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Vindhya Rani
Name:Vindhya Rani

I am Vindhya from southern India... I am a super happy mommy. My son is 4months old..

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Vindhya Rani
Nov 01 2020

Is Happa Apple & Banana Puree raw or cooked?

Maheswar Senapati

Cook the puree at a minimal temperature to retain the nutritional values.

Vindhya Rani
Oct 10 2020

Does Paramount Double Sided Play Mat available in different prints?

Isha Agarwal Isha Agarwal

Yes, the mat is available in the alphabet, giraffe, alpha, fruit garden, number game, and picnic prints.

Vindhya Rani
Oct 04 2020

Can I wash the Play Toons Crocodile Soft Toy?

Yes, you can machine-wash the soft toy.

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