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Varsha jain 
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Varsha jain
Apr 01 2021

How many mini-figures does the Lego At At building toy have?


The set has 5 mini-figures.

Varsha jain
Mar 04 2021

Does the playset of Disney Frozen Dolls come assembled?

Senthil Kumar

No, the playset needs to be assembled and is specially designed to increase the reasoning skills.

Varsha jain
Feb 06 2021

How tall does Marvel's Goose stand?


The toy stands 3.75 inches.

Varsha jain
Jan 15 2021

What material is used to make Centuary Mattress Beddy Blossoms?

Sangeetha Sangeetha

The mattress is made of PU foam and rubberized coir material.

Varsha jain
Jan 07 2021

Is Chicco Milk Toothbrush available in different colors?

The toothbrush is available in pink and blue.

Varsha jain
Jan 13 2021

Is the Unimom Breast Shield kit BPA-free?

Keerthana G

Yes, the breast shield is BPA-free.

Varsha jain
Feb 02 2021

Can I sterilize the Meher Breast Pump?

Praneeth Sanagapalli

Yes, you can sterilize the detached breast pump.

Varsha jain
Feb 05 2021

Can I control the pressure in Mee Mee Micro Electric Breast Pump?

Veena Deepak Ganganagoudar

Yes, you can control the pressure using +/- buttons.

Varsha jain
Feb 01 2021

Does Bentley Tricycle recline?

Kranthi Panda

No, the tricycle does not recline which is usually available in strollers.

Varsha jain
Jan 10 2021

What material is used to make Mee Mee Wet Wipes?

Ishneet Kaur

The wipes are made of spun lace, nonwoven fabric, and aloe vera.

Varsha jain
Jan 10 2021

Does Abhsant Musical Walker require batteries?

nikki khushlani

The walker requires alkaline batteries for the music.

Varsha jain
Jan 10 2021

Can Dreambaby Clinical Digital Thermometer be used by adults?

Anjana Agarwal

Yes, the thermometer can be used by adults as well. But ensure that you are not using the same thermometer for babies and adults.

Varsha jain
Jan 10 2021

Are Teddyy Easy Diaper Pants available in different sizes?

Yes, the diaper pants are available in small (3 to 8 kg), medium (6 to 11 kg), large (9 to 13 kg) , and extra large (13+ kgs).

Varsha jain
Jan 03 2021

Does Mee Mee Premium Diapers leak?

Sarita Gupta

No, the diapers convert the liquid into gel, preventing leakage.

Varsha jain
Jan 03 2021

Does Calendula Nursing Balm irritate my skin?

Aarav Kumar

No, the Buckthorn oil relieves skin irritation and inflammation.

Varsha jain
Jan 03 2021

Does Honest Organic Nipple Balm contain parabens?


The balm is free from parabens, mineral oil, lanolin, and synthetic fragrances.

Varsha jain
Jan 03 2021

Is Ardo Gold Cream available in different quantities?

Yes, the cream is available in quantities of 10 ml and 30 ml.

Varsha jain
Jan 10 2021

Is Aleva Naturals Nursing Balm hypoallergenic?


Yes, the balm is formulated with organic ingredients that are safe to use and does not cause any allergies.

Varsha jain
Jan 03 2021

Are the Lock and Lock Cleaning Brush available in different colors?

Ramya baliga

Yes, the brush is available in orange and green.

Varsha jain
Jan 01 2021

Does Chicco Baby Moments Sunscreen contain paraben?

Vindhya Shenoy

No, the sunscreen is formulated paraben-free.

Varsha jain
Nov 01 2020

Does Omved Mrudu Ayurvedic Soap lather?

Ved Bhimani

Yes, the ayurvedic soap lathers well.

Varsha jain
May 27 2020

Is Ole Baby Potty Trainer Chair available in different colors?


Yes, the chair is available in yellow, blue, and pink.

Varsha jain
May 13 2020

Is Mee Mee Premium Glass Feeding Bottle available in different sizes?

Yes, the bottle is available in 125 ml, 240 ml, and 250 ml.

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