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Mar 17 2021

What is the figure scale of Marvel Valkyrie?

Sneh jais

The figure scale of the toy is 12 inches.

Mar 03 2021

Can I open and close the wardrobe door of Disney Princess Belle?

Swathi yathindra

Yes, you can open and close the wardrobe door smoothly.

Jan 14 2021

Will my baby skid in Kolcraft Stroller?

Sindhu M

No, the stroller comes with textured wheels that prevent skidding.

Jan 06 2021

Can I use Syga Bottle Cleaning Brush to clean a one-liter bottle?


Yes, you can use the 30 cm brush to clean a liter bottle.

Dec 06 2020

Can I close the straw of the Pigeon MagMag Straw Cup when not in use?

Yes, the cup comes with a locking system that prevents leakage.

Dec 06 2020

Is My NewBorn Baby Bibs waterproof?


These bibs are not waterproof, as they are made of soft cotton material.

Dec 04 2020

Do you need to wash the Natemia Wooden Brush before first use?


There is no need to wash the brush before first use. However, if you want to wash the brush, wash it with soapy water and ensure bristles are soap-free.

Nov 08 2020

Can I use Johnson's Vitamin E Oil as hair oil on my baby?

Vishnu Vardhan

No, the oil is formulated only for baby skin.

Nov 08 2020

Is Mee Mee Cleaning Brush available in different colors?

Yes, the cleaning brush is available in blue, pink, and white.

Nov 15 2020

Can I sterilize breast pump in Mee Mee Advanced 3-in-1 Sterilizer?


Yes, you can sterilize any breast pump that has good heat resistance.

Nov 01 2020

Can Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion be used as a sunblock?

Satya Mumu

No, the lotion can keep the skin moisturized.

Nov 07 2020

Can I wash the fabric car seat from Ehomekart 10-in-1 Carry Cot?


Yes, you can wash the fabric seat with a mild detergent.

Oct 04 2020

What material is used to make Minions Arm Rings?

The minion arm rings are made of PVC material. The minion arm rings are made of PVC material.

Aug 07 2020

Is Mothertouch 3 In 1 Walker Deluxe available in different colors?


Yes, the deluxe walker is available in pink, yellow, and blue.

Aug 09 2020

Is my baby safe in Babyhug Cruise Convertible Reclining Car Seat with Side Impact Protection?

Ramya baliga

Yes, your baby is secured in a position with a safety harness and the side impact protection that protects your little one in unfortunate mishaps.

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