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Dec 05 2020

Is Banana Boat Sunscreen resistant to water?

Aparna Sudhan G

The sunscreen has 80 minutes of water resistance.

Nov 12 2020

Is Babyganics Bubble Bath tear-free?


Yes, the bubble bath is formulated tear-free.

Aug 26 2020

Is Bembika Knitted Chunky Prop Set available in different colors?

Radhika Bagri

Yes, the prop set is available in blue, grey, orange, etc.

Oct 21 2020

Is FunBlast Puzzle Mat made of plastic material?

amrutha anmol

No, it is made of foam material.

Aug 08 2020

Can I detach the hanging toys from the toy bar of Curtis Toys Play Gym?

Preeti Rajendran

Yes, you can safely remove the toys.

Sep 17 2020

Is Ultra Cap Teddy Soft Toy washable?

Radhika Bagri

Yes, the soft toy is washable.

Aug 28 2020

Does R for Rabbit Tiny Tots Adaptable Potty Training Seat flip while using?


No, the seat comes with an anti-skid base that keeps it steady.

May 28 2020

Is Potty Chair With Lid And High Backrest available in different colors?

Geeta Ghokule

Yes, the chair is available in blue, green, and pink.

May 14 2020

Can Luv Lap Angel Baby Potty Seat be locked?

Monisha Sarkar

No, the seat can not be locked.

Jul 23 2020

Does Babyhug Baby Potty Seat Animal Print fit all adults' toilet seats?

Preeti Rajendran

Yes, the potty seat easily fits any standard adult toilet seat.

Aug 21 2020

Can I use Small Wonder Admire Polypropylene Feeding Bottle for a 3-month-old?

Preeti Rajendran

Yes, you can use it or a 3-month-old.

Sep 24 2020

Can you sterilize Nuby Squeeze Feeder in a bottle warmer?

Yes, you can safely sterilize the feeder in the bottle warmer.

Apr 23 2020

Is Mee Mee Premium Glass Feeding Bottle available in different colors?


Yes, the glass feeding bottle is available in pink, green, and blue.

Mar 11 2020

Is Mee Mee Polypropylene Eazy Flo Premium Feeding Bottle leak-proof?

Preeti Rajendran

This bottle is leak-resistant.

Sep 17 2020

Can I use the level 1 nipple of Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Wide Neck Feeding Bottle for a 4-month-old baby or older?


No, the level 1 nipple is designed to be used for newborns only.

Apr 16 2020

Is Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Wide Neck Feeding Bottle suitable for a newborn?

Ananya Sharma

The feeding bottle suits a child of any age. But change the teat as required.

Jul 23 2020

Is Babyhug Silicone Nipples available with medium and fast flows?

Geeta Ghokule

Yes, the silicone nipples are available both in medium and fast flows.

Jul 22 2020

Does Babyhug Bubble Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle With Handles leak?


No, the feeding bottle is designed to be spill-proof.

Sep 10 2020

Can LuvLap City Baby Stroller Buggy be carried on the airplane?


Yes, the stroller can be carried easily on an airplane.

Sep 09 2020

Is my baby safe in the 1st Step convertible car seat?

amrutha anmol

Yes, your baby is safe in the car seat with safety harness belts and padded wings. The padded wings provide side impact protection.

Mar 11 2020

Can we use the Fisher Price Clean N Go Booster for 2-years-old?

Yes, it is suitable and comfortable for a 2-year-old.

Apr 15 2020

Can we detach the table and chair separately in Babyhug Urban 4 in 1 High Chair?


Yes, we can separate both the table, chair, and use them as required.

Apr 28 2020

Is Babyhug Love Teddy Bassinet With Storage Basket & Mosquito Net available in different colors?

Zeba Khan

No, it is available in blue only.

Apr 22 2020

Is my baby safe inside the Babyhug Joy Cradle With Mosquito Net?

Yes, your baby is safe as the cradle comes with a raised height frame, and it is made as per European standards.

Apr 07 2020

Can 2-years-olds use Mee Mee Toothpaste?

Swathi yathindra

Yes, the toothpaste can be used by a toddler.

Mar 11 2020

Does Mamaearth Babys Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste contain fluoride?

Zeba Khan

No, the toothpaste is formulated fluoride-free, SLS-free, and composed with natural ingredients.

Jan 22 2020

Does Safety 1st 3-in-1 Nursery Thermometer beep?

The thermometer beeps for 10 seconds while displaying average temperature, and while displaying fever temperature, it beeps for 15 seconds.

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