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Tazeen shaikh 
Name:Tazeen shaikh 


First pal for the growing child

I strongly recommend the parents to use this product. I used this product for my child to make her busy when I am working on laptop. The fascinating colours and the music helped my child to be busy as well as she has learned many things before going to play group

Oct 06 2019
Easy to carry

This Walker is best. The Walker provides musical system that tmy baby loves to be in. It's has parent push button which enhances it's utility. The floor level adjustable height can be used to different stage of the child d which makes its convenient for the child at any age.

Oct 06 2019
Good choice at an affordable price

This pants are a good choice for the baby as the they are available in all sizes and easy to use. The soft material makes the baby feel dry for longer time. As a mother I need not worry about the bay rashes and can use it all the rime

Oct 06 2019
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