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Sunidhi Bansal
Name:Sunidhi Bansal

I m blessed with two daughters .... Love to give both of them best always ....

First Friend for Wean

I have decided to using this pigeon weaning bottle for my daughter when she was 4 month. When i start to give her solids so that time due to sharpness of utensils i was always worried about it because sometimes baby start to pushing or playing then it can be hurt. I was also worried about quantity. Pigeon weaning bottle has a nice shape and size which is really very useful for me to feed my daughter finely. It is easy to squeeze for food flow in spoon. We can give our kids soup, juice, lentil water easily. The biggest advantage is we don't need to change kids clothes and food is also safe from dust. The quality of bottle really very good. I feel really relax by getting Pigeon Weanling bottle because it help avoid messy feed also. I loved it.....



Odourless nipples

Good quality denim cover

Good capacity of the bottle

Good grip of the bottle

Bottle is not easily breakable

keeps away from germs

Sep 09 2020
Favorite Way the lose of Dock

I got it from my mother for my baby. i was tired of dock habit of my baby. I used to tired and can't do any domestic chores. But by getting Dash Multipurpose 9 In 1 Baby Carry Cot With Mosquito Net. I feel soo relax. I use this as a Bouncer, carrycot, bathing chair, feeding chair, etc. Mostly my baby want to sit in it . My baby loved that hanging toys . She want to caught it and play with them. It is made with light-weight so if I want to go anywhere i can carry it and it have a bottle holder also so i can store milk with it. It has really very nice color combination. It is sooo comfortable. i will say that it is really very helpful for working mother.



Lightweight and portable

Waterproof bottom

Soft & sturdy walls

Thick base

kids friendly

Sep 09 2020
Tooth brush for little one Dr Brown Finger Toothbrush

I have bought it when my baby started teething. Dr Brown Finger Toothbrush is really very helpful for little one. Easy to wash. It is a unique designed brush for cleaning teeth or gum message. bcoz It is made from transparent material so i can get perfectly result . It is BPA free finger brush that can be used to gently cleanse my baby's teeth after feeding/meals. Apart from cleaning the gums from soreness during the teething phase. It have soft bristles and soo flexible ... loved it



Easy Grip

Soft Bristles


Attractive design

Safe product

BPA free

Sep 08 2020
Another way to baby feed

My daughter is fond of animals. When i got it for my daughter and unbox for it my baby's face lights ups and she getting started play with cute puppets. Finger puppets are recommended to help encourage our child to focus and remain interactive. Using the puppets to kiss or tickle also helps to develop sensory skills. These puppets are great for imagination. I used it for mostly when i want to cheer her or bring smile on her face. Most of the time i use these lovely puppet for meal my daughter bcoz she dont want to take meal without fun so i used to it for her. Now she know about these animals and how they sound also. She love to tickling and these puppets are so soft for tickle. she loved it .....



Silky, plush fabric

Soft huggable body

Detachable cover

Machine washable


Sep 08 2020
Anti fungal and helpful for working mother

This is a amazing product very helpful due to work from home i have to face many problems bcoz i was unable to feed my daughter that time when she want .... but now m really very happy by get Medela Easy Expression Hands free Bustier... the biggest advantage is that it has a unique way to collect milk from breast and I can give her my love by this way whenever she want and also can do my work & now i can do both my daughter's care and mine also. It is also very helpful for prevent sagging breast . very happy to use it. recommended to all.... m sure will love it ....



Elegant Design

Extra Comfort

Great Build

Affordable Price

Smooth Finish

Easy to Clean

Sep 08 2020
Feed with cute Fork and Spoon

I got it from my sister in law. She gifted to me for my daughter. I really loved it . my daughter are tooo naughty she don't even want to sit for a minute. so i have to run for feed her & believe me this is awesome and baby love its color and cute animal so now its easy to feed her. The biggest advantage is Skip Hop Baby Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Fork and Spoon Utensil have no sharp edges so i can feed her comfortably. It is easily washable and good quality. Now my baby love to take it fruit by herself with lovely fork.



Nice colors and shapes

Good quality

Soft on the gums

Fits into the baby’s hands

Easily washable

No sharp edges

Sep 08 2020
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