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Taruna Singh
Name:Taruna Singh

A new mother, blogger, reviewer, traveller.

Easy to use and good product

I got this bibs as a gift from one of my friend from last month I am using these bibs for my little baby,Its easy to use and wash. By using it I am able to keep clean my child clothes while feeding milk through bottle and giving medecine to kid. I must say quality of bibs are so fine and soft too. They are easily washable and quick dry. Such a nice gift by my friend.


Genuine material

Machine washable

Travel friendly

Easy to clean


Jan 11 2020
Increase my milk supply

I got to know about this from one of my senior, when I told her I got had C section delivery and due to consuming less quantity of food. Because of this I am unable to produced proper milk for my new born baby due to this he was crying most of the time. Then my senior recommend me this for increasing my milk supply and assured me that it's a good supplement and also recommended by doctors too. And I am really happy to use it, it's help in increasing my breast milk supply due to this my baby can feed properly. I am thankful to her for recommending this.

Dec 22 2019
Good product

From last few week, I started using it for my baby and it's so soft and gentle on skin. Their is no harsh preservatives. And non allergic too. Because of mild fragrance, baby save from cold and sneeze problem. And my baby enticed in mild fragrance of it. I will fully recommended it to other mothers.


Gentle on skin

Hypoallergenic and safe

Lathers well

Soft and nourishing

Reasonable price

Dec 22 2019
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