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Vinaya Naik
Name:Vinaya Naik

I am a mother of 2 . Youngest child is 1 year old . Interesting in. Social media influencing

Worth buying

My kid is 20 months now .wanted to breastfeed her till 2 years . But i had less breast milk supply . After using striveda for more than a week i can see visible changes on my breast milk supply . It's something that makes both me n kid happy . It's little tummy filling product . I have it every day before sleep . Thank you so much striveda . Usually i dont try any products but this one is just awesome . And zandu is most welcomed brand at our house


Natural and safe

Improves milk production

Tastes good

Doctor recommended


Heavy to digest

Dec 24 2019
Very effective

Hi . I've been using this anti mosquito cream for more than a month. It's very effective . In our area it's difficult to keep the babies outside in evenings . Being scared of those red spots i used to keep them indoors and used to feel sad to m but after using this cream my tension gone . Now I low my kids play outside and even i join with them



Paraben free

Fragrance free

Cruelty free

Gentle for skin

Soft and moisturizing.


Strong fragrance

Dec 16 2019
Very good product

Very satisfied with the shampoo . Now I can apply shampoo on kids without thinking more . Because this product is very comfortable. I mean no tear or strong ingredients . Also it has balanced ph formula . And feeling so free from using soaps . Soaps used to hurt my babies eyes . Now I'm happy


pH balanced formula

No-tear formula

Mild fragrance

Gentle on hair

No Parabens Preservative-free

Dec 16 2019
Comfortable for newborn

I have used Huggies pants for my baby in initial days . Firstly i was scared of rashes . But these pants were very comfortable and easy to use

Sep 26 2019
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