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Massage oil with natural goodness

The best part about this oil is the fragrance which is bare minimum which means that it's just very pure and fresh with no artificial ingredients. I love the way it gets absorbed in my baby's skin and does not leave a sticky residue behind. It's definitely not harsh on skin and neither is it expensive since we believe good products are usually expensive which in my opinion is wrong, this is one of the products that gives you money's worth and is completely effective.

Dec 11 2019
Non greasy formula

It's a non-greasy formula that penetrates smoothly and provides a long-lasting moisture and protection against dry skin. It's definitely gentle enough for babies sensitive and dry skin. I saw my son's skin very smooth on application and it gets absorbed in quickly so it's not sticky or greasy. Also it's hundred percent natural and is very gentle and delicate for a baby's skin

Dec 11 2019
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