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Sonal Patel
Name:Sonal Patel
Place:Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mother of a baby girl , Digital Marketer, Corporate Girl, Baker

Life Saving and easy to carry

Amazing product and life saver. I keep these along always as they are handy to use for throwing diapers. I have used them at multiple functions and outings. Also used at airport as there was no dustbin bag in baby rooms. Must buy for every new mother. I love how you can seal the bag too before throwing away.


Multi-utility bags


Feb 13 2020
Soft and Skin Friendly

Using this product for more than 2 months, its gentle to my baby’s skin and keeps it soft and supple with good smell. It lathers less but removes all the oil from the skin. Oil is the massage oil that i apply on my baby’s skin. I will surely recommend this baby wash to all the new moms out there.

Feb 13 2020
Easy to use and fragrance free

Good product. No fragrance but little sticky. Very easy to use due to its push and spray option. Its not that expensive and thus affordable. I use it twice a week for my girl, need to use shampoo twice to remove the oil. Makes hair soft after using. Recommend for new babies.


Natural ingredients



Little Sticky

Feb 13 2020
Very Effective and Good Results

Have been using the product for more than a month, saw good results. I use it once a day and one spoon with milk or tea. I am a no sugar person thus find it a bit sweet, but it has shown me results. Every new mother worries about milk supply and this will help new moms with good milk supply. One less point to worry about in between all the other points.


Natural and safe

Improves milk production

Easy to digest

Reasonably priced


None of the above

Feb 13 2020
No Tear, & Friendly Shampoo

Using it for more than a month now and its really an amazing product. Its gentle, no tear and makes bathing fun for my 4 month old girl. It makes her hair soft, smooth and maintains the texture which gives her hair a shine. I will recommend this product for every mother out there. Make bathing time a fun time and not something which our kids will hate.


100% soap-free

pH balanced formula

No-tear formula

Mild fragrance

Gentle on hair

No Parabens Preservative-free

Feb 13 2020
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