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Mar 24 2021

Is Marvel SpiderMan a wax toy?

Manvitha Reddy

No, it's a plastic toy.

Jan 13 2021

Is Mothertouch Pram DX available in different colors?

Sindhu M

Yes, the pram is available in blue and red color.

Jan 07 2021

What material is used to make Little Lookers Inserts?

Varsha jain

The inserts are made of microfibre material.

Dec 17 2020

How long does the sterilized bottles and accessories stay sterile with Philips Avent Slim Sterilizer?

The untouched bottles and accessories will be sterile for 24 hours.

Nov 08 2020

Can Mee Mee Thick Bristled Brush clean a 240 ml bottle?


Yes, the brush can clean the bottom of the bottle neatly.

Oct 02 2020

How many hooks does New Natraj Activity Swing need to fix it to the ceiling?

Sonal Kumari

The swing needs only one hook to attach to the ceiling.

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