019
Nice product

I have been using this brand and is very satisfied . I bought this blanket and it is very soft and light weight. Size is also perfect . I did not find anything negative in this product. Thumps up for this product. My baby always uses this blanket and it keeps him warm.


Warm and comfortable

Lightweight and breathable

Cute pattern

Perfect size

Dec 09 2019
Very soft and nice

Just loved this product very soft and easy to wash and use. Loved the design n the attractive colours used and size is also perfect. Easy to wrap. Quality of the cloth is also good.I have purchased two of these n am very happy n satisfied you will not regret buying it.


Unisex color

Cute design

Soft on skin

Easy to wash

Perfect size

Dec 09 2019
Very soft and value for money

I purchased this product when my baby was born and till date my baby uses this product. It is of perfect size and very soft and easy to wash. After wash also the quality is maintained. The quality is very good . When I go out I wrap my baby in this to protect him from cold. Loved this product.

Dec 07 2019
Makes parents life easy

It is a good product gifted by my sister. It is easy to carry baby when you go outside . Good part is it is easy to maintain and the fabric used is of good quality. My baby felt comfortable n he was happy when I carried him and price is also pretty much affordable.

Dec 07 2019
Good product

It is a very good brand and the best part is a safe to use and toxic free which is its best part and it has markings on the bottle which is very useful. It is a trusted brand and I believe in its quality. The nipples are very soft too. After repeated use also the quality is good and there is no leakage. People can go ahead n give it a try hope they too will love

Dec 07 2019
Good product at less price

I have been using this product for my baby since he was 2 months. It has good absorption capacity n I had no leakage problem with it. My baby felt dry n happy with this product. He did not get rashes too by using this product . We can use this diapers for night time also without concern as it lasts long due to its good absorption power. Good value for money you can try this product without hesitation. You can get this from Amazon easily.

Dec 07 2019
Value for money

It is good product and am happy using it. It lasts longer due to good absorption capacity and it is not so expensive . My baby pees a lot and still it does not leak and it keeps my baby rash free. I recommend to try this product and I hope you won't be disappointed.

Dec 07 2019
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