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Sofia Bukkan
Name:Sofia Bukkan


Good Playtime

I brought this for my son's birthday.This toy is so enjoyable and kids can get creative the way tracks are placed. There are extensions on it to join extra tracks too. It is a colour changer set along with being a rescue set. All in all my son is always excited to play with it. Any hotwheels car can be used but preferably a colour changer car is required

Dec 13 2019
Durable , wonderful Design

Hotwheels is our all time favorite car. We have a huge collection of these cars and they are super durable, easy to carry and comes in different designs. This is also pocket friendly, not too expensive and serves as a wonderful gift to any child. My son's all time favorite gift.

Dec 13 2019
Non-Sticky, can put baby straight to sleep

This oil is Non-Sticky and gentle on skin with a nice fragrance. I always wanted to do massage my baby in night and put her to sleep. Since,this doesn't become sticky, baby can go straight to bed if too sleepy. Even my elder kids love to be massaged with this oil :)

Dec 13 2019
Non-Sticky, A complete winter care

The lotion is so light and Non-Sticky. Can be used regularly on baby's skin. It doesn't contain artificial preservatives and is 100% natural. It spreads evenly on the skin giving complete moisturization. We loved the fragrance too. It has a pleasant one. The packing is also done well. It's easy to use and leakage proof. This is a complete winter care package,keep baby's skin moisturized.

Dec 11 2019
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