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Bath cap

As we know that bath shower cap is very useful but for me it did not happened because my baby does not feel comfortable with this.He always tear this.and said big is too difficult to bath baby with this.according to me if baby does not comfortable than don't pressure.otherwise quality is good.


Not Comfortable

Jan 05 2020
Best hood

This hood print is very attractive.When my baby wear this he looks like a prince because his head size fitting is very good in hood.when I wrap him in this hood.i feels comfortable because it's cloth material is soft.As we want for our baby.Its print also does not after many washes.


Unisex color

Cute design

Soft on skin

Easy to wash

Perfect size

Dec 03 2019
Lovable swing

As we know that babies like swinging very much.but in my house as well as family members are also very happy with this.because when my baby is crying for anything we sit him on this And he will happy.Even I eat him in yhis.because he loves to eat after sitting on this has safety belt also.i recommend this.


Washable seat pad

Soothing features

Nov 19 2019
Funny toy

My family and my baby like this toy very much.when he hit and it come back he laugh a lot.and I m also very happy because. It improves baby baby motor skills.and as well as concentration power baby doesn't feel alone when he played with this.its air pump quality is also very good.recommended everyone


Develops motor skills

Improves focus & memory

Improves physical strength

Nov 15 2019
Full satisfied

When my baby was small I was very worried.because he does not take bottles.when I have to go somewhere with my baby.he does not drink milk.then I found this I tried many this bottle nipple gripe is very is similar to mother's nipple.that's y my baby take this bottle.its quality is very good.i recommend this to everyone.


Odourless nipples

Good capacity of the bottle

Good grip of the bottle

Nov 15 2019
Very nice

I like this photo frame so much.because I m searching this type of frame which is washable from many days.when I saw this I attracted by it's design and attractive colour.its main feature is this that it can be wash many will not tear.when I purchased my family members also liked this.i definitely recommend this.


Bright Colors

Cute designs


Nov 07 2019

Overall good product but only thing is this that product said no tears.i didn't find this.except this everything is good.excellent fragrance.i like this fragrance so harsh on n my family all are satisfied with this.u can go with this.price is also very reasonable.we get discounts also.i will recommend this.

Nov 04 2019
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