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vaishnavi rupawala
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Amazing product at reasonable price

As a mother i always choose product wisely for heyansh.. as dipers are really so necessary now a days and as working mom i need it most.. so i always take care abt rashes on my bany's bump nd weist.. I tried lots of diper rash creams in starting.. but after using himalaya siper rash cream I never ever go for other brand.. its like magical product for us.. It's non sticky.. free from harsh chemicals.. nd best part it heals diper rash so quickly.. even i hv hanit of applying diper rash cream during nights.. so i highly recommend all mommies friends.. just go for it without any doubt..😊😊

Mar 13 2020
Best medicine of cold

last month my baby was affected by viral infection.. so due to cough and cold he couldn't sleep, play , eat.. nothing.. he was just irritated all time.. that tym my mom suggest me to rub vicks on his chest.. after use of 2 or 3 days I found that his cough was refused and he can sleep well during nights.. so i highly recommend vicks.. and i found that its made up from aleo vera.. no harmful chemicals.. so just rub on babies chest and back when he is affected by cough or cold

Mar 14 2020
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