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Uruja Aamir
Name:Uruja Aamir

Mom of a 2 year baby boy ..

Prevents leakage ...

I have been using different brand daipers ... Bt after someone's recommendation I have switched to Huggies wonder pants baby daipers .. it's bubble texture is good , soft and comfortable .. it prevents leakage very well .. really good for nights .. it hugs the waist of babies very well and hugging waist band is also very soft and comfortable, I would highly recommend it ...

Feb 06 2020
Good for bones ..

I have been using this oil for more than a year now for my baby .. bt I only use this oil in Summers as it has cooling effect ... I would highly recommend it to all the moms out there as it plays a vital role in strengthening the bones .. we should massage our babies with this oil regularly ...

Feb 06 2020
Good product ...

It's a good product for baby .. I have been using Johnson's brand bt I have recently switched to Himalayas brand as I find it more safe for my baby .. and also coz other people also recommended this product to me as it is safe for babies skin .. so highly recommend this product ... Go for it without any second thoughts ...

Feb 06 2020
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