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Silky Gupta
Name:Silky Gupta

A mom of a 4 months baby boy

Comfortable teethers for baby teeth

It comes in an animal shape. specially designed for the baby to chew on during the development of the front teeth. It easily fits into the baby's love to play with hands and every time they see it they chew it It has various textures that provide different pressure levels to the baby while they chew on it and soothes their sore gums and eases the teething pain

Dec 24 2019
Soft diapers without leaking

Huggies is the best diapers for children as the absorbance is very good and the skin of the child is rash free..I use in the night and child when gets in the morning is happy and healthy.. good for kids and is in the budget of general and My husband prefer this diapers for our child.. love you Huggies to give smile to children

Dec 24 2019
Love for theethers in small babies

Playgro Giraffe Teether is made from child-friendly and non-toxic materials. it is like a toy for the baby .baby loves to chew it.It has an ideal shape to help the baby clasp, hold onto, and chew with ease. It helps to soothe the baby's sore gums and calm them down These teether is filled with safe sterilized water so that we can easily give to our child We can be refrigerate it stays cool and provides a lot of relief to the baby.

Dec 24 2019
Almond oil massage therapy

Good almond oil which is extracted from premium quality almonds, by which bones development can be donenourish their skin, and muscles are strengthen. The bond between me and my child increases with each stroke, makes child Happy and bond increases and love is made of handpicked natural ingredients and is natural and safe for children

Dec 24 2019
Soft shampoo for soft babies

A shampoo for my baby as my baby girl is very soft and gentle..after applying it no tears come as it is a big problem for mother's but this shampoo has helped a lot for my babiy.. everyone can trust the brand and is easily kid feels happy while bathing and after that also feel fresh..I m thankful to this brand as because of this product my child laugh n so as i

Dec 09 2019
Cotton best for the child

A soft n comfortable product for your baby as baby skin is gentle and cotton is the best for your new this is my first baby as I want to give my baby the best possible.and it is light weight also you will not get tired while holding little one.

Dec 09 2019
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