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Somya Gupta
Name:Somya Gupta
Place:New Delhi

I a Mom of baby girl who is now 8 months. Enjoying Parenting and new life.

Babyhug soft ball colorful and attractive

Babyhug soft ball is very colorful which attracts my little one. She likes to play with it, it's cute and bright but after sometime seams are getting ripped and ball has become little deformed. Otherwise it is soft to play with and Babyhug products are non toxic so will recommend it.

Dec 07 2019
Nice Stroller

Babyhug easy travel it is a great stroller. Sturdy and fabric used is very good, the only issue is space is less otherwise I would recommend this stroller because it is light in weight and easily foldable. Takes less space after folding hence can be taken easily on flights as cabin baggage.

Dec 07 2019
Good for office

I am using Executive Milton Lunch Box to give lunch to my Husband. He is finding it easy to carry as it's not bulky like other lunch boxes available in the market. Steel used in the lunch box is of ok quality, could be better. Outer cover is good and leak proof.

Dec 07 2019
Soft as cotton

Huggies ultra soft pants are made of cotton like material which is highly comfortable for the baby and for the long time use. It is rash free and has wetness indicator which helps in timely change of the diaper. leak proof and soft elastic is used. Recommend it to all age group babies.

Dec 07 2019
Cute and comfortable

The design is really cute my baby loved it. Fabric is so comfortable for the newborns. It keeps them cozy all day long. Easy to wrap the baby. Colors are so cute pleasing to the eyes. Fabric remains soft after many washes. Highly recommend for the newborns. Happy baby happy mom.



Unisex color

Cute design

Soft on skin

Easy to wash

Perfect size

Dec 06 2019
Nice body wash with sweet fragrance

I used Mama Earth baby wash when my little one was 1 month. She has allergies and this baby wash suited her, it provided needed nourishment for my baby's skin and hydrated it. It smells nice does not leave skin dry after bath. Mama Earth products always impresses me with their unique natural formulations.



Gentle on skin

Hypoallergenic and safe

Mild fragrance

Soft and nourishing

Reasonable price

Dec 06 2019
Highly moisturizing shampoo

I am using this moisturizing shampoo for my baby from last week she has really dry and frizzy hair, after using this shampoo I can see some difference and her hair are looking healthy and frizzy free. It's mils texture and mild fragrance is really good and cherry on the top it's tear free.

Dec 06 2019
Made safe with natural ingredients

Zandu Striveda lactation supplement is very effective for the new moms like me who are struggling with low milk supply and want to breastfeed their babies as long as possible. It is natural and has no side effects also it tastes good. I am happy to use this lactation supplement.

Dec 06 2019
Amazing Fragrance

I am using lotus herbals baby plus eternal love massage oil from day one. My baby is now 8 months. It keeps baby's skin soft and hydrated. It's non sticky so can be used after the bath also. And of course the fragrance is so soothing and relaxing . Highly recommend to new mom's.

Dec 06 2019
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